anadama bread

anadama bread n Also amadama bread, amidama ~, ammy dammy ~, annadama ~, yami-dami ~ [Etym unknown] orig and esp NEng, now more widely known

A loaf bread made with cornmeal, flour, and molasses.

1900 Reliable Receipts 44 neMA, Johnston’s Brick Loaf (or Amidama Bread.) Half a pint of Indian meal scalded with one-and-a-half pint of water. When cool, add two-thirds of a cup of molasses, one cup of yeast, one tablespoonful of butter, salt, one teaspoonful of soda in the yeast, flour enough to make a stiff batter. 1915 DN 4.239 MA, Ammy Dammy bread. A kind of loaf bread. Recipe from Old Salem Tavern. 1918 Smith More Recipes 17 ceMA, Yami-Dami Bread. . . Mix corn and rye meal, add boiling water, stir until smooth. Add salt, fat, and molasses; cool. Add dissolved yeast and bread flour. Beat well, and add rye or barley flour to knead as soft as can be handled. 1939 Wolcott Yankee Cook Book 144 NEng, Anadama Bread [Mrs. Helen Kershaw, . . Manchester, N. H.] . . Anadama bread was invented a long time ago by a fisherman who had a lazy wife and often had to do his own cooking. He experimented with this result, which he named after his wife, “Anna, damn her.” . . This is an old Concord, Mass., recipe. 1958 Mexia Daily News (TX) 21 Dec 5/2, [Advt:] Cheese, Annadama, Raisin and White yeast bread will again be available beginning Monday. 1959 Joplin Globe (MO) 19 Dec sec C 1/1, This is not an original recipe—it is one that Gene and I bought [sic] back from a vacation trip to Cape Ann, near the fishing town of Gloucester, Mass. Anadama bread is sold commercially in Gloucester.1965 DARE Tape MA85A , This woman was always baking this certain kind of a bread, years and years ago, and her name was Anna, and her husband got to the point that was all he was getting, and somebody asked him I think one time what kind of bread he had. He said, “Oh I had some of Anna’s damn bread,” that was it—they called it Anadama bread. 1967–70 DARE (Qu. H14) Infs MA5, NY94, RI1Aux, Anadama; VT13, |æmədæmə| bread [is] white with a sprinkling of cornmeal; (Qu. H18) Inf MA72, |ænəˈdæmə|, from “Anna damn her!”; MA83, Anadama—cornmeal, white flour. 1993 WI State Jrl. (Madison) 7 July Neighbors sec 4/3, [Advt:] Honey Whole Wheat Bread[,] Anadama (Corn) Bread[,] Grandma’s White Bread. . . The Bread Barn. 2009 Telegraph (Nashua NH) 9 July 5/1, Last year, he taught his granddaughter . . how to make the Anadama bread that his wife . . made into a big seller at the family’s farm stand.