coffee milk

coffee milk n

Milk flavored with coffee; spec:

As a homemade product made with milk, coffee, and usu sugar. Sth, esp LA

1966 Daily World (Opelousas LA) 8 May 14/7, I remember mamma woke me up every day with a glass of coffee milk and when I sleepily crept into the kitchen for breakfast there were stacks of hot cakes to eat with cane syrup. 1967LeCompte Word Atlas 288 seLA, Coffee milk. 1968 DARE FW Addit csLA, Coffee milk—Inf’s name for café-au-lait. 1987 Clarion–Ledger (Jackson MS) 15 Oct sec F 8/1, [Letter:] Would you please tell me the pros and cons . . of a three-year-old male child drinking “coffee milk” probably four to six days a week. 2008 in 2018 DARE File—Internet GA, I grew up in Georgia in the 60’s and my mom would give us what we called coffee milk. Actually, it was lots of milk with a few spoonfuls of coffee (probably the instant variety) and sugar. 2011 Ibid sLA, It seems that Coffee Milk is the official beverage of Rhode Island, but that isn’t the kind of coffee milk I’m talking about today. You can ask almost any person raised in south Louisiana and they know what coffee milk is. . . Coffee drinking is a favorite pastime for most people. You put the pot on, sit around the kitchen table and b.s. for hours. Naturally, if there are children in the vicinity, they want to be part of the adult conversation. The easiest way to get rid of them is to give them a cup of milk and a dash of coffee. Coffee milk.

As a commercial product or made with a commercial coffee syrup. NEng, esp RI Cf cabinet n

1970 Newport Daily News (RI) 17 Mar 14/5, [Advt:] Lo-Fat Milk—Fat Free Milk—Coffee Milk—Chocolate Milk. 1995 DARE File RI, Coffee milk (sweetened coffee-flavored milk) is popular, too. It[]s as popular among school children as chocolate milk, and coffee flavored syrup is universally sold in R.I. groceries. 2008 in 2018 DARE File—Internet RI, I have been running cafeterias for years and in my first Rhode island experience they had a milk cow . . (the b[i]g dispensers) in the cafeteria with three bays for the milk . . . I asked why . . . and was immediatley [sic] told . . . regular, skim and coffee milk. [DARE Ed: Ellipses in orig.] 2017 Ibid NEng, It never occurred to me that when other kids across the country went to school and bought milk for lunch, they didn’t have the choice between regular milk, chocolate milk, or coffee milk. . . Coffee milk is milk mixed with coffee syrup, just like chocolate milk. Served throughout New England and mainly in school cafeterias, coffee milk also has a special place with hot dogs.