ground dog

ground dog n

1 = prairie dog n. UT

1880 Deseret News (Salt Lake City UT) 1 Sept 485/3, We did not count much on our flipper till our camp was startled with the word that a ground dog was moving around within a few yards of us . . , when our George took deadly aim at him with his reliable flipper, and we registered the first game killed by any of the company. 1898 Deseret Eve. News (Salt Lake City UT) 28 Mar 2/6, Some of the Ranch and Lake Point people are becoming rich killing ground dogs. The bounty on these dogs is two cents each. 1946 Salt Lake Tribune (UT) 26 July 11/1, An old timer from out in the country told us yesterday that it is so hot out in his section the ground dogs are carrying sticks around to sit on. 1956 Daily Herald (Provo UT) 20 Dec 2/8, Other rodents and pests being controlled were ground dogs, mice, sparrows, gophers, [etc]. 1992 Daily Spectrum (St. George UT) 28 Oct sec A 3/5, The original site [for a landfill] . . was found unfavorable due to its status as a ground dog habitat.

2 See ground puppy n 1.