Baptist pallet

Baptist pallet n [See quot 1962] chiefly Sth Cf Methodist pallet n, shakedown n 1

= pallet n.

1902 Grime Hist. Middle TN Baptists 284, This scribe well remembers when during the sitting of an Association he had about one hundred guests. . . At night “Baptist pallets” were spread on all available space in the house. 1931 Hattiesburg Amer. (MS) 3 Sept 7/8, Bilbo said that four months from now he would be “Bilbo, the farmer,” down at his pecan plantation at Poplarville and that he would use his 100 bales of cotton to make “Baptist pallets.” 1962 Atwood Vocab. TX 47, Bed on the floor. . . Four informants give Baptist pallet, probably in allusion to large religious gatherings and their attendant discomforts. 1965–66 DARE (Qu. E18) Infs AL11, MS1, Baptist pallet; TX52, Pallet, Baptist pallet; AR47, Free-will Baptist pallet. 1970 Tarpley Blinky 105 neTX, Informants who recall the use of pallets for the children at summertime evangelist services (usually held outdoors) still refer to the home variety as Baptist . . pallets. 2004 in 2014 DARE File—Internet TX, The first round of seasonal celebrations is over and I have at least one thing to be grateful for: I did not spend one night of it on a Baptist pallet. 2005 Ibid FL, I hook him up. Throw him a baptist pallet on the floor, give him the keys to the DVD case and let him go wild.