anvil chorus

anvil chorus n [In joc allusion to the well-known chorus in Verdi’s Il Trovatore (1853)] old-fash

= anvil salute n.

1868 NE Commonwealth (Lincoln) 23 May [2]/1 (, An anvil chorus of the old fashioned 4th of July kind, constituted the music. After the salute of one hundred “guns,” the meeting organized with S. B. Pound Esq., in the chair. 1917 Bonham Daily Favorite (TX) [23 Aug 3]/5 (, The fireworks opened up with an anvil chorus. Southern people are very familiar with this chorus, as such has been doing duty in lieu of cannon for lo these many moons in the South. 1925 Helena Independent (MT) 29 Apr 4/1, Already a number of towns in the eastern part of Montana are making plans for the celebration of the Fourth of July—an observance of the old fashioned sort, with callathumpians, an anvil chorus at sunrise, pink lemonade and the reading of the Declaration of Independence and an oration at the grove.