beach-walk n sCA, HI

= zori n.

1956 Pasadena Independent (CA) 16 Aug sec A 12/2, [Advt:] Deluxe Beach Walks For Men, Women and Children Reg. 2.25. 1958 Redlands Daily Facts (CA) 22 May 4/4, Principal Leonard Murdy said today a faculty meeting was held this week at which it was decided that “beach-walks,” a rubber-soled sandal held to the foot by a single thong, would be banned. 1973 Ibid 28 June 12/2, They were all there [at Yosemite National Park] . . the sexy girl in cut-off jeans, bikini bra and beach walks [etc]. 2012 in 2015 DARE File—Internet HI, There were a few slippery parts . . , but otherwise, even wearing beach walks it was very doable.