Jackson fork

Jackson fork n Also Jackson hay fork West Cf Jenkins derrick n

A steel-tined fork suspended from a derrick or system of pulleys and cables, used for moving loose hay or straw; see quot 1985.

1881 Branch Hist. Stanislaus Co. CA 74, A derrick is used to carry the straw from the stack to the separator. The derrick is fitted with two handy Jackson forks, which are of a convenient size, and by use of horse power are operated and the straw fed to the machine. 1897 Daily NV State Jrl. (Reno) 27 Oct [2]/3 (newspaperarchive.com), [Advt.:] One hay derrick, two Jackson hay forks. 1902 U.S. Bur. Plant Industry Bulletin 15.34 pl 8 fig 1 cnNV, seOR, swID, [Caption:] Stacking Hay with a Jackson Fork and Tripod, . . near Beulah, Oregon. 1958 AmSp 33.270 eWA [Ranching terms], Jackson fork. A large steel fork operated by horses or by pulleys and used to move quantities of loose hay. 1968–69 DARE (QR, near Qu. M2) Inf CA161, Jackson fork—for storing loose hay, gave ventilation; (QR, near Qu. L15) Inf CA87, Use a Jackson fork to put hay in—four tines hung on a hook suspended from a pulley arrangement. 1976 Wells Barns U.S.A. n.p. ID, The barn [built in 1914] had . . a hay loft in the upper level. A Jackson fork was used to elevate hay into the loft. 1985 Attebery ID Folklife 3 sID, wWY, UT, nwAZ, Hay derricks of the alfalfa-growing districts of the Great Basin and upper Snake River Valley . . use the Jackson fork . . to carry the hay from load to stack. This fork grasps a sixth to an eighth of a wagonload at a time. It is carried from load to stack by a cable which travels over pulleys at appropriate points on the derrick and is pulled by a single horse, a team, or a tractor. When the hay has been raised to a point above . . the stack . . the fork is tripped and the hay falls on the stack. 2000 Launspach ID Dial. Project 7 seID, (A device used as an aid in stacking and storing hay) 7 infs, Jackson fork.