How Did Your Community Do?

  The survey has closed and the results are in. Click on the links below to see how your community contributed to completing the online survey and the telephone interviews.  In order for your community to be “done”, one or more people from your community could have completed the 41 total survey sections.  Your community also had the opportunity to do an optional telephone interview.

See the number of survey sections [PDF] completed by your community

See the number of telephone interviews [PDF] completed by your community

A participant map showing the locations of all participants in Wisconsin:

Thank you survey participants! The survey has closed as of September 30, 2014.

Note: Though the charts only list our priority target communities, and official participants must meet some eligibility requirements, any Wisconsin resident over the age of 18 may take the survey. All data will be used for further research. Survey results will be posted to our site by June 30, 2015. Check back regularly for new survey data. We will be adding as it is ready.