amongst hands pron phr

[Note: This entry was previously among(st) hands of them.]

amongst hands pron phr old-fash or obs Cf among(st) prep c, among(st) hands adv phr

As the last member in a list of people: The rest.

1896 Daily Charlotte Observer (NC) 7 May [2]/4, [Headline:] Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Chamberlain and Amongst Hands. 1905 Montgomery Advt. (AL) 30 Jan 4/2 NC, The Charlotte Observer is stirred to remark: A Paris newspaper has inaugurated a guessing contest . . , setting Miss Alice Roosevelt against the dukes, the crown princes, the heirs apparent, and amongst hands of the royalty of Europe, as to who shall marry her. 1942 AmSp 17.130 IN, Amongst hands of ’em. ‘Jim and Bob and ’mongst hands of ’em helped me out today.’