mud martin

mud martin n Cf mud swallow n

Usu the cliff swallow n, but also the barn swallow n 1.

1879 Indiana Progress (PA) [20 Nov 11]/2 WY, Under a ledge that overhung the channel of Powder river, the mud martins had build quite a number of clay tenements; but with these exceptions I do not remember seeing a bird. 1894 Advance (Chicago IL) 26 Apr 265/1 IA, The mud martin (Pterochelidon nigricans) [sic] nests far to the north, as well as under the eaves of our barns. Once as I was riding on horseback down the middle of Tongue river, not far from the Yellowstone, I found an overhanging cliff studded with their queer tenements. 1902 Eve. Item (Richmond IN) 19 May 5/4, My father used to raise more perfect bell-flower apples on one tree near a barn with hundreds of mud martin’s nests, than all Wayne county will this year. 1916 Henry Hist. Apollo PA 99 cwPA, About forty different species of birds may be seen in the vicinity of Apollo. Mud martins and bank swallows have entirely disappeared. 1938 Abilene Reporter–News (TX) 1 Nov 6/1, The migratory crops of sparrows and mud martins are falling around the square these nights—although some BB marksmen seem to be shooting at the stars as well as the light-blinded birds. 1946 Ogden Std.–Examiner (UT) 27 July 8/6, The blackbird, meadowlark, swallow and mud martin are some of our most beneficial birds. 1968 Lubbock Avalanche–Jrl. (TX) 18 Mar sec A 10/1, Mud martins thrived by the hundreds on the banks above the springs, where they built their plastered mud apartment houses. 1969–70 DARE (Qu. Q14) Inf KY11, Barn martin = mud martin; (Qu. Q20, . . Kinds of swallows and birds like them) Inf KY86, Mud martin—same as barn swallow. 2011 in 2018 DARE File—Internet cnTX, [Photo caption:] A mud nest above the door to our observatory at CSAC on the Texas Plains is home to some fledgling martins. . . [W]e call them mud martins because they built their nests of twigs and mud. [DARE Ed: Photo shows a barn swallow nest] 2012 Ibid cnAL, We use to have Mud Martins make nest[s] on our porch when I was a kid back when I lived in Cullman, AL. 2013 in 2018 DARE File—Internet swGA, The mud martins (swallows) are back again this year. 2018 Ibid cnNC, [Video caption:] Mud Martins in the morning mist. . . One of our favorite discoveries upon moving to the farm, were the many barn swallow nests.