bead bush

bead bush n wNC Cf beadwood n

A witch hazel n (here: Hamamelis virginiana).

1909 French Broad Hustler (Hendersonville NC) 15 Apr [3]/6, Tract C. Beginning at a small white walnut, W. A. Connor’s corner, near a branch, and runs with his line South 32 degrees West 30 poles to a bunch of Bead Bushes by a large rock. 1918 Carolina Mountaineer & Waynesville Courier (NC) [3 Oct 7]/6, Beginning at a witch hazel or bead bush on the east side of a small drain and crosses the road just East of Plott’s saw mill on Richland Creek. 1935 Sheppard Cabins 46 wNC, Everything about the log schools . . was contrived from materials closest at hand, . . ink of pokeberry and bead-bush boiled together. 1954 in 1974 Miller News Pigeon Roost 16 Dec nwNC, The small trees known locally in the Pigeon Roost section as “bead-bush” blooms in the late fall. It is said the tree is called “bead bush,” the presence of the seed pods which resembles beads in appearance gave it that name. . . The forked twigs of the “bead-bush” trees are sometimes used as divining rods in efforts to locate buried treasures and underground water. The dried green leaves of “bead-bush” are sold on the local herb market. 1971 Asheville Citizen (NC) 4 Nov 12/1, Because they sometimes string these seed capsules into necklaces, children in the Blue Ridge call the witch hazel “bead bush.”