all adj1

1 preceding the + a singular count noun: The only—often in comb all the one. [nIr, nEng dial (cf EDD, EDD Suppl. and 2006 Montgomery From Ulster 5)] formerly scattered NEng, Sth, S Midl; now chiefly sAppalachians

1814 in 1940 E. TN Hist. Soc. Pub. 12.143, He was all the purson that Dyed out of our ridgement yet. 1829 Kinkade Bible Doctrine 142 KY, All the way I have to keep these texts from contradicting each other, is to suppose that those which say no man hath seen, nor can see God, allude to the Father, and those which say men have seen him, refer to the Son. 1863 in 2009 Montgomery–Ellis Corpus Amer. Civil War Letters cAL, They takend or kild green hinds and some mor but he is all the one that you no. 1870 in 1927 Jones FL Plantation Rec. 185 nwFL, He is all the one I regret leaving, although Ely is a tolerable good hand. 1875 Atlantic Mth. 36.322 ME, I ’m all the one of the ship’s company you ’re ever likely to see. 1891 Century Illustr. Mag. 41.500 eMA, He ’s all the one left of the family. 1908 DN 3.286 eAL, wGA, This is all the coat I’ve got. 1908 Wasson Home from Sea 18 sME coast, All the way you can make any talk along of him now’days is to get close aboard on the port side. 1915 DN 4.180 swVA, All the friend I’ve got. 1946 PADS 6.4 neNC, [Reported heard] “That’s all the pencil I have.” . . Occasional among children. 1949 PADS 11.16 CO, This is all the doll I have. c1960 Wilson Coll.csKY, That’s all the brother I’ve got. 1978 (1981) Burton Some Ballad Folks 53 nwNC, Them’s all the kind that’s pretty. 2004 Adams My Old Love 7 wNC, You been all the mama he knows. 2016 in 2017 DARE File—Internet wNC, We use all the for only: “That’s all the one I seen in the shed. Somebody must have took the others and never brought them back.”. . The grammar usages above are all very common in my area of Appalachia—and in my household.

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