chess tart

chess tart n [Var of chess cake n ]

= chess cake n 1.

1905 Delineator 66.314, Chess Tarts.—Beat one-third of a cupful of butter to a cream, add half a cupful of sugar and cream together, then the yolks of three eggs, one at a time, and vanilla to flavor. Turn into patty-pans lined with pastry and bake. When done, cover with a meringue. 1933 Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV) 4 Nov 2/3, [Advt:] Pecan Rolls, Chess Tarts[,] Cakes and breads on sale at Eureka hardware. 1940 Appleton Post–Crescent (WI) 14 June 7/3, [Advt:] Spilker’s Special Sat. Only! Chess Tarts. . . Delicious for Afternoon Teas or Midnite Lunches or to top off a Meal as a Dessert. 1965 Davis Summer Land 79 cnNC, Mama always baked five dozen chess tarts for the Picnic, made from pastry so flaky that they never lasted long. 1971 Statesville Rec. & Landmark (NC) 12 July 4/1, Refreshments consisted of lemon chess tarts, black-eyed-susans, bell shaped chicken salad sandwiches and tea. 1972 Hewitt NYT Heritage Cookbook xvii, And no section on Southern cooking would be complete without recipes for such delectable desserts as Lane cake, Lady Baltimore cake, chess tarts and Moravian Sugar cake. 2017 Tennessean (Nashville TN) 8 Mar sec F 4/4, If your sweet tooth demands a little something, we recommend the the buttermilk chess tart.