nab n [Orig, as “Nabs,” a trademark of Nabisco, registered in 1928, last renewed in 1988, and canceled in 2009] chiefly Sth, S Midl

A cracker sandwich, usually with a filling of peanut butter or cheese spread, typically sold in a small package as a snack food.

1937 New Yorker 5 June 15 NYC, Our office boy . . was in a drugstore near Roosevelt Hospital, and picked up off the floor a scrap of paper, which proved to be a prescription blank of the hospital’s out-patient department, bearing this prescription: 1 Hamburger on white, with pickles / 1 container coffee / 1 lemon coke / 1 package of Nabs / 1 Chesterfield. 1956 Spencer Voice 139 wMS, He brought back two Cokes from the cooler and packages of Nabs. 1968 Danville Reg. (VA) 26 Nov sec A 10/3, Another End, Harvey Willis, blitzed one hamburger with everything, three packs of nabs, four large Pepsis [etc]. 1969 Delta Democrat–Times (Greenville MS) 27 Nov 15/1, Lowry . . discussed the feeding problems of the county jail. “Negroes are a good deal easier to cook for than whites,” he said. “If they have a nickel in their pocket, they’ll spend it on nabs and an RC, and they just aren’t hungry at mealtime.” 1971 Bedford Gaz. (PA) 4 May 4/4, Menus . . Bedford High School . . Ala Carte—Jello Cup / Chef Salad Bowl / Baked Ham & Lettuce Sandwich / P. B. & Jelly Sandwich / Assorted Pies / Nabs / Ice Cream. 1979 News & Observer (Raleigh NC) 30 Jan 19/3 ceNC, Nabs—crackers made into sandwiches with cheese or peanut-butter filling. 2008 DARE File—Internet NC, Nabs meant “sandwich snack crackers.” From as far back as I can remember, my father and I would get nabs and a coke while we were out railfanning, on our trips to Illinois, driving to sightsee, or driving to school. . . There are really only three major players in the nab world. Two of them are southern companies, one has national (dare I say global?) reach. 2009 Stockett Help 201 MS [Black], On the back seat next to us, I got a bag with a Thermos a apple juice, cheese nabs, peanuts, and two Co-Cola bottles. 2011 DARE File—Internet Sth, I then had to explain that “Nabs” were what most in the South call peanut butter crackers. Lance (and that other brand Austin, owned by Kellogg’s) might be the top brands for a peanut butter cracker, but they are all called Nabs because route men from Nabisco used to distribute the Nabs brand for sale at checkout counters and filling stations. . . Sometime in the 1970s or 1980s, Nabs by Nabisco were discontinued, and Lance became the dominant brand. 2013 Ibid KY, I don’t know what the connection is, but usually, even after a big breakfast, lunch, whatever, a drink and a pack of nabs burst open sometimes even before the boat is launched.