cave v

cave v Also with about, (a)round [Scots, nEngl dial (EDD cave v.2 4 “To toss the head, to paw the ground, rear, plunge, as a horse,” 5 “To stumble, stagger, dance about awkwardly; to bounce about”; OED2 cave v.2 4)] chiefly Midl Cf caving adv

To move in a threatening and angry way, exhibit violent passion, rage.

1852 Marysville Tribune (OH) 3 Feb 2/2, Sam and his friends raved and caved and as soon as the House adjourned, Sam made one of his brutal assaults upon Mr. Casad. 1857 NE Advertiser (Brownville) 19 Feb 1/4, The way they [= two dogs] “caved” around that tree was beautiful, leaping and yelling, yelling and leaping till the foam dropped from their jaws in prodigious drops. 1867 Jackson Std. (OH) 1 Aug [2]/4, He . . was a noisy Know-Nothing, and was caving around and loudly offering to bet upon the Know-Nothing candidates. 1892 Atchison Daily Globe (KS) 29 Feb [4]/5, He promptly kicked down the stove, scattering fire all over the cell. He then commenced kicking the iron bunks, but they were too hard for him. Sweeney caved about in this way for five hours, when he fell exhausted upon the cell floor. . . He was fined $25 in the police court this morning. 1901 Salina Herald (KS) 14 Feb [3]/3, When I got home with her I tried to to milk her an’ she kicked an’ hooked an’ bellowed an’ caved around ’till she got loose, an’ I didn’t catch her for two days. 1902 DN 2.230 sIL, Cave. . . To get in a passion. . . ‘When I told him about it he jes caved.’ 1903 DN 2.309 seMO, Cave. . . To rave or ramp. (Perhaps a contraction of cavort.) 1906 DN 3.116 sIN, Cave. . . To rage, be angry. “He caved and swore.” 1907 DN 3.221 nwAR, Cave. . . To get into a passion. 1916 DN 4.273 NE, KS, Cave round. . . To be angry, make a rumpus. “He lost his temper and caved round for a while.” Ibid 321 KS, Cave. . . To be noisily or demonstratively angry. “When he learned what we were doing he just caved and roared.” 1935 Davis Honey 173 OR, If they cave around about price, it’s li’ble to start questions bein’ asked. 1946 Daily Notes (Canonsburg PA) 13 Dec 1/5, In a pleasant manner Mr. Ross said it wouldn’t have been any different if the community had raved and caved. There was nothing to give but service during the war years. 1949 Arnow Hunter’s Horn 352 KY, He might quarrel and rave and cave all through supper. 1953 AmSp 28.248 csPA, Cave. . . To create a disturbance, to ‘raise Cain.’ Popular speech.