roundst prep, adv Also sp rounst [Prob by analogy with amongst, against; cf alongst prep, betweenst adv]


1892 Overland Mth. (2d ser) 19.184 WV, Mayhap they’s a-crawlin roundst you ’n yo’ beas’ this ’ere minute. 1894 Lippincott’s Mth. Mag. 53.763 VA [Black], Mis’ Tazewell’s Yankee an’ her beau war co’tin’ consid’r’ble rounst erbout ther ole mill-pond. 1908 Atlantic Mth. 102.464 ME, He got her down an’ wropped his co’t all up rounst her. c1937 in 1976 Weevils in the Wheat 137 VA [Black], An’ whilst I was runnin’ roundst dere spittin out blood an’ teeth de Yankees come up.