chizzywink n Also chizzlewink, chizzywing, jizziwink, jizzywig; abbr chizzy Also sp chizzewink, chizziwink chiefly FL Cf blind mosquito n

A midge n, usu a midge n 1 (here: family Chironomidae).

1886 Eve. Gaz. (Cedar Rapids IA) 28 Jul 1/6, The majority domicile themselves on the ground floor of tents, and spend most of the time away from home to avoid tramp flies and the prospecting jizziwink. 1896 Cedar Rapids Eve. Gaz. (IA) 3 Sept 4/2, Up from the hazy south on spicy breeze the jizziwink and ’skeeter wing their way and where the form is for a space exposed they stake a claim and bore for rich red blood. 1920 Palm Beach Post (W. Palm Beach FL) 10 May 6/3, The boat is being rocked in mad fashion, the chizzywinks are winking while the chizzying is good, and the beans are gradually being dropped. 1925 Tampa Sunday Tribune (FL) 25 Oct sec F 14/7, Chizzewinks in billions have appeared in the Lake Okeechobee district, a certain sign of large catches of fish, according to lake fishermen. 1947 Douglas Everglades 41 FL, Winds carried to them from the reedy lake clouds of feeble white insects lake people call “chizzle winks,” which breed and die in myriads in a short few days. 1964 Will Hist. Okeechobee 96 FL, There was another insect called the chizzy-wink. . . He looked like a mosquito only a little larger, but with a light gray body and fuzzy legs. 1966 DARE (Qu. R4, A large winged insect that hatches in summer in great numbers around lakes or rivers, crowds around lights, lives only a day or so) Inf GA3, Jizzywig [ǰɪzəwɪg]. 1970 Ft. Myers News–Press (FL) 22 Sept sec B 3/1, If a fly fisherman can find a tree along the water’s edge that is loaded with a hatch of chizzies, and the bugs are falling onto the water at regular intervals, he can have a ball with most any kind of a bug or fly for a few minutes. 1982 Ft. Myers News–Press (FL) 13 Aug sec C 4/1, Chizzywings have been swarming, which means fly fishing for bluegill should be quite rewarding. 1984 Today (Cocoa FL) 21 Oct sec D 8/5, Bluegills have moved into the grass to feast on the chizziwinks as they fall into the water. It makes for excellent flyrodding. 1996 Tampa Tribune (FL) 4 Oct 4/4, Fish the areas where you find chizzlewinks (blind mosquitoes) and you may find bluegill. 2017 Ft. Myers News–Press (FL) 20 July sec D 3/4, Look for swarms of chizzywinks for the best patches, and use crickets for the bluegills.