chips exclam Also chipsies chiefly NYC, Philadelphia PA Cf ies suff 2, -s suff2, vent exclam2

Chiefly in children’s games: a call asserting one’s right to be reimbursed if an item is lost or spoiled by another; hence exclams no chips(ies), ven chips calls that prevent this right from being claimed.

c1970 Wiersma Marbles Terms seNY (as of 1960), No chipsies . . . Call at the beginning of the game so that any lost marbles don’t have to be paid for. 1976 Philadelphia Mag. Mar 125, A child would come out of his house with a ball that he or she didn’t want to lose and call “chipsontheball.” That meant if someone else “roofed” it, or knocked it down the sewer . . the responsible party had to reimburse the owner. Players could call out “ven-chips” before the owner called chips, meaning they were not responsible. 1979 NY Daily News (NY) 30 June 4/1, And while yesterday’s players ranged in age from 30 to 60 . . , their spirit was no different from days gone by when they called “chips” on the ball and made bets on which team would win the big game. 2007 in 2019 DARE File—Internet Philadelphia PA, A pimple ball was the preferred rubber ball. I remember the rules for a new ball. You had to call “chipsies” before someone called “no chipsies” so that if the ball went on the roof or down the gutter everyone had to chip-in to replace it. 2012 DARE File—Internet Brooklyn NYC, Chips: You break it, you bought it. Example: “Hey man, can I borrow your bike?” “Sure, but chips.” 2012 in 2019 DARE File—Internet NYC, “Chips on the ball!” Playing a street game that included a rubber ball, if you happened to lose the ball you had to pay the owner to replace it. . . . Let’s not forget the alert, smart aleck kid prior to the game screaming out, “No chips!” 2017 Ibid neNJ (as of 1950s), Whoever owned the ball, before we began playing, called “Chipsies on the ball!” meaning whoever was responsible for losing it would have to recompense the owner. 2019 DARE File—Internet, [Advt:] Vintage Philly Stickball King Cap. . . This handsomely embroidered cap will take you back to the days when all you needed was a ball, a wall, a broomstick and a pitcher. We call chips on roofies!