boundary n chiefly sAppalachians

1  A tract of land.

1814 Liberty Hall (Cincinnati OH) 13 Sept 1/1, [Advt:] We are living in the heart or midst of a boundary of thirty miles square, without a single spot laid off for public utility or advantage, only the above named, which is in the centre or within 3 or 4 miles of it, surrounded on all sides with a large boundary of the most fertile lands which the western country affords. 1820 Carlisle Republican (PA) 4 Jan 35/2, We ask . . barely what nature intended, by rearing a stupendous Mountain, dividing the present large boundary of Cumberland County into two Valleys nearly equal. 1846 Biblical Recorder 20 June [2]/3 swVA, There are only six Missionary Baptists there, and some 6 or 8 miles below, there are some 3 or 4 friendly Antimission Baptists, and there is a large boundary of country that is entirely uncultivated by the Baptists. 1870 Democrat (Weston WV) 17 Oct [4]/1, [Advt:] These lots were originally parts of a large boundary owned by Camden, Bailey & Camden. 1881 in 1940 AmSp 15.158 swVA, In the Clinch Mountain are large boundaries of chestnut, chestnut oak, with hickory, etc. 1886 KY Advocate (Danville) 16 Apr 1/4, J. H. Burk contemplates moving his stave and saw mill in a few days to Rush Branch, where he has purchased a large boundary of timber. 1886 Sacramento Daily Rec.–Union (CA) 4 Nov 1/7, Gonzalez, November 3d.—Yesterday afternoon a man named Spidonia set fire to a large boundary of stubble, which spread so rapidly as to reach and entirely consume one of his neighbor’s barns and haystack. 1898 Big Sandy News (Louisa KY) 1 Apr [3]/1, He was one of the owners of large boundaries of some of the most valuable coal and mineral lands in the Sandy Valley. 1900 Keowee Courier (Pickens SC) 24 Aug 1/1, The success of their enterprize was assured by the purchase of a large boundary of fertile land. 1917 DN 4.408 wNC, Boundary. . . A farm; a fenced-in field; a large, unfenced estate, such as a tract of timber land. 1930 KY Advocate (Danville) 10 Dec 1/2, The property consists of the entire hotel property, consisting of a large boundary of land, with numerous buildings, golf course, hotel furniture and fixtures. 1941 Alley Random Thoughts 482 NC, They bought a considerable boundary of timber lands. 1944 Univ. Va. Extension Division Publication New Dominion Series No. 51 1 July 1 (Hench Coll.), In the northeastern corner of Georgia . . are eighteen families, each occupying a neat farmhouse . . and each working a “boundary” of approximately forty acres. 1958 PADS 29.8 TN, Boundary. . . Stand is used in the same sense as boundary,a tract or area of standing timber. 1967–69 DARE (Qu. L6b, A piece of land under cultivation) Inf KY46, Boundary; (Qu. T2b, . . A piece of land covered with trees) Infs KY16, 29, 34, Boundary (of timber, of trees). 1987 Asheville Citizen–Times (NC) 7 Oct sec CL 2/9, [Advt:] 66 Acres—Madison County—Mostly wooded. . . Good boundary of timber. 1996 in 1998 Cooper–Cooper Pond Mountain 44 nwNC, They was a feller over there that would buy that extract wood, and we’d buy boundaries of wood and cut extract and haul it over there and sell it. 2011 News–Examiner (Gallatin TN) 3 Apr sec M 12/9, [Advt:] “Excellent Rolling Pasture and Bottom Crop Land” “Good Boundary of Marketable Timber.”

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