cautch n [swEngl dial (EDD cauch sb. 1. “A mess, disagreeable mixture”) < Cornish cauch, cac excrement] neMA obs

See quots.

1880 Roads Hist. Marblehead 45 neMA, Though the dialect once so general among the people is now almost extinct, there are many words used occasionally to know the meaning of which would puzzle a stranger. . . When food has been improperly prepared, or is not sufficiently cooked, it is spoken of as “cautch.” 1891 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 4.159 neMA, Cautch .— Food improperly cooked or otherwise ruined. I think this is the Marblehead pronunciation of culch. 1895 DN 1.385 neMA, Cautch: underdone (food). Marblehead, Mass.