ma-and-pa n attrib

= mom-and-pop n attrib.

1943 Charleston Daily Mail (WV) 5 Sept 5/8, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hickman of Bownemont have renovated the Union Mission chapel with savings from their “ma ’n pa” grocery store. 1957 Independent Press–Telegram (Long Beach CA) 16 June sec D 7/5, [Advt:] Ma & Pa grocery with 2-br. apt. 1974 Tucson Daily Citizen (AZ) 24 Aug 10/3, [Advt:] Ma & Pa Grocery with 3 bdrm. apartment. 1977 Albuquerque Jrl. (NM) 10 Oct sec A 5/3, [Advt:] Mr. Paul’s, starting as a small “Ma” & “Pa” store 10 years ago, blossomed to a giant 8000 Sq. Ft. complete drapery operation and is still growing. 2001 Chron.–Telegram (Elyria OH) 22 Jan sec C 7/2, [Advt:] Ma & Pa grocery store + 3 apartments upstairs, great investment. 2013–14 DARE Online Surv. WI Engl. (Qu. U1d, Names for a small neighborhood store owned and operated by a family) 1 Inf, seWI, Ma-and-pa store; 1 Inf, swWI, A ma-and-pa operation. [2 of 85 eligible Infs who responded to this question] 2015 Tyler Spool Blue Thread 183 MD, The church turned out to be a small, unassuming white cube . . squeezed between a ma-and-pa grocery store and a house.