Dutch band

Dutch band n [Presumably because of the association of this custom with Pennsylvania Dutch culture] chiefly sePA old-fash Cf bull band n, kettle band n 1, rattle band n

A group of people gathered to create a noisy racket as a mock serenade for a recently married couple; a shivaree n B1.

1885 Central News (Perkasie PA) [30 Apr 2]/4, We are sorry to say that one of our young men at Franconiaville . . was along with the “dutch band” at Skippack last Thursday. [They had gone to give “a calathumpian serenade to Percival Gabel . . who had just married Ella Kulp.”] 1896 North Platte Semi-Weekly Tribune (NE) 17 Nov 1/2, David Love and Mrs. Florence Wells were married on Tuesday evening. . . A Dutch band serenade was provided by the boys to be grace [sic] the occasion but David was too smooth to be caught napping and the music was wasted for the time being, but just wait. 1901 Central News (Perkasie PA) [7 Mar 4]/3, Fred Ulmer and wife, . . who were married on Wednesday, while on their wedding tour, were the guests of the bride’s brother . . on Saturday and Sunday. The boys heard of it and at 11 o’clock Saturday night started their dutch band in good order. 1932 Allentown Morning Call (PA) 2 Feb 3/3, A “Dutch band” serenaded the newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Wieand, while they visited Mrs. Wieand’s parents , Monday evening. 1985 Morning Call (Allentown PA) 14 Mar sec A 11/6, [Letter:] In regard to the letter on “Bull bands” . . . I remember something similar. . . However, we called it a kettle band or Dutch band. . . Dutch bands were more or less common around here in the 1930s, but I haven’t witnessed any since that time.