Old Gappy

Old Gappy n [In reference to the large and widely spaced teeth of such a saw]

Used as a nickname for a large crosscut saw.

1967 DARE Tape TX37, When the pulpwood first started here you cut it with what we known as a crosscut saw, Old Gappy, cut in five-foot lengths. And back then you busted it up . . like bustin’ rails and ricked it up and hogpenned it up for it to dry ’fore they hauled it. 1990 in 2014 DARE File—Internet cwLA (as of 1940s), With crops planted, hoed, plowed and laid usually by July 4th, we had to take to the woods with ole gappy (cross cut saw) and cut winter wood for the stove and fireplace. 1997 Forest Hist. Today 17 MR, Tie hewers depended on specialized tools for their work, including a two-man crosscut saw called Old Gappy. 2001 Fickle MS Forests 139 ceMS, An old-timer from Neshoba County . . remembered the crosscut saw as “old gappy, we called it. You know, a cross cut saw . . anywhere from 6 to 10 foot long.”