chank-a-chank n, freq attrib Also chanky-chank, chinky-chank, ~-chink esp LA, TX sometimes derog

= zydeco music or its characteristic sound.

1976 TX Mth. July 61 swLA, When I started, . . Cajuns were in truth ashamed of their music. They wouldn’t admit to a non-Cajun that they were going to a dance; they used to call it chinky-chink music. Since then they’ve developed a pride among themselves. 1979 Sing Out 27.6.6 csLA [Black], I remember a discussion with a young black man who was standing outside a bar near Breaux Bridge, dressed in what may best be described as the latest mod-Afro clothes. I asked him what he called the rocking French music that was booming from inside the club which booked both soul and zodico bands. He was apparently debating whether or not to go in and replied: “That chank-a-chank ’cordion stuff? I call it bullshit . . (pause), but some of those folks boogie pretty good in French.” He opened the door, put down the cover charge, and walked in. 1982 Heat Moon Blue Highways 112 csLA, I drank a Dixie and ate bar peanuts and asked the bartender where I could hear “chanky-chank,” as Cajuns call their music. 1987 Orange Co. Reg. (Santa Ana CA) 10 May sec G 2/4, Accordionist Terrance Simien, who with his band the Mallet Playboys is expanding on the Cajun and R&B roots of his native zydeco music. . . ended his set with a lively bit of chank-a-chank in which he cautioned festival revelers, “AIDS make you pay.” 1989 Santa Fe New Mexican (NM) 1 Feb sec B 1/3, Then clear the floor and put some chanky-chank music on the stereo to dance in the dawn of Lent. 2003 Kopfler In-Laws 29 seLA, I had the rather unexpected pleasure of spending an evening at what my husband called a chinky chank joint called the Jolly Inn in Houma, Louisiana, on a dreary January evening. 2006 Wood TX Zydeco 2 TX, The rubboard vest was invented by and first popularized among zydeco players. With this tool they have defined the gritty chank-a-chank rhythms that are as fundamental to this music as the reedy chords and funky riffs coming from the accordion. 2012 Galveston Daily News (TX) 20 July sec B 3/2, Kevin Anthony will present his free Chank-A-Chank concerts on the island . . Wednesdays through Aug. 29.