always ago

always ago adv phr Usu pronc-spp allers ago, allus ago eKY ?obs

Long ago; hence as n in adv phr since allus (or allers) ago.

1912 Furman in Century Illustr. Mag. 83.742 seKY, “A dulcimer,” Aunt Polly Ann explained. “My man made it, too, always-ago. Dulcimers used to be all the music there was in this country, but banjos is coming in now.” 1912 Smith Alumnae Qrly. 4.19 seKY, He’s been a down-headed man since allus ago, but she’s upheaded an’ sprightly. 1917 Amer. Jrl. Nursing 17.705 ceKY, Oh, that’s been done by midwives sence allers ago; I heered it from my mammy. 1922 Cobb Kinfolks 3 seKY, Dulcimer over the fireboard, hanging sence allus-ago. Ibid 59, Allus-ago I yearned to view the sea. 1931 AmSp 7.92 eKY, Mama’s been gone since allus-a-go. 1931 PMLA 36.1320 sAppalachians, “Always ago” (long ago) is corrupted into “allus ago,” or “allers (sharp s) ago.” 1955 Ritchie Singing Family seKY, These young uns ought to’ve been asleep allus ago.