cherrybark oak

cherrybark oak n Also cherrybark red oak [See quot 1960] esp lower Missip Valley

An oak n (here: Quercus pagoda) native chiefly to the South and South Midland. Also called pagoda oak n, red oak n 2h, Spanish oak n b(5), swamp oak n 2b(4), swamp red oak n b, swamp Spanish oak n 2

1906 Daily News–Democrat (Paducah KY) 24 Oct 3/3, The lumber was to consist of hickory, elm, cypress, gum, sycamore, oak, cherry bark oak and ash. 1918 AR Gaz. (Little Rock) 18 Apr 13/6, [Advt:] 500,000 feet fine large cherry bark red oak. 1924 Weekly Democrat (Natchez MS) 20 Aug 5/7, [Advt:] Wanted–Red or Cherry Bark red oak, ash and poplar logs. 1932 S. Lumberman 15 Dec 64/3, Three or four of the most important oaks of the lower Mississippi Valley have been recognized scientifically only within the past few decades. . . The merits of some of their woods have been well known locally . . and the trees have been locally designated by distinctive vernacular names. One of the trees of this class is the cherry bark oak. On the Atlantic and Gulf coasts where this tree is usually known as swamp red oak it is not sufficiently abundant to make an important contribution to the lumber cut. It is the most prized oak of the Mississippi River Valley, especially of that portion of the valley between northern Louisiana and southern Illinois where it has long been regarded as a most important timber tree. . . The cherry bark oak has two closely related forms. 1960 Vines Trees SW188, Q[uercus] falcata var. pagodaefolia. . . the bark has a tendency to be tighter and resemble the bark of Wild Cherry, hence giving it the name of Cherry-bark Oak in some areas. . . [T]he true Cherry-bark Red Oak, Quercus falcata var. leucophylla. 1961 Clarion–Ledger (Jackson MS) 13 Oct 21/6, The Mississippi Forestry Commission expects to have the following species of tree seedlings available for distribution this year to Mississippi landowners for reforestations [sic] purposes: . . cherrybark red oak and sycamore. 1968–70 DARE (Qu. T10, . . Kinds of oak trees) Infs AL11, MS31, WV7, 21, Chair bark oak [sic]; IL119, Cherrybark oak; [IN35, Cherry oak]. 1986 Daily World (Opelousas LA) 8 Dec 9/1, The supply of Nuttal oak (striped oak) and cherrybark oak is critically low. Anyone able to collect these species of acorns is urged to bring them to the refuge. 2014 Enterprise–Jrl. (McComb MS) 19 Oct sec A 12/5, The elm was a thick tree right in front of the cherrybark oak where we planned to place a deer stand.