anvil shoot

anvil shoot n Cf shoot v

= anvil salute n.

1888 Fayetteville Democrat (AR) 12 Oct [3]/4, It is safe to say that the democrats of Madison county had a big anvil “shoot” over the result of the election for county clerk. 1931 Abilene Morning News (TX) 10 Nov 4/1, “Breakfast, Parade, Anvil Shoot and Big Dance” are all on the Armistice Day program at Odessa. 1967 Limestone Democrat (Athens AL) 7 Nov 4/5, [Caption:] Bill Harrison loads the top anvil for the fiddlers convention big anvil shoot Saturday afternoon. 1993 Gazette (Cedar Rapids IA) 24 Sept sec W 12/3, Frontier Rendezvous Days at Fort Atkinson State Preserve. . . anvil shoot 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 2011 Hutchinson News (KS) 6 Mar sec F 22/1, Great Plains Antique Tractor Club provides plenty of fun and entertainment with their tractor games, anvil shoot and tales of farming from days gone by.