johnny n

Any of var Pacific sculpins 1, but usu Oligocottus maculosus.

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A darter n 1 (here: Etheostoma spp). Cf johnny darter n

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= violet n. Cf johnny-jump-up n 1, little johnny n 2

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also johnny coat; also sp johnnie: A hospital gown. esp NEng

1922 Amer. Prison Assoc. Proc. 18 MA, Under the state use system of prison industries there is variety,—bathing suits for the public beaches . . , dresses for the insane, hospital johnnies, [etc]. 1948 Woodbury John Goffe’s Mill 200 NH, As always at a hospital they stripped him, got him into a hospital “Johnnie,” one of those peculiar bobtailed garments they reserve for the weakened, and put him to bed. 1953 Ladies’ Home Jrl. Aug 77 NEng, She was in the wheel chair again, wrapped in a blanket, wearing the hospital johnnie . . a pillow at her back. 1958 AmSp 33.1.75 cwMA, The student nurse who showed me to my room paused at the door and said, ‘Just a minute and I’ll go get you a johnny.’ Thinking at cross-purposes with her, I was about to protest that I did not need one; but she had disappeared and was back shortly with one of the traditional loose, abbreviated, slit-down-the-back hospital nightshirts. . . [A] retired nurse, now in her seventies, states that it was in common use when she began her career in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the early years of this century. Among those familiar with the terminology of Middlewestern hospitals, inquiries concerning johnny have drawn a blank. 1971 Nashua Telegraph (NH) 13 Apr 3/4 ceMA, One of the nurses pinned the baby’s tag to my hospital johnnie. 1973 Daily Times–News (Burlington NC) 18 Jan sec A 12/3, The members of the two groups made 60 hospital ‘johnny coats’ from men’s used shirts. 1981 Capital Times (Madison WI) 23 Feb 15/2 MD, I pull off my street clothes and slip on the limp, gray-green hospital-issue “johnny” and robe. 1991 Daily Herald (Arlington Heights IL) 22 Nov sec 1 2/6 RI, He flagged down a cab wearing nothing but a hospital johnny. 2007 DARE File nwMA, Hospital “johnnies.” Sure, that’s what we always called them when I was young. Now they are referred to as a gown. 2009 Russo That Old 271 NEng, Joy, dressed for some reason in a pale blue Johnnie, was seated on the examination table.
See johnny house n.

Used in var phrases as a warning that one’s fly is open; prob by ext, as a warning that one’s slip is showing. [Cf johnny the penis] Cf Mr. White is out of jail phr

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See john n 1.
See John Chinaman n 1.
See johnny crook n 2.

10  See quot. [Cf Johnny Navajo “A familiar name for the Navahos” (DAE 1863–65)]

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