hell night

hell night n scattered, but esp NJ Cf devil’s night n

= mischief night n.

1954 Asbury Park Eve. Press (NJ) 29 Oct 1/5, Many destruction-bent youngsters have come to regard the night before Halloween as “Hell Night.” 1968 Pittsburgh Press (PA) 29 Oct sec 2 33/2, Climaxing the celebration was “Hell Night,” when the tricks often degenerated into wanton destruction. 1976 Sentinel Star (Orlando FL) 19 Oct sec B 1/2, The Orlando Police Department . . expects to have its hands full Saturday with the “hell night” usually staged by older youths a day before Halloween. 1977 Asbury Park Press (NJ) 31 Oct 1/3, The sequence was typical of the activities of police here and in many other municipalities during what has traditionally become “mischief,” “hell” or “goosey” night. 2002 DARE File nNJ, I’m curious to hear what the night before Halloween is called in your neck of the woods. . . I’ve also heard “hell night” and “cabbage night” (again, North Jersey).