chalk-eye v

chalk-eye v Pronc-sp chawk eye

1 To work as a chalk-eye n 1.

1917 Mt. Advocate (Barbourville KY) [22 June 4]/4, The effect of this bill would have been to deprive many men of employment if they could not find some experienced miner who would allow them to “chalk eye” or “Buddie” for them, or with them. 1974 S. Exposure 1.3-4.115 eTN, I was something around 15 year old, the first work I done in the mines. I went to work chalk-eyeing for another fellow for a dollar and a half a day and my board.

2 Transf: to act as a golf caddy (for someone).

1924 (1946) Greer-Petrie Angeline Gits an Eyeful 3 csKY, And I be consarn my skin if them men wan’t too plague-taked lazy to tote them canvas bags [=golf bags] theirse’ves, but they actually hord (hired) a passle of little boys to foller around atter ’em and fetch things fur ’em. Hit wouldn’t do fur me to ketch my little Jeems Henry a-chawk eye’n fur great big, stroppin’ men like that.