sluice v, hence vbl n sluicing

In logging: to allow (a logging sled) to get out of control on a steep slope; to injure in such an accident; also fig; hence n sluicing an instance of such an accident; ppl adj sluiced affected by such an accident. [From sluice to send logs down a sluice or flume] Nth, esp NEng

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also sloosh: = ground-sluice v phr—freq in combs specifying where the bird is sitting, as tree-sluice (hence agent n tree-sluicer), water-sluice. [Prob through taking ground in ground-sluice v phr as indicating where the bird was shot; analogy with swat and its combs may also be involved.] chiefly Nth, West

1968 Billings Gaz. (MT) 22 Dec 23/1, My fortunes with partridges of any kind usually favor the birds, although I have never tried sluicing one out of a pear tree. 1971 Time 16 Aug 36 WY, Testifying before a Senate subcommittee, James Vogan, a . . helicopter pilot from Murray, Utah, told how he had ferried sharpshooters and so-called “sportsmen” over ranches in Colorado and Wyoming to “sluice” the eagles. Sluicing is what Westerners call the unsporting act of shooting sitting ducks, or eagles. 2002 DARE File—Internet AK, I just wasn’t willing to water sluice the 3 teal that were lined up perfectly for a triple. Ibid ME, I suspect they [=grouse] gather in late afternoon to roost together. . . A tree sluicer would have a field day! 2005 Ibid MI,The guy is always coming back to camp with a grouse and a couple woodcock it seems like. Maybe he is tree sluicing or ground swatting them? 2009 Ibid WA, The only problem that I have with the grouse hunters . . is most of the ones I see are just driving the roads and slooshing them off the road. 2011 Ibid CA, Shooting a duck on the water—also known as “sluicing” or “water swatting”—is considered by some to be unsportsmanlike. 2012 Ibid cnUT, That stupid barrows [=Barrow’s goldeneye] flew right into our decoys and landed . . and sat there looking at us. . . BAM! No shame in water slooshing a trophy bird! Ibid MD (as of 1963), I had to stand on a wooden box to see over the blind to water sluice a GWT with a 20ga. L.C. Smith dbl. 2013 Ibid IA, I shot 4 gadwalls once with 2 shots. I am not going to lie I sluiced them on the water with the first shot. Ibid cnMN, We proudly talked about shooting them [=ruffed grouse] on the ground with terms like “poleaxed,” “slooshed,” “Arkansawed,” “ground swatted,” “dusted” and many other terms that gave reference to the act of shooting their heads off and not wasting any of the breast or legs.