sty-baked adj [EDD (at sty sb.1 1) “of a pig: coated with dirt”]

Very dirty.

1915 London Log Snark 335 KS, One bearded old patriarch, despite unspeakable encrustations of filth (“Sty-baked” Martin put it) was a veritable Moses of the old Masters. 1966 Long Is. Forum 29.169 seNY, The basin and towel outside the kitchen door for the hired hands were more in use than ever. My mother would say to the men “don’t come in here all sty-baked.” 2006 DARE File RI, Sty-baked. The term was used during first five decades of 20th century in Middletown, Rhode Island, and I absorbed it in Newport, around 1930–45. I recalled the sense ‘unpleasantly dirty (object)’ but couldn’t narrow it further. I wrote my sister (78). . . Her reply was ‘dirty, crusty.’ “Do you remember Mama saying ‘that garage is absolutely sty-baked, it’s soooo dirty!’?”

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1895 DN 1.394 ceNJ, Sty-baked: having the habit of staying at home. Monmouth Co., N. J.