mud dauber

mud dauber n Also mud dobber

[. . .]

2 also rarely mud packer: Any of several birds that build mud nests: usu the cliff swallow n, but also the barn swallow n 1 or a phoebe n. chiefly West Cf mud swallow n

1855 Daily Picayune (New Orleans LA) 25 Oct 1/7, Fires are kindled in long neglected stoves and grates for the outgiving of caloric comfort, though greatly to the prejudice of mud daubers’ masonry and the roasting of their unhatched eggs. 1874 Dallas Daily Herald (TX) 21 July [4]/2, Sitting under a tree which was dominated by these grubs, we noticed troops of “mud-daubers” momentarily arriving and, after a short stoppage, off again. . . Each daubist at every visitation carried off a worm, and these supplies went towards making up the commissariat for the matronly daubers’ babies. 1881 Neodesha Free Press (KS) 3 June [3]/2, The mud dobbers have taken possession of the eaves of the city hall building. 1899 Bergen Animal Lore 34 KS, The building of the mud-daubers, or swallows, on the barn or house is a sign of prosperity to the occupants of the house. The destruction of the nest brings misfortune. 1928 Bailey Birds NM463, At Tres Piedras [NM], where the people call it [=the cliff swallow] a “mud dauber,” Mr. Gaut found it abundant about the houses. 1949 (1973) Peet San Pasqual 125 swCA, In the corner of our old shop a mud dauber, (phoebe), plastered a nest and returned year after year and raised her brood. 1953 Jewett Birds WA 449, Oregon Cliff Swallow. . . Other names . . Mud Dauber. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. Q20, . . Kinds of swallows and birds like them) Infs CA87, 136,CO11, KS5, MT5, VA27, Mud dauber; KY17, Mud packer; (Qu. Q14, . . Names . . for these birds: . . martin) Inf KS6, Mud dauber; (Qu. R20, Wasps that build their nests of mud) Inf OR13, Mud dauber—that’s a swallow. 2012 in 2018 DARE File—Internet WA, Register Cliff is a condominium for swallows, or “mud daubers” as I learned to call them in my childhood. 2013 Ibid wOR, My covered porch is evidently the very best place to have a nest if you are a pair of barn swallows (mud daubers) that have come back north from winter vacation and are looking for that quiet neighborhood to raise a family.