damage night

damage night n esp swOH

= mischief night n.

1947 (1950) Cincinnati Pub. Schools Seventh–Eighth Grade Manual 361 swOH, Good citizenship and Halloween. . . Inappropriateness and dangers of “garbage-can night,” “door-bell night[,]” “damage night.” 1979 Cincinnati Enquirer (OH) 28 Oct sec H 4/4, When I was a kid, there was damage night then beggars night. Damage night isn’t in vogue these days. Kids aren’t out to do damage. 1986 Ibid 1 Nov sec C 4/1, Teen-agers are suspected of going on a Damage Night spree in Springfield Township’s Brentwood area early Friday and puncturing 108 tires on 59 cars. 2009 in 2017 DARE File—Internet IA, We used to call it “damage night”. It was a week or so before Halloween and we went around and corned houses (threw corn at the windows—I’m from Iowa) or we soaped the windows but we never did any real damage or destroyed anything. 2014 Ibid Cincinnati OH, Poor kids today! We had two nights of trick-or-treating—beggar’s night, aka damage night, then Halloween.