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East; eastern United States

      Allegheny vine n • eUS

      apple (of) Peru n 1 • chiefly eUS

      arrow arum n • eastern half US

      arrowwood n a • chiefly eastern half US

      asarabacca n • formerly eUS

      ask v A1c (pronc) • chiefly East

      asthma weed n • eUS

      bee weed n 1 • eUS

      black woodpecker n 1 • East

      chaff bed n • chiefly East

      chippy n2 3 • formerly East, Sth; now chiefly Inland Nth and West (MAP)

      columbo n • chiefly East

      cork elm n 1 • eUS

      daisy fleabane n • chiefly eastern half US

      dreadnought n 1 • chiefly East

      redroot n a • chiefly eastern half US

      redwood n 1 • eastern half US

Eastern European

      golumpki n pl • esp freq among speakers of Eastern European background

      holishkes n pl • among speakers of Jewish or Eastern European background

East Frisian See Frisian, East

east of Mississippi River See Mississippi River, east of

echoic; echoism (See also imitative; phonosymbolic)

      belly-deep n • [Echoic]

      biff adv • [Echoic]

      biff v • [biff adv, echoism]

      bim adv • [Echoic..]

      bing v • [Echoic]

      bip into v phr • [bip echoism for “to strike, hit”]

      blinger n • [Perh echoic suggesting resonance of something struck..]

      blip n, intj • [Echoic]

      bock n4 • [Perh echoic..]

      bonk n • [Prob echoic]

      bookity-book adv, n • [Echoic]

      boomalally n • [Echoic]

      bullyrum n • [Echoic]

      butterbump n • [Prob alter of bittern + echoic element..]

      carau n • [Prob echoic]

      cha-cha n • [Echoic]

      chad-cherries n • [Echoic]

      chanky-chank n • [Perh echoic]

      chaw-chaw n • [Echoic]

      chay-chay n • [Echoic]

      chebec n • [Echoic]

      chee-chee n • [Echoic]

      chee-dee n • [Echoic]

      cheek cheek widow n • [Echoic]

      cherook n • [Echoic]

      cheweeka n 1 • [Echoic]

      chewink n • [Echoic]

      chib-chab n • [Echoic]

      chicaric n • [Echoic]

      chickadee n1 • [Echoic]

      chickaree n • [Echoic]

      chick-the-willow n • [Echoic]

      chilly-lou n • [Echoic]

      chink n2 • [Echoic of the sound of coins..]

      chippy n2 • [Echoic or phonosymbolic]

      chirrup n, v • [Echoic]

      chit bird n • [?Echoic]

      chizzywink n • [..prob in part echoic..]

      chookee n 1 • [Echoic]

      chuck-will’s-widow n • [Echoic]

      clape n • [Echoic]

      cleek cleek n • [Echoic]

      clook-clook n • [Prob echoic]

      clumpety-clump adv • [Echoic]

      clunk n 1 • [Prob echoic] (MAP)

      clunker n 2 • [Echoic..]

      coat bet n • [Echoic]

      conk-onk n • [Echoic]

      conquedle n • [Echoic]

      coo-coo owl n • [Echoic]

      cool-doo n • [Prob echoic..]

      cowbird n 2 • [Echoic]

      cow-cow n • [Echoic]

      craw-craw v • [Echoic]

      crunge v • [Echoic]

      crut n3 • [Prob echoic..]

      cuckatoo owl n • [Echoic]

      cuckoo owl n • [Echoic]

      cullah-cullah n • [Prob echoic]

      Dick-married-a-widow n • [Echoic]

      doodle n1 • [..with echoic..elements..]

      drink pudding n • [Perh echoic]

      earl v • [Echoic]

      eephing vbl n • [Echoic]

      feeble n • [Echoic]

      fram v • [Etym unknown, but perh echoic (cf slam, bam, wham)]

      fry-bacon frog n • [Echoic]

      full-pot n • [Prob echoic]

      fump v • [Echoic; perh var of thump]

      geek n • [Echoic]

      glup v • [Echoic; perh by metath for gulp]

      good god n 1 • [Echoic]

      go-wank n • [Echoic]

      guggle v • [Echoic; cf gurgle v 1]

      gurky adj • [Echoic..]

      gurrump n • [Echoic]

      harry wicket n • [Echoic]

      hee-haw n • [Echoic]

      higguhri-hee n • [Echoic]

      hissy n • [..perh from echoic hiss]

      hookumpake n • [Echoic]

      hoo-owl n • [Echoic] (MAP)

      how is she intj • [Echoic]

      hum n1 • [Echoic]

      jarfly n 1 • [Echoic..] (MAP)

      Jerome n • [Echoic]

      joe-lee n • [Echoic..]

      joree n • [Echoic]

      jo-wheet n • [Echoic]

      jugarum n • [Echoic] (MAP)

      june v • [Prob echoic]

      katydid n B1 • [Echoic]

      kicker n3 • [Echoic]

      killdeer n 1 • [Echoic] (MAP)

      killing-peter n • [Prob echoic]

      killy hawk n • [Echoic]

      kiskadee n • [Echoic..]

      kotonk n • [Perh echoic..]

      pait n • [Echoic]

      papabotte n • [Prob echoic]

      peabody bird n • [Echoic]

      peedee n • [Echoic] (MAP)

      peetweet n • [Echoic]

      Peter bird n • [Echoic]

      pewee n1 1 • [Echoic]

      pewit n 1 • [Echoic]

      pi-ank n • [Prob echoic]

      pick-me-up n • [Prob echoic]

      pill-willet n • [Echoic]

      plum pudding n 1 • [Echoic]

      plunket(t) n • [Echoic]

      podunker n • [Echoic, but also infl by Podunk 1]

      poorwill n 1 • [Echoic]

      pope n2 • [Echoic..]

      potrack n, v • [Echoic]

      queek-queek n • [Echoic]

      quillaree n • [Echoic]

      quink n • [Echoic]

      quonk-a-ree n • [Echoic]

      ralph v, n • [Echoic]

      ramshack n2 • [Echoic]

      rickety-bang v phr • [Echoic]

      rippity slash adv phr • [Echoic]

      scouck n • [Echoic]

      scout n • [Echoic]

      scow n2 • [Echoic]

      scraper n2 • [?Echoic]

      shingle-nail bird n • [Echoic]

      shoo-shoo n • [Prob echoic]

      skeet n2 • [Echoic]

      slippety-slop n • [Echoic]

      sloop v2 • [Perh echoic or var of slurp, but cf also slup]

      south-southerly n • [Echoic]

      sow-your-wheat bird n • [Echoic]

      squaw bird n • [Echoic]

      swee-swee n • [Echoic]

      swee-sweet n • [Echoic]

      teacher bird n • [Echoic]

      tearr n • [Echoic]

      tee-o n • [Echoic]

      three-deer n • [Echoic]

      tilly hawk n • [Echoic] (MAP)

      ting-a-ling n • [Echoic]

      tituree n • [Prob echoic]

      tizzerrizzin n • [Echoic]

      tweet n • [Echoic]

      tweezer-bird n • [Echoic]

      twit n • [Prob echoic]

      twixt-hell-and-the-white-oak n • [Echoic]

      veery n • [Echoic]

      wagin n • [Perh echoic]

      wake-up n • [Echoic]

      walloon n1 • [Echoic]

      whafler n • [Echoic]

      wheeler n2 • [Echoic]

      wheep n • [Echoic]

      yank n1 • [Echoic]

      yarrup n • [Echoic]

      zoozer n • [Prob echoic]

      zoum-zoum n • [Echoic]

educated; education

      a prep1 5 • chiefly among less educ and rural speakers; somewhat old-fash

      a inert vowel • esp among old and less educ speakers

      acrost adv, prep • esp among speakers with less than coll educ

      again prep, adv, conj (pronc) • esp among older and less educ speakers

      against prep, conj (pronc) • esp among less educ speakers

      already adv (pronc) • esp among less educ speakers

      always adv (pronc) • among less educ speakers

      ambulance n (pronc) • esp among less educ speakers

      America n (pronc) • esp among less educ speakers

      anymore adv • in use by speakers of all educ levels (MAP)

      argufy v • esp among speakers with little educ

      ask v A1b (pronc) • esp among speakers with less than coll educ

      ask v A2b (pronc) • esp among speakers with less than coll educ

      ask v A2c (pronc) • esp among speakers with less than coll educ

      aunt n A1 (pronc) • among better-educ speakers

      awake v 1 • esp freq among better-educated speakers

      awake v 2 • perh most freq among less educ speakers

      bad adj A • chiefly among less educ speakers

      be v B2a(1) • chiefly among Black speakers with little formal educ

      be v B5b • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      bear v 2 • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      begin v A1 • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      begin v A2 • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      bite v A • esp among males and lesser educ speakers

      blast n 3 • chiefly among younger, educ speakers; casual

      blast n 4 • chiefly among younger, educ speakers; casual (MAP)

      blow v1 A2 • esp among less educ male speakers (MAP)

      boob n • esp among young and coll educ speakers

      borrow v B1 • esp among young speakers and speakers with grade school educ (MAP)

      break v A3 • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      bronchial adj (pronc) • esp among male and old speakers and speakers with little formal educ

      brownie n1 3 • esp among young and coll educ speakers (MAP)

      brownie v • esp among young and coll educ speakers

buck ague n 1 • buck ager(s) is esp freq among speakers with little formal educ, buck ague among speakers with
some coll educ (MAP)

      burst v • esp among those with little formal educ, bursted

      chimney n B2 • esp among coll educ speakers

      china n (pronc) • chiefly among old speakers and speakers with little formal educ

      climb v 2a • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      cool n 1 • earlier esp among young, coll educ, and Black speakers, now more widely used

      cool it v phr 1 • formerly esp among young, coll educ, and Black speakers; now more widespread

      cork v2 4 • esp among old speakers and those with less than high school educ

      corruption n 1 • esp among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      crack up v phr • esp among young, urban, coll educ, and Black speakers

      curse, the n • esp common among women, young and mid-aged speakers, and coll educ speakers

      do v B4 • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      do v B5 • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      down adj D1 • esp among speakers with coll educ (MAP)

      drat v • esp among educ speakers and women; euphem

      draw v B1 • chiefly among rural speakers, male speakers, and speakers with little formal educ, drawed (MAP)

      draw v B2 • chiefly among rural speakers, male speakers, and speakers with little formal educ, drew (MAP)

      draw v B2 • chiefly among rural speakers and speakers with little formal educ, drawed (MAP)

      drink like a fish v phr • esp among young and mid-aged speakers and among well educ speakers

      drown v 3 • esp among speakers with little formal educ, drownded

      druthers n pl 1 • now esp among speakers with coll educ

      east n2 • esp freq among speakers with gs educ or less (MAP)

      eat v A2a (pronc) • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      eat v A3a (pronc) • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      eat v A3c (pronc) • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      -ed suff 2 • more freq among rural speakers, males, and speakers with less than hs educ

      -ed suff 5 • esp among rural Infs with less than hs educ

      either adj, adv, pron, conj (pronc) • esp among well educ speakers

      faggot n • used..chiefly by young speakers, most freq by well educ urban males

      fall n 4 • chiefly among young, well-educ, urban women

      farmer n 1 • somewhat more freq among younger speakers and coll educ speakers; derog (MAP)

      faux pas n • chiefly among well educ speakers

      fireboard n 1 • chiefly among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      floor n (pronc) • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      give v A2b • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      give v A3b • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      grow v 1 • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      grow v 2 • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      guardian n (pronc) • among speakers with little formal educ, old-fash

      hearth n A1 (pronc) • somewhat old-fash; esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      heat v A1 • chiefly among speakers with little formal educ

      hiccup n (pronc) • esp among old speakers and coll educ speakers

      hiccup n (pronc) • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      kiln n • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      know v B3 • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      learn v B1 • esp freq among speakers with gs educ or less (MAP)

      loam n (pronc) • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ |lum|

      mongrel n (pronc) • esp freq among old Infs and those with little formal educ |ˈmʌŋgrəl| (MAP)

      offen prep • chiefly among speakers with little formal educ

      okra n (pronc) • esp freq among older speakers and among speakers with little formal educ |ˈokri, -ɪ, ˈokər|

      poach v A1 (pronc) • esp freq among speakers with gs educ or less (MAP)

      raise v B3b • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      ride v1 A3a • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      rogue n 1 • esp freq among rural speakers and speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      run v A1a • esp freq among speakers with gs educ or less

      see v B2c • esp freq among rural speakers and those with little formal educ

      see v B3a • esp freq among rural speakers and those with little formal educ (MAP)

      seven-up n 1 • chiefly among rural speakers and those with little formal educ

      sit v1 2a • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      sit v1 2b • chiefly rural; esp freq among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      sit v1 3a • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      sit v1 3b • among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      spoil v B • now esp freq among rural speakers and among speakers with little formal educ

      sugar diabetes n • esp freq among rural speakers and those with little formal educ

      swim v A1a • esp freq among rural speakers and among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      swim v A1b • esp freq among rural speakers and among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      swim v A1c • esp freq among older rural speakers and among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      swim v A2a • esp freq among rural speakers and among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      swim v A2b • esp freq among rural speakers and among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      swish broom n • esp freq among Black speakers and among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      take v A2c • chiefly among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      thisaway adv • esp freq among rural speakers and those with little formal educ (MAP)

      throw v B1a • esp freq among speakers with little formal educ

      throw v B2c • chiefly among speakers with little formal educ

      till prep B3 • somewhat more freq among those with little formal educ (MAP)

      umbrella n A1c (pronc) • esp among speakers with little formal educ

      umbrella n A2b (pronc) • esp among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      upchuck v • esp freq among mid-aged and younger speakers, among coll educ speakers, and among women

      wagon wheel n 2 • esp among older speakers, rural speakers, and speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      washboard n 1 • esp freq among rural speakers, older speakers, and those with little formal educ (MAP)

      wear v B3b • esp freq among rural speakers and those with little formal educ (MAP)

      wheelbarrow n 2 (pronc) • esp freq among rural speakers and those with little formal educ (MAP)

      whinny n, v 1 • esp among older, rural speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      widow n B2 • esp among rural speakers and among those with little formal educ (MAP)

      year n1 B • esp among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)

      yellow n1 B • esp among speakers with little formal educ (MAP)


      buckra n • [Efik mbakára he who surrounds or governs, White man..]

      cala n1 • [..Yoruba, Igbo, Efik ákárá an oily cake..]

      Holy Iden n • [Perh from Efik Idem..]

ellipsis; elliptical(ly)

      afterwhile adv • [Ellip for after a while]

      a mind adj phr • [Engl dial, ellip from of a mind (to): see EDD mind sb. 1]

      and thing conj phr • [and + thing ellip for such, or similar things..]

      as far as prep • [Ellip for as far as (something) is concerned..]

      begin v B • [Ellip for begin to compare (with)]

      come to adv phr • [Ellip for come to find out..]

      cry-eye exclam • [Ellip euphem for Christ..]

      curled ppl adj • [Prob ellip for or folk-etym from curdled..]

      dear intj • [Perh ellip for dear God or dear Lord..]

      electric road n • [Ellip]

      extra adj B • [Perh ellip for extra good]

      fact n B • [Ellip for in fact, the fact is, or similar phrr]

      flat n1 7 • [Ellip for the flat truth]

      for prep B4a • [From elliptical uses of for “as (being)”..]

      for prep B5 • [Engl dial; perh from for “as regards” with ellipsis of its object..]

      get v B1a • [By ellipsis of has/have..]

      hi’most adj • [By ellipsis from hindmost]

      just as adv phr • [Prob ellip for just as _______ as can be or similar constr]

      leave v B1 • sometimes with ellipsis of infin

      lief adv • used in phrr..with ellipsis of the verb..as lief (or liefer)

      like adj D2 • in ellip adj phr something like (it)

      like v1 C2 • foll by adv of place, with ellip of infin

      like vbl aux E2a • [..with ellip of was/were or had..]

      likeso adv • Also in phr by likeso (ellip for by doing likeso)

      lose v B • [Prob ellip for lose blood]

      need v 3 • Foll by adv of place, with ellipsis of infin

      one pron B • Ellip for one or the other

      rather adv B1 • primarily..ellipsis rather than reinterpretation as a modal auxiliary (or full verb)

      reckon v B1c • Used elliptically at the beginning of a sentence

      what-all pron 1b • Used elliptically in phrr meaning “and many more things of the same sort; and so forth, et


      sug n • Used as a term of address, an endearment, or a nickname

      sugar-booger n • also used..as a term of endearment

      sugar pie n • Used as a term of endearment (MAP)

England; English; English Dialect Dictionary; also British

      a-aint v • [..EDD 1823➝, from ceEngl]

      aback adv 2 • [EDD aback 4, 1768]

      abiselfa n • [Contr of a-by-itself-a..spelling once popular in the US and Engl..]

      able adj 2 • [EDD able 2]

      aboon prep, adv • [..EDD aboon. A Northern British form]

      about house adj phr • [Cf EDD about 9]

      acause conj • [Cf EDD, with exx chiefly from nEngl]

      accoutrements n pl • [EDD 1880, from wCornwall..]

      acorn tree n • [EDD 1881➝]

      acquaint v intr • [..EDD 1818➝]

      Adam-and-Eve n • [..see also EDD]

      Adam’s ale n • [..EDD: “Dial. slang in gen. use.”]

      Adam’s flannel n • [..EDD 1828➝]

      addle v • [..cf EDD]

      adone intj • [..cf EDD adone]

      afear(e)d adj • [..EDD, “In..dial. use throughout Sc. Irel. and Eng.”..]

      afterclap n 3 • [..see also EDD aftercleckin, -clep, -cleth under after 9..]

      agnail n • [EDD agnail 1..]

      aggravoke v • [..cf aggrivoking reported from Somerset Engl..]

      ahind prep, adv • [Engl dial: see EDD for exx, chiefly from nEngl, Scotl]

      ahoo adv • [Engl dial ahuh awry: cf EDD]

      aikie(s) intj • [..perh from Engl dial [ˈek%Ul] ‘equal’ or hake ‘To hanker or gape after’ (EDD)..]

      alewife n • [..perh an Engl dial fish name (cf EDD alley3..)..]

all-ee all-ee (all) in free exclam • for similar usage in Engl see 1959 (1967) Opie Lore Schoolchildren 143

      all hid n • [..all hid was the name of this game as played in Elizabethan England (OED 1608)]

      all (of) one’s lone adj phr • [EDD 1894➝..]

      along of prep 1 • [..EDD 1846➝]

      along of prep 2 • [EDD 1890➝]

      alongst prep • [..Cf EDD]

      a mind adj phr • [Engl dial, ellip from of a mind (to): see EDD mind sb. 1]

      and conj B4 • [Perh orig an Irish or Scots locution: see EDD and conj 2..]

      andog n • [..EDD chiefly from cwEngl, 1790➝]

      aneath prep • [Scots and nEngl form of beneath: cf OED, EDD, SND]

      angledog n • [..cf EDD angledog and varr recorded from Devonshire]

      anigh prep • [..cf EDD]

      antic n • [Cf EDD]

      antigoglin adj, adv • [anti- against, counter + goggling ppl adj < goggle to shake, tremble (EDD, SND)]

      Antony-over n, exclam • [Prob of Scots origin though earliest quot is US: cf EDD, SND] (MAP)

      anymore adv • [EDD, OEDS, 1898➝ with earliest ex from nIreland..] (MAP)

      apast prep • [..also in Engl dial–see EDD]

      applejack n 4 • [Engl dial: see OED, EDD]

      apurpose adv • [..cf EDD]

      arsle v 1 • [EDD arsle 1]

      arsle v 2 • [EDD arsle 2]

      arter n • [Cf OED artery for early exx of this form in Engl]

      ash-cat n 1 • [EDD 1808➝ in similar sense]

      aside (of) prep • [..see also EDD, SND]

      aslew adv • [..EDD 1873➝]

      at prep 3 • [Engl dial: EDD at IV 3]

      at prep 4 • [EDD at II 1, from nwEngl]

      at all adv • [..EDD at IV (1)]

      at oneself adj phr • [EDD at VI (11) 1768➝]

      audacious(ly) adv B • [EDD 1875➝]

      ax n • [..EDD ax sb.1]

      ay-la intj • [EDD 1877]

      ayond prep • [EDD ayont, “Sc. Irel. and all the n. counties to Yks.”]

      baby-clout n • [..EDD babby-clouts]

      baby-rags n pl • [Cf EDD..babby-rags small bits, EDD Suppl. bab-rags clothes for a doll]

      bachelor man n • [EDD 1874]

      back along adv phr • [..EDD back-along 1, 1880➝]

      back and to adv phr • [EDD 1886]

      backband n • [..see also EDD]

      backdoor trot n • [..EDD..]

      back-end-to adv phr • [EDD back-end-fore 1886➝]

      backie-horse n • [Scots backie a hoist onto one’s back (SND, EDD)]

      back-jaw v, n • [Cf SND, EDD]

      backway n • [Engl dial in same sense; see EDD backway sb.1]

      backways adv • [EDD backway wrongly, awkwardly]

      bad adj B1 • [..EDD bad 2]

      bad adj B3 • [See EDD bad 3]

      badly adj • [EDD “Sc. and n. counties”]

      badman’s oatmeal n • Cf..EDD devil’s oatmeal

      bad off adj phr 3a • [EDD bad 8(3), 1863]

      bad sick adj phr • [EDD 1679➝]

      baga n • [..cf Engl dial bagaroot, baggie a type of Swedish turnip (EDD)] (MAP)

      bagonet n • [..cf EDD]

      bait can n • [..cf EDD bait-bag..]

      baker n1 3 • [EDD 1859➝]

      baldhead n 3 • [Cf EDD bald 5 in similar sense]

      ballad n B • [EDD ballet 1]

      ballow v • [EDD ballow v 1]

      bannock n • [Scots and nEngl dial]

      banter v • [Engl dial]

      bar-geist n • [Cf Engl dial barghest ghost..]

      barick n • [Prob Engl dial bargh a long low ridge or hill]

      barley bright n • [..barley break, the older English name for the game..]

      barm n1 • [OE beorma, preserved also in Engl dial]

      barm n2 • [..see EDD sb.2]

      barmy adj • [..cf EDD barmy]

      barrier n • [nEngl dial]

      barrow ditch n • [EDD 1752-c1900, “Obs.”..] (Map Section)

      bate v1 • [Engl dial from abate]

      battle v 1 • [..see also EDD]

      be v B1g • [..EDD be I.1..]

      be v C1a • Cf EDD

      bear-garden n • [Orig, in England, a place for baiting bears..]

      beatenest adj • [..cf Engl dial beatem victor]

      bed rug n • [Engl dial]

      bee n2 • [..perh alter of been, bean varr of Engl dial boon: EDD boon sb.2 2..] (MAP)

      bellows v C • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      belly timber n • [Engl dial]

      belong v B • [Engl dial]

      bendy leather n • [EDD bendy leather (at bend sb.1)..]

      bespoke adj 1 • [Engl dial; EDD “Obsol.”]

      betimes adv • [..cf EDD betimes adv.2, Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      betwattled adj • [Cf EDD betwattled “confused, distressed, bewildered, stupid” and std twaddle, twat]

      bezzler n • [EDD “anything very large of its kind”]

      big bug n • [Cf Engl dial bug conceited, pompous]

      biggin n • [Brit dial bigging]

      big house n 2 • Cf EDD house sb.1 7 “The kitchen or general living-room in a farm-house or cottage”

      billy n1 3 • [Cf EDD billy sb.1, used in compounds in names of animals, birds, and insects]

      billy whicker n • [Cf EDD billy sb.1, used in Scots and nEngl dial names of..birds..]

      bimeby adv • [..see EDD, OEDS bimeby(e)..]

      bindle n • [..Engl dial bindle is rare and differs in sense]

      birk n • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      biver, all of a adj phr • [all of a + biver alter of Scots and Engl dial bever a shiver, tremor]

      blackberry summer n • Cf EDD

      black man n 1 • Cf black adj and EDD

      blanket leaf n • [EDD 1882➝]

      blimey n • [Ext of Brit intj blimey prob infl by limey.. Englishman]

      blink v 1 • [..see EDD]

      blood adv • Cf Brit bloody

      blood alley n2 • [..EDD blood-alley “In gen. dial. use”]

      blue devil n 2 • [Engl dial]

      blueweed n 1 • [EDD 1750➝]

      bobby n1 • [Transf from Brit bobby policeman]

      bob calf n • [Engl dial bob a very young calf]

      bob veal n • [Engl dial bob a young calf]

      bodacious adj, adv • [..cf EDD boldacious]

      bogart n1 • [Engl dial boggart hobgoblin, specter]

      bogie n1 • [Brit bogie a low sturdy cart or truck]

      bonce n • [Engl dial]

      bone v • [Engl dial bone to annoy by constant solicitation; see EDD bone v.1]

      boners v • [Prob Brit dial bunce n, a share, profit, and bunce intj, used to claim possession..]

      booby hut n • [From booby hutch (in former Brit use) a small clumsy cart or carriage]

      booger n1 2 • [Cf Engl dial bug, buggart a louse] (MAP)

      bore for the simples v phr • [..Prob alter of Engl dial to have one cut for the simples; see EDD simple 7-8]

      born days n • Cf EDD

      boss n1 • [Engl dial buss, boss a young calf; see EDD buss sb.2]

      boss n2 • [Engl dial; EDD boss sb.1 5 “A large round stone or iron ball, used in marble playing.”]

      bounce n • [Prob coalescence of Engl dial bonce a large marble, a marble game, and bounce v]

      bouncing Bet n • [Engl dial bouncing bess (EDD)]

      bounder n • [EDD bounder sb.2 “A heavy blow”]

      bow n1 • [EDD bow sb.1 12]

      bowler n • [Engl dial bowl a marble, booler a large marble used for throwing]

      boy’s-love n • [Engl dial: cf EDD..]

      braggable adj • Cf..EDD braggable

      brash n1 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      bravish adj • [Engl dial bravish considerable, pretty fair]

      breaming adv • [Perh from Engl breme..]

      brenth n • [Engl dial..]

      brickle adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD, SND]

      brimsy adj • [Engl dial breme, brim fierce + -sy familiarizing suff]

      broadus n • [..perh by coalescence of brotta..(EDD) with AmSpan barata..]

      brockle-faced adj • [Obs Engl dial..brock-faced white-faced, marked in the face with a streak like a badger]

      broody n • [Engl dial; cf EDD broody 1, 2]

      bruff adj • [EDD bruff adj.2 2 “Somewhat rough and blunt in manner.”]

      bubbly-jock n • [Engl and Scots dial..]

      buck n2 3 • [..cf EDD buck sb.11..]

      buck n4 • [Perh from Engl dial buck the liquid in which cloth is boiled in bleaching]

      buck n5 • [Engl dial buck the body of a cart or wagon]

      buck n6 • [EDD buck sb.7 3, a hook or ring for attaching the trace to a plowbeam]

      buck v3 • [Engl dial buck to wash]

buck and billy n • [EDD buck sb.3 3 the ‘driver’ used by players in the games of ‘buckstick,’ ‘spell and knur’..]

      buck-kneed adj • [Cf EDD buck v.6, bucksheened “having the shin-bones bent or crooked”]

      buckled up adj • [Cf nEngl and Scots dial buckle to marry]

      bucky adj1 • [EDD bucky rank, sour]

      budge n1 2 • [EDD budge sb.3 3 “Ir.”]

      buffet n A1 • the initial stress and final |-t| remain characteristic of Brit pronc

      buffle-brained adj • [Engl dial buffle fool..]

      bufflehead n 1 • [Engl dial..]

      bug n1 6 • [Engl dial]

      bug n2 • [Cf Engl dial bug conceited..]

      bugeye n2 • [Perh from Engl and Scots dial buckie shellfish..]

      buggins n • [..cf Engl dial buggin hobgoblin]

      bulchyn n • [..EDD “Obs.”]

      bulger n1 2 • [EDD Suppl., nScotl a1905..]

      bull-beggar n • [Engl dial bull-beggar a hobgoblin]

      bull goose n • [EDD Suppl. bull-goose a gander]

      bullnose pepper n • [EDD bull-nosed flattened] (MAP)

      bull onion n • [Cf EDD Suppl. bull-neck an onion that does not form a bulb but grows somewhat like a leek]

      bull-tucker n • [..tuck..to sound (EDD v.1) + -er]

      bully n1 • [EDD bully, swEngl dial]

      bulrusher n • [Engl dial]

      bum n4 • [..cf EDD bum v.3 “To strike, knock” and sb.6 “A blow”]

      bumbasto n • [..perh infl by Engl dial bumbaste to beat on the buttocks]

      bummox n • [..cf EDD bummick a cow or ox]

      bungums n • Cf knucks and see EDD for descr of the game as played in Yorkshire

      bunty n • [Engl dial bunty]

      burble n • [..EDD burbles “small tingling pimples..”]

      bush v2 • [Cf EDD, SND booshie a call to cows]

      busk v • [Engl dial; see EDD busk v.7]

      bussen ppl adj • [..cf EDD bussen-bellied ruptured (at burst II 1)]

      butter money n • [EDD]

      buttle n • [Engl dial buttle to pour out drink]

      buttony, buttony n • [Cf EDD buttony sb.]

      butty n1 • [EDD butty sb.1 “A fellow-workman..an intimate friend” 1790➝]

      by adv • [EDD by(e adv. 4 “Past, gone by, finished, over”..]

      cacky v, n • [Scots, Engl dial cack, cacky to void (as) excrement]

      caddy adj • [Engl dial caddy hale, hearty..]

      caddy adj 2 • [Cf EDD caddle “Dainty, fastidious”]

      cadgy adj • [Scots caigie wanton; cheerful, sportive;..see also EDD, SND]

      cag out v phr • [Cf Engl dial cag crawl, move slowly (EDD cag v2)]

      calico n B1a • [..cf..callack a young girl (EDD)]

      calk down v phr • [Scots and Engl dial calk, cau(l)k..]

      call v 9 • [EDD call v.1 III.4.(3)..]

      called to straw adj • [..EDD bring to the straw..]

      call hogs v phr • [..Engl hog pig]

      call hogs v phr • this idiom is attested in both Scotland and England

      callithumpian n • [..See EDD]

      can v3 • [Cf Engl dial cand]

      candle n A • [Cf Scots, nEngl dial can’le, cannle, etc]

      cank v • [Cf EDD cank sb.2..]

      cankerous adj • [Cf Scots, Engl dial cankered..]

      can’t-help-it n 1 • [Cf EDD can v II.2, can’t-help-it “a violent disinclination for work, &c.”]

      cap v 2 • [Engl dial]

      cater v • [Engl dial]

      cater- prefix • [Engl dial cater diagonally]

      catercorner adj, adv • [Engl dial cater diagonally + corner]

      cat-nipper n • [..perh from Engl dial nip..]

      cause why conj • [Engl dial; cf EDD cause conj 2]

      cawk v2 • [..cf EDD cawk v2..]

      centipede n • [.. forms with final d or t are from Engl or directly from Fr centipède]

      certain adv B3 • [Engl dial]

      chance child n • [Engl dial]

      chat n3 • [Cf EDD chat sb.1..]

      chatwood n • [Engl dial chat a twig or small branch suitable for kindling]

      chay v • [Ir; cf EDD chay, intj..]

      check n1 2 • [Cf EDD check sb.2 3]

      check v 2 • [Engl dial]

      chee intj • [Cf EDD chee an exclamation of incredulity]

      cheese v 1 • [Engl dial]

      chibbole n • [Engl dial, alter of cibol]

      chimney n • [Cf Scots and nEngl dial chymlay, chimblay..]

      chip out v phr • [Engl dial]

      chitterlings n pl 2 • [EDD chitterlings 3..]

      chizzywink n • [..cf..EDD winkie tiny]

      choaty adj • Cf EDD

      chomp v • [Engl dial and US var of std Engl champ]

      choo intj • [..Engl choo..see EDD..]

      chook intj • [SW Engl dial chook..see..EDD choogey pig]

      chop n1 1 • [Engl dial; cf EDD chop sb.2 4]

      chuck n3 • [Scots and Engl dial: see EDD, SND]

      chuffy adj1 • [Engl dial chuff, chuffy: see EDD chuff adj.1, adv.1, and sb.2]

      chuffy adj2 • [Scots and nEngl dial chuff, chuffy: see EDD chuff adj.2]

      chum n1 • [..cf obs Engl & Scots dial chum food (DSL, EDD)..]

      clabberhead n • [Engl dial clabber mud]

      claggy adj • [Engl dial and Scots claggy sticky, glutinous, muddy..]

      clamp v2 • [Engl dial: cf EDD clamp v.4..]

      clapperclawing vbl n • [Scots and Engl dial; EDD clapperclaw..]

      clart v • [Scots and nEngl dial clart smear with dirt, befoul]

      clash n • [Scots and nEngl dial; see EDD, SND]

      clatchy adj • [Scots and Engl dial clatch mess; cf SND, EDD]

      clatter n 1 • [Yorkshire dial; EDD clatter sb.1 2 “A blow..”]

      clatter n 2 • [Scots and nEngl dial]

      clatterbox n • [..EDD 1892]

      clatter brain n attrib • [..cf EDD clatter-brains “a noisy do-nothing person”]

      clatter goose n • [Engl dial]

      clatty adj • [Scots, Ir, and nEngl dial; cf EDD, SND]

      clatty adj 2 • [Cf EDD clatty 3, “Of weather: wet, rainy.”]

      clayer n • [Cf EDD clay sb.1 4]

      clevel n • [sEngl dial; see EDD]

      clever adj 1 • [..cf EDD, SND]

      clew n1 • [Scots, Ir, and nEngl dial; cf EDD]

      clew v • [..occas in Scots and Engl dial..]

      clew n2 • [..EDD clew sb.2]

      clitch v • [..EDD clitch v.2]

      clod n 3 • [..cf EDD clods miner’s shoes]

      clod v 1 • [Also in Scots, Ir and Engl dial: see EDD, OEDS]

      cloddered milk n • [EDD clodder a stiff curdle or mass]

      clod fitter n • [..ult from Scots, nEngl dial fit foot]

      clomper v • [c,nEngl dial; cf EDD]

      clomper n 1 • [..cf EDD clomper sb.1 2..]

      close adj, adv • [Cf EDD clost]

      clout n2 • [..cf EDD clout sb.3 a clod of earth; a foolish or base person]

      clubby adj • [Cf EDD clubby adj.1 “Thick-set, sturdy”]

      cluck adj • [sEngl dial cluck..(EDD at cluck), nEngl and Scots clock-hen (EDD at clock v.2 sb.2)..]

      clumber v • [Prob alter of Engl dial clumper..]

      clump n • [EDD clump sb.1 2 “A heavy, inactive person”]

      clumper n • [EDD clumper sb. pl. 4 “Thick, heavy shoes”]

      clumse n • [..rel to Engl dial clumse speechless, loutish..]

      clutch n1 1 • [Cf EDD clutch sb.2 2 “A quantity, number”]

      coach-abower n • [Ir; see EDD]

      cob n2 1 • [Cf EDD cob(b sb.1 15 “a game played with nuts” and 17 “a game at marbles”]

      cob n2 2 • [Engl dial cob the seed of a fruit]

      cob n2 5 • [EDD cob(b sb.1 II.5]

      cobhouse n 1 • [Cf EDD cob-castle a flimsy building]

      co-dack v phr • [..(cf EDD Dick sb.1)]

      coddled ppl adj • [..see EDD coddle v.2 4]

      coddy adj • [Prob from Engl dial cod a fool..]

      codge n2 • [Cf EDD cadging-pouch..]

      codger n • [Perh akin to Engl dial cadger an itinerant, an ill-tempered person; see EDD]

      codger n 4 • [Cf EDD cadger sb.1 7]

      codge up v phr • [Prob from Engl dial codge botch, mend clumsily, patch; see EDD]

      cog n • [Scots and Engl dial cog..]

      coggle v1 • [Scots and Engl dial..]

      cohogle v • [Cf EDD connyfogle v.1..]

      comb n B1 • [Scots and nEngl dial]

      come in v phr 1 • [Engl dial; cf EDD come..]

      conbobberation n • [con- + bobber as in Engl dial bobbery .. + -ation]

      conkers n • [Engl dial; cf OEDS, EDD]

      connyswaggle v • [Perh blend of Engl dial connyfogle to dupe, cheat + hornswoggle]

      conqueror n • [Cf Engl dial conqueror a game played with shells or horse-chestnuts]

      conscience n • [nEngl dial conscience estimation]

      cooper up v phr • [Cf EDD cooper v.2..]

      cooter v • [..See also EDD couther, cutter..]

      coppy woods n • [coppy, Engl dial var of coppice..]

      cord n 2 • [EDD cord sb. “pl. A contraction of the muscles of the neck”]

      corky adj • [..EDD corky 3..]

      corrupted ppl adj 2 • [EDD corrupted 1]

      cove n2 • [Brit cove chap, bloke; prob from Romany kova thing, person]

      cover n, v (pronc) • (Note: this pronc is also common in Engl dial; see SND, EDD kiver)

      co-wench v phr • [co v + Engl dial wench cow] (MAP)

      cowhanded adj • [cow alter of car left-handed, awkward;..see EDD car adj]

      crab lantern n • [..cf EDD at crab sb.2 2]

      cranky adj3 • [Engl dial cranky sprightly, merry, sportive]

      cratch n1 • [Engl dial cratch a rack or crib for fodder]

      crawm n • [..cf Scots, nEngl dial crame..]

      creachy adj • [Var of Engl dial craichy infirm, ailing]

      creel v • [Cf EDD creel v.2 2..]

      creep n1 • [Engl, Scots dial creepie a low stool]

      crim n • [Engl dial creem a shiver, chill]

      crimmy adj • [Engl dial creemy chilly]

      crink n • [..cf EDD crink sb.1..] (MAP)

      crook n1 • [..Engl dial crook ‘pain or twinge’ (EDD)..]

      croping adj • [Engl dial]

      crow-biddy n • [..EDD..]

      crud n B1 • [Scots and Engl dial]

      cruddle v • [Scots and Engl dial]

      cruddled milk n • [Scots and Engl dial]

      cruddly adj • [EDD crudly]

      crumplety horns n • [EDD crumpledy horn (at crumpled)]

      crut n 1 • [Perh from Engl dial crut a dwarf..]

      crute up v phr • [Perh EDD croot v..]

      cudjo n • [Perh alter of Engl cudgel..]

      cunny-fingered adj • [..cf EDD cunny-fingered at cunny sb.1]

      cunny line n • [..cully-thumb (EDD Suppl., SND); cf EDD cunny-hole..]

      curdle n2 • [EDD curdle sb.2..]

      curled ppl adj • [..cf EDD curlings curds]

      curly flower n • [..cf EDD curlyflower at curly adj. 1 (9)]

      curnubble v • [..var of Engl dial knubble, nobble to strike..]

      cush n2 • [Engl dial cush, cush-cow]

      cush v • [Engl dial]

      cussed gorm exclam • [..(see EDD gorm, garm)]

      dabble v • [Engl dial]

      daddock n • [Engl dial..]

      daddy v 3 • [Cf Scots and nEngl dial father to indicate one’s paternity by resemblance]

      daggly adj • [Engl dial..]

      datter v • [Cf EDD dather v. 2 “To maze, bewilder”; ditter “To confuse, bewilder”]

      dautie n • [..nEngl dial]

      dead adj A • [Proncs of the type [ded] are found in some..Engl dial.]

      dead adj B1 • [Engl dial]

      dead n • [Cf EDD dead sb.2]

      dead man’s pinch n • [EDD dead-man’s pinches (at dead-man)]

      deadmen’s bones n • [Cf EDD dead-man’s bones (at dead-man) “Stellaria holostea”]

      deaf adj B1c • [EDD (at deaf) 1746➝]

      deaf ears n • [EDD 1851➝]

      devil n • [Proncs of the type [dɪv^wl] are widespread in Engl dial; those of the type [dil]..in..nEngl dial.]

      devil-in-the-bush n 1 • [Engl dial]

      devil’s-claw n • [..EDD (at devil sb. 2)..]

      devil’s darning needle n • [EDD (at devil sb. 1, 2)..]

      devil’s horse n • [..cf EDD devil’s coach-horse, ~ racehorse (at devil sb. 1) a rove beetle..]

      devil’s-snuffbox n 1 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      devil’s tether n • [EDD (at devil sb. 2)]

      dib n1 1 • [Prob from EDD dib sb.3 2, 3 a sheep’s knucklebone or pebble used in the game of dibs]

      dickey n2 2 • [..cf EDD dicky sb.2 3 “A short upper garment or over-jacket worn by working-men”]

      Dick’s hatband n • Cf EDD

      Dick’s hatband n 1 • [..EDD dick sb.1]

      diddle n2 • [EDD diddle sb.6 “Ducklings…A call for young ducks”]

      diddle v 4b • [EDD diddle v.3 5]

dike v • [Prob var of dight (cf..EDD dight v. 4) infl by deck;..not clear whether this reflects..Engl dial survival..]

      dildow n • [..cf EDD dilly sb.1 2 “A light wagon”]

      dillberry n • [EDD dilberries 1879]

      dindle n • [Cf EDD dindle sb. sow-thistle, hawkweed, dandelion]

      ding v1 3 • [..EDD ding v. 13]

      dinge n2 • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      dingle n1 • [Engl dial adopted as a literary word in the 17th cent]

      dingle cart n • [Cf EDD dingle v.3 “To vibrate, resound, tremble”]

      ding-toed adj, adv • [Cf EDD ding-dew (at ding v. 11. (1)) “a splay-footed person”]

      dinky adj • [Scots, nEngl dial dink neat, nice, finely dressed]

      dip n1 5 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      disbehave v • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      dish kettle n • [sEngl dial; see EDD]

      dishybill(y) n • [..cf EDD dishabil, dishbill(e), deshabbily (at dishabille)]

      dite n • [..nEngl dial, pronc-spp for doit; cf..EDD doit sb.1 2]

      do v C4 • [Engl dial (cf EDD do v. II. 3)..]

      dob n1 • [Cf..EDD dob sb.1 “A small piece of anything; a lump, ‘dollop’ ”]

      dob n2 • [EDD dob-taw (at dob v.1 2..) “A large marble, a ‘lobber’ ”]

      dobber n1 • [Prob EDD dobber sb. 3 “The float of the angler’s fishing line”..]

      dobber n2 • [EDD dobber sb. 2 “A large, heavy taw or marble”]

      dobbyhorse n • [EDD dobby-horse 2 “pl. The wooden horses or roundabouts at fairs.”..]

      dob in the ring n • [..EDD dab at the hole “A game of marbles”]

      dock n2 • [EDD dock sb.2 3..]

      dogan n • [..EDD..]

      dog daisy n 1 • [EDD 1887, 1891]

      dog daisy n 2 • [EDD 1888➝]

      doll n • [..EDD doll sb.3 “The hand, chiefly used of a child’s hand”]

      doney n2 • [Prob var of Brit slang doña a woman, sweetheart..]

      donicker n • [EDD dunnekin “A privy; an open cesspool”]

      donsie adj • [Scots, nEngl dial donsie..]

      doogie n • [CF EDD doogs the number of marbles one has risked in a game (“Obs.”)]

      doopy adj • [Cf EDD doobie (at dobby sb.1) “A fool, simpleton, stupid fellow”]

      doorstone n • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      double-jointed adj 1 • [EDD double jointed “extra strong”]

      doup-end n • [..nEngl dial doup bottom end (of an egg, candle, the human body, etc)]

      dourie adj • [..EDD doury “dismal, gloomy” (at dour 2), and EDD durried “Confused, bewildered”]

      douse n • [Scots, Engl dial]

      down adv B2 • [Cf EDD down adv. 10 “Used as an intensitive;” possibly a minced form for damn]

      down-along adv phr • [..EDD downalong “downwards, down the street or road, some little distance”]

      down cellar adv phr • [Cf EDD down house downstairs] (MAP)

      drabble v1 • [..EDD]

      draft n1 B5 • [The std Brit name for this game..]

      drag up v phr 1 • [EDD drag up (at drag v. II 5) “to bring up children badly”]

      drake n2 3 • [Cf EDD drakes sb. pl.2 “The mark from which boys begin to ‘taw’ at marbles”]

      drammel v • [Perh var of EDD drumble v.1 “To be sluggish and slow in movement;..to fumble”]

      dream cake n • [..EDD dream-bit “a piece of wedding-cake to dream upon”]

      dreeled-down adj • [Prob EDD drail (pronc [dril, dreəl]) “To drag or trail along”]

      drib n • [..in Engl, Scots, Ir dial] (MAP)

      dribble v • [Engl dial]

      drift n 1 • [Scots and Engl dial drift a drove, herd, flock]

      driggle n • [Prob Engl dial driggle to fall in drops, trickle]

      drindle n • [Engl dial]

      drindle v • [..cf Engl dial drindle to trickle, run slowly]

      drint v2 • [EDD drent sb. “Also in form drint…A stain or mark left on badly-washed linen…”]

      drip v B1 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      drippy adj • [Cf EDD dreepy “drooping, spiritless” (at dreep 4)..]

      drisk n • [..cf EDD drisky drizzly, from Cornwall]

      drive one’s ducks to a poor market v phr • [..cf EDD market sb. 2.(4), (5)..]

      droll adj 1 • [Engl dial]

      drop n C4 • [Engl dial]

      drop v D1 • [EDD drop v. 15 “..to sow seed..”] (MAP)

      drop v D4 • [Engl and Scots dial]

      drop-eye n • [EDD drop-eye (at drop v. 12. (6))]

      drop one’s wing v phr • [Cf EDD to wing down to court, pay attention to]

      drought n A1 (pronc) • [Scots and nEngl dial]

      drown the miller v phr • [Scots and Engl dial]

      drumly adj, adv • [Scots and Engl dial]

      dub v1 2 • [..EDD dub v.4]

      dub v2 • [Cf EDD dub v.3 4 “to walk heavily, with short steps”]

      dubbins n • [EDD dubbings (at dubs)]

      dubious adj A • [All these types are found in Engl dial; cf EDD dubious, duberous, dubersome]

      dubs n pl • [EDD dubs sb. pl. 1..]

      dubs exclam • [EDD dubs sb. pl. 1..]

      dubstand n • [EDD dubstand (at dubs) “a term used in the game of marbles”]

      duck on a rock n • [Engl dial duck a stone used in games] (MAP)

      dud n • [Engl and Scots dial]

      duff n 1 • [Engl dial duff var of dough]

      duff n 5 • [EDD duff sb.1 5]

      duff v • [Cf EDD duff v.3 2 “To dive, plunge”]

      duffing n • [EDD duff v.3 3, sb.4 4]

      duke v • [Scots and nEngl dial var of duck to avoid, evade]

      dukie n • [Prob var of EDD docky “A slight meal, taken by farm labourers in the middle of the morning”]

      dull adj 1 • [Engl dial]

      dull n, v2 • [Cf EDD dull sb. “Irel. A horse-hair noose or snare for catching trout”..]

      dumb cake n • [Engl dial]

      dummy n 1 • [..cf EDD dummy “A nickname for a tram, a colliery carriage”]

      dunt adj • [Engl dial]

      durgen n • [Cf EDD durgin..; EDD durgan sb.1 1..]

      dusk dark n • [Cf EDD dusk o’dark] (MAP and Map Section)

      dusty miller n • [Scots, nEngl dial for the common auricula Primula auricula]

      Dutch morgan n • [EDD (at Dutch adj. 1. (9))]

      eaceworm n • [..cf EDD easse]

      easy adv 1 • [Cf EDD easy adv. 8]

      eating poss n • [..cf..Engl dial pace-egg Easter egg]

      eenamost adv • [Engl dial; e’en even + amost]

      effet n • [sEngl dial; cf EDD (at evet)]

      egg v1 • [..cf EDD hag(g) v.1 1.] (MAP)

      egg v1 B • [Engl dial; cf EDD egg v. 2]

      egg cheese n • [Engl dial; cf EDD (at egg sb. 1)]

      emmet n • [Engl dial]

      empt v • [Engl dial]

      -en suff1 • [..EDD attests abouten 1853➝, withouten 1793➝..]

      end on adv phr • [Cf EDD end sb.1 1. (13)]

      Episcopalian n, adj • [Cf..EDD Episcolaupian..]

      -es suff1 1a • [Engl dial; cf EDG §378]

      -es suff1 1b • [Engl dial..]

      -es suff1 2 • [Engl dial; cf EDG §§383, 384]

      -es suff1 4b • [Engl dial; cf EDG §391]

      even n • [Engl and Scots dial]

      evendown adj • [Engl dial]

      evening n B • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      evenly adv • [nEngl dial, cf EDD]

      everly adv • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      eyes n • [EDD eye sb.1 10]

      eyeseed n • [OED, EDD]

      fact n, v A1 • [Scots dial, 1836➝; cf EDD, SND]

      fag n • [..perh also assoc with Brit fag a public-school boy who acts as servant to an older boy]

faggot n • [Perh from Engl dial faggot a term of abuse for a woman or child, transf to an effeminate or
unmasculine man]

      fagot n1 • [Engl dial, from fag(g)ot a bundle of sticks]

      fahdoodle n • [Var of 17th cent Brit fadoodle nonsense]

      faintified adj • [EDD Suppl; cf -ified]

      faith you exclam • [Cf EDD faith]

      fan v A6 • [Cf EDD fan v. 8 “To stir as with a whisk”]

      fancy n 2 • [EDD fancy sb. 2 “A lover, sweetheart”]

      farren n • [Cf EDD farren a division of land, freq used for pasturage..]

      farrow adj • [Scots, Engl dial farrow, of unknown derivation; see OED]

      fash v • [Scots and Engl dial;..cf OED, SND, EDD..]

      fat adj2 • [EDD fat adj.2 1828➝]

      fat hen n • [..cf EDD fat-hen]

      fault v B3 • [Cf EDD fault sb. 3 “Harm, injury, wrong”]

      fazzled adj • [Cf EDD fazle out “to ravel out” (at fazle v., sb.)]

      feared adj • [Engl dial]

      feeting n 1 • [EDD feetens, feetings (at footing sb. 2 “A footprint”)]

      feeze n, v • [Engl, Scots, Ir dial, from ME fesen to drive off, frighten]

      feist n • [Abbrs for Engl fisting-hound, foisting-hound..]

      fell-field n • [Scots, nEngl dial fell a rocky hillside; a stretch of high, open untilled land]

      fernling adv • [Prob Scots fairlins, Engl dial fairlings completely, absolutely]

      fessed up adj phr • [EDD fess adj..]

      fetch n1 • [Engl dial; EDD fetch sb.1..]

      fetch v B12 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      feustering vbl n • [Cf EDD fooster v. “to fuss or fumble about in a futile, purposeless way.”]

      fever and lurk(s) n • [EDD fever-lurk “idleness, indolence, laziness” (at fever sb. 2)]

      few, a adj phr • [Engl dial]

      filliloo bird n • [Cf EDD fillyloo sb. “An uproar” and int. “An exclamation.”]

      filth n • [..cf EDD filth sb.2 4 “Weeds”]

      finagle v, n • [Cf EDD fainaigue v. 3 “To deceive by flattery; to obtain by improper means, to cheat.”]

      find up v phr • [Engl dial; cf EDD find v. 3]

      finely adj • [Cf EDD finely adv. 2 “Used predicatively as a quasi-adj.: very well in health, convalescent.”]

      fire and tow n • [..cf EDD “of a hasty person: irascible” (at fire sb. 4)..]

      fire bob n • [Cf EDD bob sb.1 9 “A small insect”]

      first adv C2 • [Engl dial; cf EDD first adv. 4]

      first along adv • [Engl dial; cf EDD first adv. 5]

      first-footer n • [N Engl and Scots dial; cf EDD, SND]

      first off adv phr 1 • [EDD first adv. 5. (3). (a)]

      fissle around v phr • [Scots, Engl dial fissle, to fidget, bustle]

      fitch v • [Prob var of filch, but perh rel to Scots, nEngl fitch to shift, remove]

      fitten adj • [Engl dial; pronc varr of fitting]

      fitty adj1 2 • [Engl dial; EDD fitty adj.1 6 “In good health, well”]

      fitty adj2 • [Engl dial; EDD fitty adj.2]

      fixen n • [..EDD “Fixen..Obs.”]

      fixment n 1 • [EDD fixment sb. 1 “The furniture of a house.”]

      fixment n 3 • [Cf EDD fixment sb. 2 “A dilemma.”]

      fizz n1 1 • [Engl and Scots dial; cf EDD, SND]

      flam v2 • [Cf EDD flam sb.3 “A heavy fall; a violent stroke.”]

      flamigig n • [Cf EDD flam sb.1..; flammy v..; gig sb.6 2..]

      flannel cake n • [..cf EDD flannel sb. 3 “A coarse oatcake”..] (MAP and Map Section)

      flannen n • [Scots, Engl dial varr of flannel]

      flapper n 1 • [Engl dial]

      flare v B • [Engl dial]

      flatter v2 • [Perh Scots and Engl dial flatter to float, flutter]

      flax v 1a • [Appar in ref to the beating of flax; cf Engl dial flaxen to beat, thrash]

      flea v • [Arch and Engl dial varr of flay]

      fleak n2 • [EDD flick sb.2 (also fleck, fleek) “The inside fat of a pig, which is melted down for lard.”]

      fleck v • [..cf EDD flick v.2 “Also in forms fleck..fleek”]

      fleece v 1 • [EDD fleece v. 6 “To thrash, chastise, beat”]

      fleech v • [Scots and nEngl dial]

      fleshen up v phr • [EDD (at fleshen)]

      flibbity adj • [Perh EDD flip adj. “Pliant, flexible”..]

      flicket v • [Engl dial]

      flight n • [Cf EDD flight sb.1 3 “A collection of beings or things; a quantity; a crop”]

      fling n • [..EDD flink 4. (1)]

      flink v2 • [swEngl dial flink, to fling, toss, sprinkle]

      flip n1 4 • [EDD not to care a flip (at flip sb.1 2)]

      flirch adj • [nEngl dial flurch a large quantity]

      flirt n 2 • [Cf EDD flirt sb. 8 “A slight shower”]

      flit v 1 • [Scots, nEngl dial; OED 1504➝]

      flitchet n • [Perh var of Engl dial flicket a tatter, rag]

      flittermouse n • [OED 1547➝; widespread in Scots and Engl dial]

      float n 7 • [Cf EDD float v. 18 “To pare turf or stubble from land”]

      floozy adj • [Perh from Engl dial floosy fluffy, soft < floose (flooze, etc)..]

      flosh v • [Engl dial flosh to splash]

      flour cake n • [Engl dial]

      flow adj • [Perh EDD flow adj.1 “windy, boisterous, stormy,”..]

      flow n2 • [Scots, nEngl dial “a bog, swamp”]

      flowerpot n 1 • [Engl dial (Gloucester). Note: EDD flower-plot (at flower) is an error for flower-pot.]

      flowsy adj • [Prob var of frowsy (perh infl by blowsy), but cf EDD flowsy (at flowse adj.) “a slattern”)]

      fluke v2 • [Prob Engl dial fluke, to wheedle, cajole]

      flummox v • [Engl dial and colloq; OED 1837➝]

      flummuck v • [Cf EDD flummock v. 4 “To hurry and confuse”]

      flumucky adj • [EDD flommucky, flummocky (at flummock) “slovenly..untidy”..]

      fluzzy-headed adj • [..cf EDD fluz(z v. 3 “To crumple, ruffle”]

      fog n1 • [Engl dial]

      fogle n • [Perh Ger Vogel bird; but cf Engl dial fugle to whistle]

      fogo n • [Engl dial; perh var of hogo n1, infl by fog]

      follow-taw n • [(EDD) follow-tar, folly-~]

      foot-and-a-half n • [EDD Suppl. foot-and-hawve]

      foot-pie n • [..cf EDD foot sb. 6 “A closed tart or pie”]

for prep B2 • [This use is found in some Engl dial, but has prob been infl by one or more African languages..]

      for prep B4a(3) • [EDD for prep. 1. (19) (b)]

      for prep B4a(4)(a) • [EDD for prep. 1. (17)..]

      for prep B5 • [Engl dial; perh from for “as regards” with ellipsis of its object..]

      foredoor n • [Engl dial; OED 1581➝]

      forked end n • [EDD (at fork sb. 4)]

      for keeps adv phr • [Prob Scots dial, though the only citation in EDD (at keep sb.1 II. 17. (8)) is dated 1893]

      fornent prep • [Scots, nEngl, and Ir dial]

      for why adv • [Engl dial; OED ➝1700; EDD 1828-1896]

      foul adj • [Engl dial]

      fox v 3 • [EDD foxed ppl. adj. 3]

fox and geese n 2 • [Similar tag games..are called fox and geese in Engl dial] (MAP)

      foxy adj 7 • [EDD foxy adj. 1..; cf EDD fox-day (at fox sb. 1. (2)), foxing-day (at fox v. 7)]

      frail n • [Engl dial, var of flail by rhotacism]

      franzy n • [Engl dial varr of frenzy]

      frap v • [Engl dial]

      frazzle v • [Engl dial]

      freeze v A • [Cf similar forms in EDD]

      French grass n • [Cf EDD]

      French nettle n • [EDD (at French adj. 2. (10))]

      French pink n • [Cf EDD]

      French sparrow n • [Cf EDD (at French adj. 3. (11))]

      French tag n • [Cf EDD (at French adj. 1. (6))]

      French woodpecker n • [Cf EDD (at French adj. 3. (12))]

      frill n • [Engl dial; cf EDD frill sb. 2..]

      fritter n 1 • [Cf Engl dial frit a kind of pancake, and fritter a small pancake containing currants] (MAP)

      frogsticker (knife) n • [Cf EDD Suppl. stick-frog] (MAP)

      frousty adj 1 • [Engl dial; cf EDD frowsty adj. 1]

      frousty adj 2 • [Cf EDD frowsty adj. 2 “Dull, heavy-looking; peevish, crusty”]

      frowsicating ppl adj • [Cf Engl dial frowze to rumple]

      frowy adj2 • [..cf Engl dial frow an untidy, messy woman]

      fry n 4 • [Cf EDD fry sb.2 1]

      fub v1 2 • [EDD fub v. 1]

      full adj B2 • [Chiefly Scots dial; cf EDD]

      full v 2 • [EDD 1641➝; DJE 1797➝]

      full-handed adj • [Cf EDD full-handed (at full adj. 7 (3)) “In good circumstances”]

      fur n2 • [Engl dial; by apoc from furrow]

      fussock n • [Engl dial fussock a stupid person..]

      gab n1 • [Scots, nEngl dial var of gob mouth] (MAP)

      gabble racket n • [..Engl dial forms are folk-etyms of ME Gabrielle rache..]

      Gabriel’s hounds n pl • [..see also EDD at Gabriel(’s hounds]

      gaff n, v A • [..see also EDD (at gaft), DNE]

      gaffer n1 • [..see also EDD]

      gaily adj • [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial; see EDD (at gaily) and SND (at geylies)]

      gale n1 • [..cf..EDD gell sb.2 3..]

      gale n2 • [sEngl dial (EDD gale sb.2 1)]

gall n2 1 • [EDD gall sb.2 6]

      gall n2 2 • [EDD gall sb.2 7..]

      galley-west adv, adj • [Varr of Engl dial collywest(on) contrarily, askew] (MAP)

      gallie n • [Cf EDD galley-bird the green woodpecker]

      gallon n B • [sEngl dial; EDD gallon sb.1 1]

      gallop v B • [Engl dial]

      gallus adj • [Engl dial; see EDD gallows adj. 10, 11]

      gallus n • [..widespread in Brit folk use in var forms–see..EDD gallows sb. 6]

      galore n • [..common in Engl dial (cf EDD galore sb. 2)]

      gam n1 • [Perh abbr for obs Engl gammon lively talk, chatter]

      gambrel n 1 • [..varr listed here are found also in Engl dials]

      gambrel roof n • [From gambrel 1, either directly or through Engl dial gambrel hock..] (MAP)

      gammet n, v • [EDD gammet sb. “Fun, frolic, sport; a game, joke, whim, trick”..]

      gammick v • [Varr of Engl dial gammock; see OED, EDD]

      gander v 1 • [Engl dial “to wander aimlessly”; cf OED, EDD]

      gander v 2 • [Cf Engl dial gander-month, ~ moon the month of (or after) a wife’s confinement..]

      gang v • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      gang harve n • [EDD harve sb.1 a harrow]

      gansey n • [Engl dial gansey (EDD)..]

      gant adj • [Arch and dial Engl pronc-spp for gaunt (see..EDD at gant adj.)]

      gant-gutted adj • [..cf Engl dial ganty-gutted (EDD at gant adj. 2)]

      garden house n • [Also Engl dial..] (MAP)

      garden spot n • [Also in Engl dial; see EDD (at garden sb. 2)]

      gashly adj • [Arch and dial Engl form of ghastly;..EDD]

      gaufre n • [Either directly from Fr gaufre waffle, or through Engl dial (cf..EDD gaufer)]

      gaum n2 • [EDD gaum sb.3..]

      gaum v1 • [EDD gaum v.3..]

      gaum v2 • [EDD gaum v.4 “To stare idly or vacantly..gape..be stupid, awkward”]

      gauming adj • [..cf EDD gauming (at gaum v.4)]

      gaumy adj1 • [EDD gaumy (at gaum v.3)..]

      gaumy adj2 • [..cf EDD gaumy (at gaum sb.3)]

      gaup v • [Engl dial; OED 1682➝]

      gauster v • [EDD gauster v. 1 “To bully..to be turbulent..to brag”]

      gawk n • [EDD gawk sb.2]

      gawk n 4 • [Brit dial gowk cuckoo; cf EDD gowk sb.1 3. (3)..]

      gawk v • [EDD gawk v.2 “with about: to wander aimlessly about”]

      gawky n • [EDD gawky sb. 3]

      gearing n • [Engl dial]

      generally always adv phr • [EDD 1875]

      get v D3 • [Cf Brit usage He’s getting an old man = He’s becoming an old man]

      giblets n pl • [Engl dial]

      gift n • [Engl dial]

      gig n1 • [EDD gig sb.6 2 “Fun, frolic; a taunt, jibe; a trick”]

      gin conj1 • [Scots, nEngl dial..]

      gin conj2 • [Scots, nEngl dial; aphet forms of again..]

      gitlet n • [Prob Scots, nEngl dial get brat, bastard; dimins gettling, gytling, etc]

      give v A • [All of these types of non-std forms occur also in Scots or Engl dial..]

      givey adj 1 • [Cf EDD give v. II. 9 “..Hence Givey or Givy…Of the ground: damp, soft, full of moisture.”]

      glab v • [..cf EDD glab sb. 1 “Foolish, idle talk”]

      glabber v • [Scots, Engl dial; cf EDD glabber v. 1 “To chatter, jabber, gabble”]

      glass n • [The change of gl > dl by assimilation is common in Engl..dial..]

      glib-glab v • [..EDD glib v. “to talk rapidly and volubly”]

      glom v1 • [EDD glaum v. 1 “To grasp, clutch at, snatch..”]

      glut v • [..cf also EDD glut sb.3 4]

      go v A • [Cf similar forms in EDD]

      goat’s hair n • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      gobbin v • [Cf..Engl dial gubbins fragments]

      gobble v2 • [Prob EDD gobble v. 3 “To do anything in a hasty or superficial manner”..]

      god rock n • [Cf EDD god-stone (at god sb. 1. (15))..]

      go in v phr 1 • [Scots, Engl dial]

      good man n • [EDD the Good man (at goodman sb. 7) “a child’s name for God”]

      gool n2 • [Prob EDD gowl sb.2 1 (also sp gool)..]

      gooney n • [EDD gawney (varr goney, gony, gooney) “A fool..a stupid awkward person”]

      go out v phr 1 • [EDD go v. II. 3. (24) (b)..]

      gormed adj, adv • [EDD gorm; perh rel to gaum v2]

      gosling grass n • [EDD 1854➝]

      grabble v 2 • [Engl dial; cf EDD grabble v. 1, grapple v. 2..]

      grabble v 3 • [Engl dial; cf EDD grabble v. 3, grapple v. 3]

      granther n • [..cf Engl dial grandfer]

      gray plover n 5 • [EDD 1885]

      grease v B2 • [Engl dial]

      green gravel n • [Engl dial]

      grindlestone n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      grip n 1 • [Cf EDD grip sb.4 12 “A sharp pain, esp. in the bowels..”]

      grudgin n • [..cf EDD grudgings sb. pl. “Obsol…1. Coarse wheaten meal”]

      Guinea n3 • [..cf EDD guiny “An expletive”]

      gulch v • [Engl, Scots dial; cf EDD]

      gullick n • [..cf..EDD gullock “To swallow greedily”]

      gully n 3 • [EDD gully sb.2 1 “a narrow brook or stream”]

      gully n 5 • [Cf EDD gully sb.2 5]

      gum n1, v1 • [The form goom is the expected reflex of OE góma..and survives in Engl dial.] (MAP)

      gump n1 1 • [Engl, Scots, Ir dial]

      gumption n • [Scots, Ir, Engl dial]

      gumptious adj 1 • [Scots, Ir, Engl dial]

      gunk n 1 • [Cf EDD, SND gunk a dunce or blockhead..]

      gush n B4 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      gut n 3 • [Cf EDD gut sb.1 5 “A glutton”]

      gutling adj • [Cf EDD gutling ppl. adj. (at guttle v. 1. (2). (b)) “greedy, gluttonous.”]

      gutter n1 2 • [..EDD ➝1889]

      gutty adj • [Scots, nEngl dial; cf SND gutty (at guttie adj. I. 2)..]

      guy n • [Engl dial; cf EDD guy sb.2 “A disguised form of the word ‘God,’ used in petty oaths.”]

      guzzle n 1 • [Engl, Scots dial]

      guzzle n 2 • [..EDD guzzle sb.2 5 “Food, esp. drink; ale, small beer”]

      guzzle n 3 • [Engl dial; cf EDD guzzle sb.1 1 “A drain, gutter, a narrow ditch.”]

      gype n • [Scots, Ir dial; cf EDD gype v. and sb. 3]

      hack n3 • [Cf EDD hack sb.2 19 “A wooden grating or fence set across a stream to catch fish.”]

      hack v1 2 • [..EDD hake v. 4 “To tease, worry, importune” also hock v.2 “To jeer”]

      hack v1 4 • [Cf EDD hake v. 1 “To wander about aimlessly and idly; to loiter or lounge.”]

hack v4 • [Cf EDD howk int. “An exclamation used to attract the attention of horses running loose in a field.”]

hacking and hammering vbl n • [EDD hack and hammer “To hum and haw; to hesitate or stammer in speech.”
(at hack v.1 27)]

      hackled ppl adj • [Engl dial; see EDD hackle v.2 2. (1) “Hackled..peevish, cross-grained, angry”..]

      hackling adj • [Engl dial; see EDD]

      haffers n pl • [Prob var of Engl or Scots dial halver/halfer a half]

      hag v1 • [Engl dial; cf EDD hag(g) v.1 1]

      haggle n • [Cf EDD hag sb.6 7 “A clearing or cutting down of timber; a cutting in a wood”]

      haggly adj • [EDD haggly rough, unevenly cut (at haggle v. 1)]

      hain’t v • [..Engl dial; cf EDD have v. I. 1. ii..]

      hair n B1 • [..once common in Engl..]

      haish exclam • [Cf Scots, Engl dial hait a call to urge animals on]

      half v C • [..Scots and Engl dial; cf SND, EDD]

      half acre exclam • [Cf EDD half adj. 6 (1)]

      half-ham v • [Cf EDD half-hammer..also hammer v.1 9..]

      half in two adv phr, adj phr • [..cf EDD half in two (at half 9. (4))]

      half-strainer n • [Cf EDD half-strain “mongrel,” half-strained gentry “ ‘shabby-genteel’ persons”]

      halvers n pl • [Cf EDD halver]

      ham n2 • [Cf EDD haulm sb. 5 “The husk of corn or of peas, beans, &c.”]

      ham-sam adv • [EDD ham-sam “in confusion or disorder”]

      ham-scram n • [Cf EDD hamstram “Difficulty”]

      hand running adv phr • [Cf EDD (at hand 1. (79))]

      handy adv • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      hang v A1 • hing and heng are Scots, nEngl dial for hang in all senses except “to execute by hanging”

      hanover n 2 • [..as a euphem for Hell cf EDD]

      hantle n • [Scots and nEngl dial “a handful; a large quantity or number”..]

      happen v B2 • [Cf EDD happen v1 2]

      happenchance n, v • [Cf EDD (at happen v1 6. (1))..]

      hardbound adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      hard by prep phr, adv phr • [Cf EDD hard by (at hard adv. 2 )]

      hard-favored adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD at hard adj. 1. (17)]

      hard pushed adj phr • [EDD hard-pushed (at hard adj. 1. (45)) “hard put to it”]

      harken on v phr • [EDD (at hearken v. 8) “to encourage, urge on, incite”]

      Harry Dick n 1 • [Cf Engl dial Old (or Lord) Harry the devil]

      harve v • [Cf EDD harve v. “To harrow”..]

      hassle v • [..cf EDD hassle “To hack at; to cut with a blunt knife and with a sawing motion.”]

      hassock n • [..EDD hassock sb. “Also hassick..hussick..hussock”]

      hat n B1 • [Cf EDD hat-sheaf or shav (at hat sb.1) “The covering sheaf of a corn-stook”]

      havance n2 • [..EDD havance “Obs…Manners, behaviour.”]

      hawbuck n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      hawps n • [EDD hawps “A tall, awkward person”]

      he pron 1 • [..cf EDD he II. 2]

      he pron 3 • [Cf EDD he II. 4]

      he pron 4 • [Cf EDD he II. 3]

      he pron 5 • [Cf EDD he II. 4]

      he pron 6 • [Cf EDD he II. 6]

      head adj • [Cf EDD head II.18 “Chief..best, most excelling”..]

      hear v A1b • [Cf EDD year, yer(r) (at hear v. I.1.(8),(9),(10)) and DJE yerry]

      hear v A2b • [Cf EDD heern (at hear v. I.3.(11))]

      hear v A2d • [Cf EDD yeard, yerd, yih’n and varr (at hear v. I. 2, 3)]

      hear v B1 • [..Engl dial]

      heart n1 B4 • [Engl dial; cf EDD heart 8]

      heather v • [..cf EDD hither 2 “To the left.”]

      heave v A1 • [Scots, Engl dial hive; cf SND, EDD (at heave)]

      height n • [Forms with [-ɵ]..superseded in std use by Scots, nEngl dial forms with [-t]..]

      height n B • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      hell n 1 • [..cf..EDD hell sb. 4 “Obsol. A dark place in the woods”]

      hell-for-leather adv • [Engl dial; cf EDD (at hell sb. 1.(9))]

      hellhole n • [Cf EDD hellhole “a dark nook supposed to be haunted” (at hell sb. 1. (10) (b))]

      hellion n • [Prob var of Scots and Engl dial hallion, hallian, hallyon “idler, rascal” infl by hell; cf EDD, SND]

      help v A1a • [Engl dial..cf EDD help I.1.(4),(5)..]

      help v A2a • [Engl dial..cf EDD help I.2.(4),(6)]

      help v A2b • [..cf EDD help I.2.(5)..]

      help v A2c • [[..cf EDD help I.2.(9)..]

      help v A3a • [Engl dial; cf EDD help I.3.(5),(8)]

      help v A3b • [..cf EDD help I.3.(6),(9)]

      help v A3c • [Engl dial; cf EDD help I.3.(7)]

      help v B1 • [Cf EDD help II.1.(4)]

      helpsome adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD helpsome “Ready and willing to help”..]

      hen n1 B6 • [Engl dial; cf EDD (at hen sb.1 3.(4)..]

      henflesh n • [Engl dial; cf EDD (at hen sb.1 1.(19))]

      hen-headed adj • [Cf EDD hen-headed (at hen sb.1 1.(23))]

      hen-hussy n • [Cf EDD hen-hussey (at hen sb.1 1.(28))]

      hen pen n • [Engl dial; cf EDD hen-pen (at hen sb.1 1.(37))]

      hen scratching n • [Cf EDD hen’s-toes “bad writing” (at hen sb.1 l.(51))]

      herb n, v A • [Cf EDD herb sb. and v. 1]

      herb v C • [Engl dial; cf EDD herb sb. and v. 7 “To gather herbs…”]

      here adj, pron C • [..cf..EDD these II.2.,4, this II.7.(4)]

      here adv, adj, exclam, pron A3 (pronc) • [Cf EDD yere (at here adv.)]

      hereaway adv • [Engl, Scots dial]

      here comes a duke n • [Cf EDD duke sb.1]

      hern pron • [Engl dial..]

      hey v • [Cf EDD hey “to cry ‘hey’ ” (at heigh int. and v. 4)]

      hicket n • [..EDD hicket v. “To hiccup”]

      hickledy-pickledy adv • [..see EDD]

      hickwall n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      hide n2 2 • [EDD hide sb.1 4 “Obs.”..]

      hide-and-coop n • [Cf EDD hide v.2 II.1.(8)]

      hide and hair adv phr • [..EDD hide and hair “the whole” (at hide sb.1 2)]

      hide-and-whoop n • [Cf EDD hide v.2 II.1.(9)]

      hidey-hole n • [..EDD hidy-hole (at hidy adj.)]

      hie v • [Cf EDD hie int and v.1]

      higgle v • [..EDD higgle v.1 “In dial. use in Sc. Irel. and Eng.”]

      high geranium n • [Folk-etym var of hydrangea; cf EDD]

      high-low-jack n • [..cf EDD]

      hightantrabogus n • [..cf EDD tantarabobus “A name for the devil; a bogie”]

      hight-l’arnt adj • [Cf EDD high-learned “scholarly, well-educated” (at high adj. 1.(26))..]

      hike v 1a • [EDD hike v. 12 “To move suddenly or hastily; to go away”]

      hike v 5 • [EDD hike v. 3 “To throw; to throw up”]

hike v 8 • [EDD hike v. 7 “To snatch away; to run off with anything, not necessarily with a felonious intention”]

      hill n 3 • [EDD hill sb.1 5]

      hillins n pl • [EDD hilling sb. (1) “bed-covering, a coverlet, bed-clothes” (at hill sb.2 1)]

      him adj • [Cf EDD hims poss. pron.]

      him pron • [Cf EDD im, em, um “Dial. forms” (at him pron. I)]

      him pron B4 • [Cf EDD him II.4]

      him pron B5 • [Cf EDD him pron. II.3]

      hinder n • [EDD hinder sb.2 4]

      hindside-before adv • [..EDD hin’side (at hind adj. 2.(10))] (MAP and Map Section)

      hinge n • [Cf EDD hinge sb. 3 “pl. Fig. Joints”]

      hip v2 • [Perh from Scots, nEngl dial hip to hop, skip]

      hipped adj1 • [..EDD hipped ppl. adj.1 “Injured in the hip”]

      hipped adj2 • [..EDD hipped ppl. adj.2 1]

      hipple adj • [Cf Scots, Ir, nEngl dial hipple to limp]

      hippo n2 • [EDD]

      his adj A • [Cf EDD hees, he’s (at his pos. pron. I.(6),(7))..]

      his adj B2 • [Cf EDD his poss. pron. II. 3 “her”]

      hisn pron • [c,sEngl dial..]

      hiss v 1 • [SND, EDD (at hish)]

      hisself pron • [Engl dial;..EDD]

      hit v 1 • [Engl dial;..EDD hit v. and sb.1 II.7,13]

      hitch v 1 • [Cf EDD hitch v.1 1 “To move about..by a series of jerks; to make room”]

      hitch v 2 • [Cf EDD hitch v.2 8 “With off or out: To unharness”]

      hitch v 3 • [Cf EDD hitch v.2 11 “To agree”]

      hither horse n • [..EDD hither adv. 2 “To the left”]

      hit it v phr 1 • [..EDD hit “with it..to agree”]

      ho v c • [EDD ho-back (at ho int. 1 (1))]

      hobble n1 • [Engl dial..]

      hobble n2, v • [Engl dial hobbil n, v; cf EDD]

      hobble n3 • [..Engl dial hobble pigsty; see EDD hobble sb.3]

      hobbled ppl adj1 • [Cf EDD hobble v.1 4..]

      hobblefoot n • [..cf EDD sb. hobbing-foot (at hob v.1 20)..]

      hobbling vbl n 1 • [Cf EDD hob v.3..]

      hobnobble v • [..nEngl dial, cf EDD]

      hoffler n • [Cf EDD huffler sb. 2]

      hoggy exclam • [Cf EDD hog sb.1 4..]

      hoggy adj 2 • [Perh from Engl dial hog an animal of less than a year]

      hogo n1 • [Engl, IrEngl dial < Fr haut gôut..]

      hogo n2 • [EDD ho-go sb.]

      hog pig n • [EDD (at hog sb.1 (13))]

      hog pudding n 2 • [Cf EDD hog’s pudding (at hog sb.1 (15))]

      hoick v • [Cf EDD hoick v…]

      hoist n D2 • [..cf EDD heights, heist]

      hoist n D4 • [EDD hoist sb. 3]

      hoist v C1a • [Cf EDD hist int., v. 2. a]

      hold n A1 • [Engl dial..]

      hold n B1 • [..EDD hold sb. 12..]

      hold v B1c • [Cf EDD hold v. 17..]

      holey n 1 • [Cf EDD holie]

      holiday n • [..EDD holiday sb.4..]

      holler v, n1 • [Cf EDD hollo v. “Also..hollow..holler”..]

      holler v B1 • [Cf EDD hollo v. 1..]

      hollow n1, adj • [EDD hollow sb., adj..]

      holy dance n • [Cf EDD holy dance..]

      home adv E • [..also EDD go home (at home sb.1 2. (7) (b)..]

      home n, exclam, v, adv • [EDD home..]

      homebringen n • [..cf EDD homebringing (at home sb.1 1)]

      homely adj • [Cf EDD homely adj..]

      homely adj B2 • [Cf EDD homely adj. 1..]

      hone v • [EDD hone v.2 2..]

      honeyfuggle v • [Perh var of Engl dial connyfogle v…cf also EDD gallyfuggle v…]

      honey pot n 2 • [EDD honey pots (at honey sb. 1 (22) (c)..]

      hooch v • [Cf EDD hootch v…]

      hook n 3 • [Cf EDD to be off the hooks (at hook sb.1 2. (5))..]

      hook v 3 • [Cf..also EDD hookv.2 l..]

      hooker n1 3 • [EDD hooker sb.1 3]

      hookey exclam • [..perh var of Scots, Engl dial kye cows]

      hookie n • [Cf EDD hookie (at hokey int., sb.)..]

      hooley n • [Cf..also EDD hoolybus sb..]

      hoosh exclam • [EDD hoosh int. 1..]

      hoot n1 1 • [Cf EDD hooter sb.2..]

      Hope n • [Cf..EDD hope sb.2 1]

      hopper-tailed adj • [Cf EDD hopper-arsed (at hopper sb.1 3. (1) (b))..]

      hop the twig v phr • [..EDD to hop the twig (at hop v.2 2. (1))..]

      horn n 4 • [..cf EDD horn sb. 10]

      horn n 8a • [..cf EDD in a horn (at horn sb. 2. (6))..]

      horny man n • [Cf EDD Hoorniman (at hornie sb. 1)]

      horse n, v • [Cf EDD horse..]

      horse n B10 • [Cf EDD horse sb. 14..]

      horse beast n • [..cf EDD horse-beast (at horse sb. 1 (9))]

      horse cobbler n • [EDD cobbler sb.1 3..]

      horse hole n • [Cf EDD horse wash (at horse sb. 1. (121))..]

      horse tree n 2 • [EDD (at horse sb. 8)..]

      hosebird n • [EDD hosebird sb. 2..]

      hosen n pl • [Engl dial..]

      hot beans n • [EDD hot beans and butter (at hot adj. 2 (4))]

      house n, v • [Cf EDD house..]

      house n B1a • [EDD house sb.1 6..]

      house n B1b • [Cf EDD house sb.1 7..]

      housell adj • [..cf EDD housel adj. 3]

      housen n1 1 • [Engl dial; house + -en suff2]

      hove v2 • [EDD..]

      hovel n 1a • [..EDD hovel sb.1 1]

      hover n • [EDD hover sb. 13..]

      how exclam • [Cf EDD how int. 3]

      howbeever adv • [..cf EDD how it be..(at how adv. II. 1. (13))..also EDD howmiver (at howsomever)]

      how-come-you-so adj 1 • [Cf EDD how came you so (at how adv. II. 1. (6))..]

      howsoever adv • [Cf EDD howsoever adv..]

      howsomever adv 1 • [EDD howsomever adv..]

      hub n 1 • [Engl dial hob, hub..EDD hob, hobber (at hob sb.2 3)]

      hubble n • [Var of EDD hobble sb.1 8]

      hubbly adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD hobbly (at hobble sb.1 8)]

      hubby adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD hobby and hubbed (at hob v.1 9)]

      hucklemybutt n • [Cf EDD huckle-my-buff..]

      hud n • [Engl dial; cf EDD hud sb. 1]

      hudder n • [Cf EDD hooder sb. 1..] (MAP)

      hudge v • [Var of EDD hodge v. 2..]

      huffjuff n • [..cf EDD huff v.1 2..]

      hug n 3 • [Cf EDD hug v. 4..]

      hug-me-tight n 3 • [Cf EDD hug-me-close (at hug v. 1)..]

      hull-gull n • [Cf EDD hull v.2 1..]

      human n B1 • [Cf EDD]

      humbug n 1 • [..EDD sb. humbug..]

      humgumptious adj • [Cf EDD humgumption sb..]

      humor n B1 • [EDD humour sb. 1..]

      humor n B2 • [EDD humour sb. 2..]

      hump v 2 • [Cf EDD hump v. 7..]

      hunch v 1a • [EDD hunch v. 2..]

      hunch v 1c • [EDD hunch v. 2..]

      hundred n, adj A3 (pronc) • [..EDD hunder.]

      hundred n B2a • [EDD hundred sb. II. 6]

      hungry adj, n • [Cf EDD hungry..]

      hunker n1 • [EDD hunkers sb. pl.]

      hunty gray n • [Cf EDD hunty sb..]

      hup v • [EDD hup(p) int. and v. 2..]

      hupple v • [Cf EDD hipple v.1..]

      hurrah n B1 • [Cf EDD hoo-roo sb. 1..]

      hurrah n B2 • [Cf EDD hoo-roo sb. 2..]

      hurry v 2 • [Cf EDD harry v.2]

      hurryment n • [..cf EDD hurrysome adj. 1..]

      hurt v • [Cf EDD hurt v. I..]

      hurt v B • [Cf EDD hurt v. 2..]

      hussy n1 B2 • [Cf EDD huss(e)y..]

      hutch n1 • [..EDD hutch sb. 2..]

      hyped up adj phr • [..cf EDD hike v. 4..]

      hy spy n • [..EDD hy-spy..]

      ice candle n • [EDD (at ice sb. 1 (2)) 1736 ➝]

      idiot stick n 1b • [Cf EDD idjit sb., nidget sb.2]

      iky adj • [..cf EDD ikey adj. “Proud”]

      illegal adj • [EDD illegal sb. and adj. “A bastard…Illegitimate”]

      impudent adj • [Cf EDD imperent “A corruption of the word ‘impudent’ ” and EDD impident]

      in prep B3b • [..EDD in prep. 8, quots 1835, 1877]

      in about adv phr • [Cf..EDD in-almost (at in adv. II.2.(2)) “almost”]

      in and out adj phr, adv phr • [Cf EDD in and out (at in adv. II.3.(7)(6)) “now and again, intermittently”..]

      inching vbl n a • [Cf EDD inchin’ (at inch v. 4)..]

      increase of the moon n • [..EDD has 1887 ex at keep v. 3(5)]

      infare n • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial; cf EDD, SND]

      inkle n 1 • [EDD inkle sb.2 3 “A notion, hint, suspicion, ‘inkling.’ ”]

      inkling n • [Engl, Scots dial; cf EDD inklin(g sb. 1]

      inside adv 4 • [EDD inside adv. “in an inner room, in the next room”]

      intend v • [..cf also EDD intend v. 1]

      into prep B1 • [Scots and Engl dial; cf SND intae prep. 1; cf EDD into prep. 3]

      into prep B2 • [Cf EDD into prep. 4]

      in-ty adv • [..cf EDD in-ty(e) “not I,” used after a negative assertion]

      in under prep phr • [Engl dial; prob var of earlier anunder]

      invite n • [..EDD]

      inwards n pl • [..The loss of w..appears to be widespread in Engl dial (EDD inwards sb. 4).]

      Irish n1 B1 • [..Cf EDD Irish sb.2]

      Irish daisy n • [EDD 1876]

      iron bar n • [EDD (at iron sb. 1.(3)) 1886]

      it pron A1 (pronc) • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      it pron D • [EDD]

      jabble v • [Prob Scots, Ir, nEngl dial jabble to agitate..a liquid; cf EDD jabble sb.1 6..]

      jack n2 2a • [..or from Scots and Engl dial chack, var of check pattern of differently colored squares]

      jack bite n • [Prob folk-etym for Scots, Ir, nEngl dial chack a snack + bite]

      jack mosquito n • [Cf Nfld, Engl dial jacky longlegs crane fly]

      jackrock n 3 • [Cf EDD jack sb. 30 “a portion of stone in the roof of a mine”..]

      jackstone n • [Folk-etym for Engl chackestone (OED) at checkstone sb.1)]

      jack up v phr 3 • [Cf EDD jack v.1 4 to beat]

      jag v1 • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      jaggle v • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      jallus n2 • [Cf EDD gallus (at gallows sb. 4) “The devil, deuce, used as an exclamation or mild oath”..]

      jamb n • [Cf..EDD jamb sb. 4 “A corner made by a projection”]

      jamble n • [..but cf EDD jabble sb.1 6 “fig. turmoil, confusion”]

      jamb-rock n • [Cf EDD jamb-stone (at jamb sb. 2.(3))..]

      Jan van Gent n • [Cf EDD gant sb.3 “The gannet or solon-goose, Sula bassana.”]

      jaybird n • [Prob from Engl dial jay-bird..(cf OED, EDD jay sb.)]

      jaybird n 5 • [Cf EDD jay-legged “Small or feeble in the legs”]

      jerk n1 B3 • [Cf EDD in two claps of a lamb’s tail (at lamb sb. 3. (1))]

      jerp n • [Cf EDD jirt “A dram or small quantity of drink”]

      jewlark v • [Cf gill, jill a girl, sweetheart, and EDD lark v. “To flirt”]

      jib n1 1a • [EDD jib sb.2 1]

      jibble v • [Cf EDD gibbles sb. pl…and jibbly..]

      jib-job lot n • [..cf EDD jibs “Small, waste pieces of cloth”]

      jib-rag n • [Cf EDD jibs “Small, waste pieces of cloth”]

      jiffin(g) n • [..EDD “Obs.”]

      jiggamy n • [EDD jiggamy..]

      jigger n1 2 • [Cf EDD jigger sb.4..]

      jigger n1 4 • [EDD jigger sb.1 1..]

      jigger v2 • [Cf EDD jiggered exhausted, tired]

      jimmy adj • [Engl dial]

      jimpsecute n • [..cf EDD jimpsey (at jimp adj.) “neat, smart” + cute..]

      jing n • [Scots, Engl dial]

      jism n • [..cf EDD chissom sb. and v…]

      job n1, v1 • [EDD job sb.1 4, v.1 9]

      jobber n • [..cf Engl dial jobber small spade (EDD job v.2 2)]

      jobbernowl n • [EDD jobbernowl sb. 2..]

      jock n 1 • [EDD jock sb.1 4]

      join v B2 • [EDD join v. II.2]

      jollop n • [Cf EDD jollop sb. “A semi-fluid mess of anything..”]

      joogle v • [Scots, Engl dial; EDD (at juggle v.2)..]

      josh v • [Cf EDD joss v. 1..and 4..]

      joskin n • [Engl dial]

      jouk v1 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      jounce v • [Cf EDD jounce v. 2..]

      journey-proud adj 1 • [EDD (at journey sb. 6)]

      jow v • [Cf EDD jow v.3 “To talk loud”]

      jukey adj • [Cf..EDD jouk v.3 “To bow, bend, make obeisance.”]

      jump jacket n • [..but cf Engl dial jump a man’s loose jacket]

      jump up v phr 1 • [Cf EDD jumped-up do (at jumped-up ppl. adj. 3)..]

      jundy v • [Cf EDD jundy v. “Sc. Irel.” 1…2…]

      junky adj • [Cf EDD junky (at junk sb.1 1) “thick”..]

      just adv • cf EDD just adv.

      kaput adj • [..cf EDD Suppl. go capooch (at capooch)..]

      keech cake n • [Cf EDD keech sb.1..]

      keep v B2 • [..cf SND, EDD]

      keeping room n • [Cf EDD keeping-room (at keeping ppl. adj. 2.(4))..]

      kettle tea n • [Cf EDD kettle-broth (at kettle sb.1 1.(4))]

      kewster n • [Cf obs Engl coistrel, custrel a knight’s page..]

      kibby n2 • [Cf EDD kib sb.1..]

      kicky adj • [Cf EDD kickish (at kick v.1 6) “irritable”]

      kilgubbin n • [Cf EDD gobbin sb.1.. and gubbin(g)s..]

      killick n • [..killick is also reported from Dorset, England…]

      kindly adv • [Cf EDD kindly adv. 9..]

king’s ex exclam, n • [Cf EDD king’s,..(at king sb. 10, 1…kings and crosses are common truce terms in ceEngl..]
(MAP and Map Section)

      kipe v • [..cf EDD kip v. 4..] (MAP)

      kipper adj • [EDD kipper adj. 1..] (MAP)

      kiss-me-quick n 1 • [Cf EDD..]

      kitchen n2 • [Perh < Scots, Engl, Ir dial kinch..]

      kitchen n2 1 • [Cf EDD kinch sb.1 1..]

      knabbler n • [EDD nabbler (at nabble v.2)..]

      knead v • [..Engl dial; cf EDD kned, ned (at knead v. I.2(3), 3(4), (8))]

      knee baby n • [Cf..EDD knee-bairn]

      knit v 1 • [EDD (at knit v. I.2)]

      knit v 2 • [EDD (at knit v. I.3)]

      know v B4b • [Cf EDD kneawn, knew (at know v. 3.(6), (7))]

      knuck n1 2a • [Cf EDD knuck sb.1 2..and nags (at nag sb.5 3(2))..] (MAP)

      knuck n1 2b • [Cf..EDD nag sb.5 10..]

      knuckle n 3 • [Cf EDD knuckle sb. 4..]

      knuckle v b • [EDD (at knuckle v. 8)]

      knuckler n • [EDD knuckler (at knuckle sb. 7)]

      knurl n • [Cf EDD knurly (at knurl sb. 2(2))..]

      lab one’s mouth v phr • [Cf EDD lab v.3..]

      lace v 2 • [Cf EDD lace v.2 “To go along at great speed”]

      lad n • [Cf EDD lad-bairn, lad-lass (at lad sb.1 1)]

      ladder n • [..EDD lather (at ladder sb. I.(6))]

      laden n 1 • [..cf EDD lade v.1 2.(7),(9)]

      ladies’ grass n • [EDD 1837 ➝]

      lady’s-nightcap n • [EDD 1825 ➝]

      lag v1 • [Appar Brit dial; cf..EDD lag sb.3, laggy adj. 2, sb. 4]

      lag n1 1b • [Cf EDD lag sb.3 “A game of marbles”]

      lag v1 1b • [Cf EDD lig up (at lag sb.3)]

      laggy adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD laggy 1..]

      lam v 2 • [Cf EDD lam v. 4 “To run quickly”]

      lamb’s leg n • [Engl dial; cf EDD [lamb]’s-leg, lambs’-legs (at lamb 1.(13)) nasal excrement]

      lamb’s tongue n 2 • [EDD 1886]

      lamb’s tongue n 4 • [EDD 1879 ➝]

      lame n • [Cf EDD lame sb.1 5 “A hurt, injury”..]

      lamming adj • [Cf EDD lamming (2) (at lam 1) “huge, great, violent”..]

      lamper eel n 1 • [Engl dial]

      lamplighter n2 • [Cf EDD (at lamp sb.1 1.(2))..]

      lander n1 • [EDD lander sb. “A heavy blow”]

      land-horse n • [Engl, Scots dial; cf EDD (at land sb.1 1.(24))..]

      lap n • [..cf EDD lap sb.3 2 “The lopped-off branches of trees”]

      lap v2 • [..cf EDD lap v.4 “To lop off branches of trees”]

      lap v3 • [EDD lap v.3 1 “To flog, beat.”..]

      lap-love n • [EDD 1796]

      lapsided adj • [..cf also EDD lapsided, SND lab-sided (at lab- adj.)]

      lark n2 • [EDD lark sb.2 3 “A wild fellow, a ‘rattlepate.’ ”]

      larricky adj • [Cf EDD larruping ppl. adj. (2) (at larrup v. 2) “ungainly, thin, tall”]

      larrup v 2 • [Cf EDD larrup v. 2 “To walk in a heavy, shambling manner”]

      larrup v 3 • [Cf EDD lerrup(s “A lazy, slovenly fellow; a slut…Hence lirripy, adj. slouching”]

      larruping adj 1 • [..cf EDD larruping (2) (at larrup v. 1)] (MAP)

      lashings n pl • [Engl dial; cf EDD lashin(g)s and lavins (at lashing 1)]

      lasty adj • [nEngl, Scots dial; cf EDD lasty..]

      lattermath n • [..EDD (at latter adj. (8))]

laugh n, v A (pronc) • Proncs of both the types [læf] and [lɑf] have been current in std Brit Engl since at least the
18th cent.

      laugh v C1 • [Cf..EDD laugh v. II.1.(5)]

      laugh v C2 • [Cf EDD laugh all over the face (at laugh v. II.1.(3))]

      launch v1 • [Cf EDD lanch, lonch, etc. (at launch v. and sb.)..]

      lavins n pl • [..cf EDD leavin(g sb., lashin(g sb. 1]

      Lawrence n • [Cf EDD lawrence sb. 2 “idleness personified; laziness, indolence”]

      lay in v phr 1 • [Scots, Engl dial]

      lay one’s tongue to v phr • [Scots, Engl dial]

layover(s) to catch meddlers n • [..EDD lay-overs (varr include lare-overs, layers, layo(r)s, leeoze)..] (MAP)

      lay up v phr 7 • [Cf EDD lay up ..and lig up (at lag sb.3)]

      lazybed n • [..EDD lazy-bed (at lazy adj. 1.(4))]

      lazy jack n • [Cf EDD lazy-back (at lazy 1.(I)(c)) a hangnail]

      leader n 2 • [Cf EDD leader sb. 4 “An artery”]

      leak n • [Cf EDD leak sb. 3]

      leak v • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      leary adj • [Cf EDD leary “half-witted” (at lear adj.1 1.(3))]

      leather-winged bat n • [Cf EDD leather(-winged) bat (at leather sb. 1.(2), 1.(22))..] (MAP)

      lend the loan of v phr • [EDD lend the loan of (at loan sb.1 1.(2))]

      lennegy adj • [Prob var of EDD lennucky (at lennock adj.) “1. Limp…2. Pliant…3…long, slender.”]

      lerrupy n • [Prob EDD lerrup sb. 3 “pl. Scraps of meat, liver, &c., sold by butchers. Cor[nwall]”]

      lessen conj1 • [Cf EDD (at less conj.1 2)..]

      lessen prep • [EDD less conj.1 and prep. 3]

      let v B2 • [Cf EDD let v.1 II.2]

      letter n 1 • [Scots, Engl dial]

      library n B1 • [Engl dial]

      lick-pot n • [..EDD (at lick v. 1.[8])]

      lift n1 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      lift v 3 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      like v1 C1 • [EDD like v.2 4 “To take a liking to a place or situation”]

      like vbl aux E2b • [Cf EDD (at like adj. 4.(7)(a), v.1 18)..]

      liken vbl aux • [EDD liken v. 2]

      limb of Satan n • [..cf EDD limb sb. 2, 8]

      lion’s-mouth n 2 • [EDD 1878–86]

      lippin v • [Scots, nEngl dial lippen]

      listener n • [Cf EDD listener an ear]

      little Jack n • [Cf EDD little Dick]

little Sally Walker n • [..EDD (at Sally sb.1 2.(6)) shows Sally Walker to be the dominant form in Scotl as well as
nEngl.] (MAP)

little Sally Water(s) n • [EDD Sally Water(s, Warty, or Walker, children’s singing games” (at sally sb.1 2.(6))]

      liver-pin n • [Cf EDD liver-pin “a pin jocularly supposed to secure the liver”]

      loaden v • [..see also EDD, SND]

      loady adj • [Cf EDD loady “top-heavy, loaded,”..]

      loaf bread n • [Scots, Engl dial] (MAP)

      loam n • [..see also EDD loomy (at loamy adj.1)]

      lob n • [EDD lob sb.1 1 “A lump; a large amount; a wide extent or surface.”]

      lobber v • [nEngl, Scots dial lopper, lapper..] (MAP and Map Section)

      loblolly n 3 • [Cf EDD loblolly sb. 2 “A stout, well-developed child.”]

      lobscouse n 1 • [..EDD]

      lobster n A • [..cf SND, EDD lapster..]

      lock-eye n • [Cf EDD lock v.1 5 “To shut…Lock up your eyes”]

      lodge v • [..EDD]

      loft adj • [Var of loath; cf EDD]

      loggerhead n 1 • [..EDD]

      logy adj 1 • [Cf EDD louggy, loogy..and loggy adj. 2..(Hampshire and Isle of Wight)] (MAP)

      lolly n • [Cf EDD lolly sb.3Obs…Broth, soup, or other food boiled in a pot.”]

      lompus adj • [Cf EDD lompus (at lumpus) heavily, headlong, in a lump; a heavy fall]

      lone n • [Scots, Engl dial;..EDD lone sb.2 5; SND lane adj. 2]

      lone woman n • [EDD lone woman (at lone adj. 3.(2))..]

      loney v • [Cf EDD loney “A cry made to a child to encourage it in its first attempts to walk alone”..]

      long adj B3a • [..see also EDD (at long adj. 5)..]

      long v B1 • [..EDD long v.2]

      long east and a short west n • [Cf EDD longer east, shorter west (at long adj. 3.(8))..]

      long finger n 1 • [..EDD (at long adj. 1.(50))]

      long-fingered adj • [EDD (at long adj. 1.(51)) 1842..] (MAP)

      longful adj • [..see also EDD]

      longheaded adj 1 • [..cf also EDD (at long adj. 1.(64))..]

      long home n • [..EDD (at long adj. 1.(66))]

      longman n • [..EDD (at long adj. 1.(105))]

      longnose n 1 • [Cf EDD longneb..(at long adj. 1.(110),(111))]

      long oat n • [See EDD to give a horse long corn (or oats)..(at long adj. 1.(113))]

      long pasture n • [EDD (at long adj. 1.(117))..]

      longsome adj • [..perh infl by arch or Brit dial longsome long, tedious]

      long taw n • [EDD long tawl (at long adj. 1.(157))]

      long tongue n 1 • [..cf also EDD (at long adj. 1.(164)(a),(165))]

      long tongue n 2 • [EDD (at long adj. 1.(164)(b))]

      lookers n pl 1 • [Cf EDD looker sb. 1 “An eye.”]

      lop v2 • [Cf EDD lap v.3 1 “To flog, beat”]

      lope v1 • [Scots, Engl dial var of Scots loup, lowp to leap]

      loplolly adj • [Cf EDD lop-lolly (at loblolly sb. 1)..]

      loppus n • [Cf EDD loppus a lazy fellow (at lop v2 1.(3))]

      lose v A1 • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial loss, swEngl dial lost]

      losset n • [Obs Ir, nEngl dial < Ir losad kneading-trough]

      louk n • [..cf also EDD lout v.2 1 “To stoop”]

      lounce out v phr • [..cf EDD lowance v…]

      louse around v phr • [Cf Scots, nEngl dial lowse to stop working]

      love-lies-bleeding n 2 • [EDD 1882]

      love-me n 1 • [EDD 1876]

      love-pain n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      lozenger n • [Scots, Engl dial varr of lozenge]

      luggish adj • [Cf EDD luggish “Dull, heavy, stupid”]

      lummox n • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      lumping adj • [EDD lumping ppl. adj. 1 “Large and clumsy; heavy”]

      lumpus adv • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      lumpus n • [Cf EDD lumpus “A heavily-built, rough, clumsy person”]

      lurgy n • [EDD lurgy, also lurgy-fever..”Idleness, laziness”]

      lurky n • [EDD lerky “A noisy game, played with any old tin”]

      lusty adj 1 • [Scots, Engl dial]

      mackly adj • [..cf EDD mackled “spotted”]

      make v1 A • [The proncs [mɑk, mɛk] are common in nEngl, Scots dial.]

      make v1 D12 • [..cf SND spune, EDD spoon]

      make of v phr • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      make out v phr 3 • [..but cf also EDD make v.1 II.(15)(a)]

      malahack v • [EDD malahack]

      mammock n • [..EDD]

      mammock v • [..EDD]

      man n C2 • [..common in Scots and Engl dial..]

      mang n • [..cf EDD mang.. mung sb. 3..]

      manner n 3a • [EDD to leave some manners in the dish, manners-bit (at manner sb.1 1.(6), 2)] (MAP)

      marching around the levee n • [..The commonest Brit version begins “Round and round the village,”..]

      mardling n • [EDD (at mardle sb.2)]

      marlberry n • [Perh marl Brit var of marble..]

      marsh bird n • [EDD 1830 ➝]

      marvel n1 • [Engl, Scots dial]

      mast n1 • [..both mask and mass are attested in Engl dial]

      master adj • [EDD master adj. 16]

      master adv • [EDD master adv. 17]

      may v B • [..EDD can v. II.1]

      mayflower n1 6 • [EDD 1877 ➝]

      May water n • [EDD May-dew, May-water (at May sb.1 1.(12), (36))..]

      meal of victuals n • [EDD meal’s victuals (at meal sb.1 1.(4))]

      measuring worm n • [..EDD measuring bug “A caterpillar”] (MAP)

      meat n 3 • [Cf EDD meat sb. 4..]

      meddle v 1 • [Scots, nEngl dial; cf EDD meddle v. 3, SND middle v. 1]

      meg n 1 • [Cf EDD meg, meggy (at mag sb.2)..]

      mellow v • [Prob EDD mell v.1 “To hammer..to beat severely”..]

      mend v 2 • [Cf EDD mend v. 8 “To grow stout.”]

      mess n 5 • [Cf EDD mess sb.2 4 “Ordure..”]

      Methodist ax n • [Cf EDD methody-hammer..]

      might n • [EDD might sb. 1]

      milkmaids n • [In England applied to Cardamine pratensis as well as other plants; See OED, EDD]

      milkmaid’s path n • [EDD (at milk sb. 1.(25)) “the milky way”]

      mill n1 3 • [Cf EDD mill sb.1 5..]

      ming-mang n • [Cf EDD ming-mang “disorder,” ming “mixture”]

      minnow n A3 • [..EDD minnie sb.2]

      minnow n A5 • [..EDD mennem, mennon..]

      minnow-fole n • [Cf EDD fole (at foal sb.2)..]

      misery n • [Engl dial]

      mixy-maxy adj • [Scots, Engl dial; cf EDD, OED (at mixty-maxty)]

      moky adj • [EDD moke sb.3 1..]

      molly-hugging vbl n • [Prob by analogy with mollycoddle and similar constr in EDD..]

      money n 1 • [EDD money sb. 5..]

      money grass n • [EDD 1881]

      money plant n 1 • [EDD 1848 ➝]

      morphodite n • [..EDD morfreydite]

      mostly adv • [Scots, Engl dial]

      mother bunch n • [..cf EDD bunch sb.1 7..]

      mother’s heart n • [EDD 1853 ➝..]

      motte n • [..cf EDD moat sb.] (MAP)

      mould n • [..EDD mole sb.2]

      mourn v 1 • [Cf EDD mourn v. 1..]

      much adj 2 • [EDD much adj. 2]

      much v • [Engl dial]

      much-what adv • [EDD much adv. 4.(7)]

      muck n1 3 • [Cf EDD muck sb. 6]

      muck n1 4 • [EDD muck sb. 7]

      muckle v 2 • [EDD muckle v.1 3]

      muckle v 3 • [Cf EDD muck v. 17 (with about)..]

      muckle-dun adj • [Cf EDD muckle sb. 1..]

      mud-fat adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD mud-fat (at mud sb.1 3)..]

      mudge n • [Perh Scots, Engl dial mudge a movement, stir]

      muffle-jawed adj 2 • [EDD muffle sb. 2..]

      muggled up adj phr • [Cf EDD muggle v.1 1..]

      muley adj, n2 • [EDD moiley..]

      muley n2 C3a • [Cf EDD moiley sb. 2..]

      mull adj, n1 • [..EDD moil sb.1 “A cow without horns”..]

      mulligrub n 1 • [Transf from mulligrubs, appar infl by PaGer mollekopp, mullikopp tadpole and std Engl grub]

      mummer n1 • [Engl dial]

      mung you (all) pron • [..cf Suffolk dial you mong she (EDD at mongs)]

      murgens n • [Cf..EDD mirge sb…]

      mush n2 • [..cf nEngl dial muss [m^Us] the mouth]

      mussel duck n • [EDD 1862 ➝]

      must vbl aux 1 • [Cf EDD must v.3 “3. May…4. Shall.”]

      muster v • [Cf EDD muster sb.1 4 “A litter.”]

      mutton-tops n • [EDD 1848]

      mux n1 • [Perh transf from swEngl dial mux, mucks mud, mire..]

      mux v • [Engl dial..]

      muxy adj • [Transf from swEngl dial muxy, mucksy muddy, miry..]

      myself pron • [Cf EDD myself “Also in form meself Ir.”..]

      nag v • [..Cf also EDD gnag v. 1]

      nairn pron • [Engl dial narn, ne’ern, nern, contrs of ne’er (a) one (see EDD never a one)]

      nary adj • [Engl, Ir dial forms of never a (EDD at never a, never a one)..]

      near cut n • [nEngl, Scots dial; cf EDD]

      neb n 3 • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      neb v • [..cf EDD neb sb., and v. 16..]

      needcessity n • [Brit, esp Scots, folk-etym for necessity]

      neighbor v • [Brit dial]

      nervish adj • [Engl, Scots, Ir dial; cf EDD]

      nesh adj • [Engl, Scots dial; cf EDD nesh adj]

      nessy n • [..but cf EDD nessy a privy]

      new-milch adj • [Cf EDD new-melched cow (at new 4.(7))..] (MAP)

      newsy adj • [EDD newsy (at news sb. 2)..]

      nicker n1, v • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial] (MAP and Map Section)

      nicket n • [Cf EDD nippet “A small quantity”]

      niff n • [EDD niff sb.1 1..]

      niff-naff n • [Cf Scots, nEngl dial niff-naff a trifling or unimportant thing]

      nigger n2 • [..cf EDD nigger sb.1]

      nimshi n • [EDD nimshie “A flighty girl”]

      ninny n1 • [EDD ninny v.2 to whinny, sb.2 a whinny]

      noculate v • [..cf EDD, with one ex from sEngl]

      noggin n 3 • [Cf EDD nog sb.1 1 “A small log, or rough block of wood”]

      noggle n 1 • [Cf EDD noggle-head (at noggle v.) a blockhead]

      noodle v1 • [..cf Scots, nEngl dial guddle..]

      noration n • [..cf EDD oration..n-oration..]

      notion n 1 • [nEngl, Scots dial..]

      notionable adj • [Cf EDD notionable “Having a fancy or inclination to a thing”]

      nubbie n • [EDD nobby sb.2Dev. Cor…A small cake or bun”]

      null v2 • [Cf EDD nool v. 2 “To benumb, to allay or assuage pain.”]

numb adj • [EDD num(b adj. 1 “Clumsy; stupid; dull, heavy, insensible”; numb-head (at numb adj. 2.(5)); numby
sb. “A dolt.”]

      numpy n • [Cf EDD numps “A dolt, a fool”]

      oats, peas(e), beans, and barley grow(s) n • [EDD oats and beans and barley (at oat sb. 1.(20))]

      obfusticated adj • [..EDD 1888]

      oceans n pl • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      odd-come-short n • [Cf EDD odd-come-short-lies..odd-come-shorts..]

      of prep C4 • [..may be from Scots, nIr dial; cf..EDD of prep. 14] (MAP)

      offen prep • [Chiefly Scots, nEngl dial; see SND affin, EDD off prep. 2.(14)]

      off-fall n1 • [Cf EDD off-fall (at off adv. 1.(6)).., off-falling (at off adv. 1.(8)(b))..]

      old-man’s-beard n 4 • [EDD 1886 ➝]

      old woman is picking her geese, the phr • [..EDD (at old adj. 1.154.d)]

      on prep B2a • [Cf EDD on prep. II.2]

      on prep B2b • [Cf EDD on prep. II.2]

      on prep B2c • [Cf EDD on prep. II.3]

      on prep B3a • [Cf EDD on prep. II.10, SND wait v. I.B.1.(3)(i)] (MAP and Map Section)

      on prep B5 • [..EDD on prep. II.6 1806 ➝]

      on prep B6 • [Cf EDD on prep. II.7]

      once adv B • [..but cf EDD]

      ooch v1 • [EDD hootch v. “[ūtʃ.] To crouch, sit huddled up.”]

      oods n pl • [Cf EDD odds sb.5]

      oonch v • [Cf EDD hunch v.1 “[unʃ.]..To push..”]

      open adj B2 • [Cf EDD open adj. 4..]

      orphan n • [..EDD orf’lin..]

      ought v C1a • [Cf EDD ought v. II.1]

      ought v C1b • [Cf EDD ought v. II.1]

      ought v C2c • [Cf EDD ought v. II.1]

      out adv B8 • [Scots, Engl dial; cf SND out adv. II.4, EDD out adv. 13]

      out n F1 • [Engl dial]

      out n F2a • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      outen prep 1 • [Scots, nEngl dial..]

      overplush n • [..EDD 1838 ➝]

      pack v 2c • [Cf EDD..(at pack v. 11)..]

      packwack n • [..varr recorded in EDD..]

      pair of bars n • [pair; cf EDD]

      parcel n, v • [Spp of the type passel..appear widely in Engl dial..]

      parcel n, v • [..parshel, parshal are occas attested in Scots, nEngl dial.]

      parliament house n • [Cf EDD parliament 5..]

      parson’s nose n • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      patch n 1 • [..cf EDD patch sb. 1]

      pattern n • [Scots, Engl dial]

      pawn n • [EDD pawn sb.(2)..]

      peck n1 • [Engl dial var of pick..]

      peedoodle n • [Cf EDD peedoddle “To dawdle”]

      peel v2 • [Prob EDD pail v…]

      peeler n2 • [Perh from EDD pail v…]

      peewee n1 2 • [EDD pee-wee sb. 2]

      peggy n1 • [Brit dial: EDD..; SND..] (MAP)

      pelter v • [Engl dial;..cf EDD pelter v. 1]

      penny-dog n • [Scots, nEngl..]

      penny duck n • [EDD..]

      pennywinkle n • [..Engl dial varr of periwinkle n2]

      peony n1 1 (pronc) • [piony..and the syncopated pin(e)y are widespread in Brit dial..] (MAP)

      peony n1 3 (pronc) • [By syncope of the std pronc; cf EDD]

      pepperidge n • [Engl dial..the barberry or its fruit..]

      perjinkety adj • [Brit dial; cf..EDD perjinkety]

      pernickety adj • [..nEngl dial; cf EDD pernickety]

      peruse v • [Scots, Engl dial]

      pestle-tail n • [EDD pestle-tail ..]

      piano plant n • [..cf EDD piano, pyanno (at peony)]

      pickleweed n 1 • [..EDD pickle plant (at pickle sb.2 1)]

      piece n 8 • [Scots, Ir, Engl dial] (MAP)

      pig n1 B13   • [EDD pig sb.1..]

      pig n2 • [Scots, nEngl dial..]

      pigeon gull n • [EDD (at pigeon sb. (5))..]

      piggle v • [Engl dial]

      pike v3, n4 • [Prob EDD pike v.2 9..]

      pilau n1 • [..Engl borrowings..through var intermediaries..] (MAP)

      pin-basket n • [Engl dial]

      pincushion tree n • [EDD 1896]

      pindle v • [..cf EDD pindling..and pinder..]

      piney rose n • [..and varr (EDD at peony)..]

      pink v • [EDD pink v.4 4..]

      pink in v phr • [Engl dial; ult < Du pinken..]

      pipjenny n • [..Cf EDD pip sb.1 5..] (MAP)

      pismire n 3 • [Cf EDD pissimire..]

      piss-a-bed n 3 • [EDD 1897] (MAP)

      pitchpole v • [Engl dial;..EDD pitchpoll v. 1..]

      plane tree n 2 • [..for Acer pseudoplatanus in Scotl and nEngl]

      pluff adj • [swEngl dial pluff(y) soft, spongy]

      pluffer n • [nEngl..dial; cf EDD pluffer (at pluff v.)]

      plump v • [Engl dial]

      plunk v • [Engl dial]

      plunker n 1 • [Engl dial]

      pock-leg n • [Cf EDD pock v.2 2..]

      pod n 3 • [..EDD pod sb.1 2]

      pod n 4 • [Cf EDD pod sb.1 4 ..]

      poig exclam • [Cf EDD poo-ik int…] (MAP)

      poison adj C3 • [EDD]

      poke n1 2 • [EDD poke sb.1 8 “The belly..”..]

      poke n1 3 • [Cf EDD (at poke sb.1 1)..]

      poke n2 2 • [EDD poke sb.5 18]

      poke-hole n • [Cf EDD.. “A small or wretched building.”]

      poked out ppl adj phr • [Cf EDD poke v.2 9..]

      pole v 3 • [..prob of Engl dial origin; cf EDD pole v. 7]

      politicianer n • [EDD]

      polluted adj 1 • [Cf EDD..”Sc. Irel…pass. To be overrun, beset with.”]

      pomace n 2 • [..Engl dial evidence..for the sg use…Cf EDD pomace]

      pomper v • [..EDD pomper v. “To feed up. A dial. form of ‘pamper.’ ”]

      pooch v • [Engl dial var of pouch v; cf EDD..]

      pooching vbl n1 • [Var of poaching; cf EDD..]

      poor do n 1 • [Cf EDD poor do (at do sb. 2)..]

      poppy show n • [Scots, Engl dial; varr of poppet show..]

      porridge n A • [..in Scots and Engl dial porridge is often construed as a collective plural]

      poss v • [Scots, nEngl, Ir dial poss, pous]

      pot n 5 • [Scots, nEngl dial…cf EDD pot sb.1 7..; SND pot n.1 4..]

      pot n 6d • [EDD pot sb.1 6..]

      potato drag n • [EDD drag sb. 9..]

      pottle-bellied adj • [Engl dial; cf ..EDD]

      potty n1 • [EDD potty sb.1..]

      pounce v • [..Cf EDD pounce sb.1..punce v.1..]

      pound n2 1 • [EDD pound sb.2 1..]

      povertyweed n e • [EDD 1877 ➝]

      prate v 2 • [EDD prate v. 2 ..]

      pride n • [Cf EDD pride sb. 4 “The uterus of a sow”..]

      pridy adj • [Corn dial; cf EDD pridy adj. 1, 2]

      priminary n • [Scots, Engl dial var of OED2 praemunire sb. 3 “Obs…A difficulty..predicament.”]

      prize v2 1 • [..replaced..occas in Brit dial..by pry.]

      prog n1 2 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      prog v • [Scots, Engl dial; cf..EDD prog]

      prottle n • [Cf EDD protlins “The refuse left after lard has been refined”]

      proud adj 1a • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      proudful adj • [Scots, Engl dial]

      puckersnatch n • [EDD pucker-snatch a difficulty]

      pudding time n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      pudding time n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      pudge v 1 • [..Engl dial; cf..EDD.. podge]

      pudge v 3 • [Cf EDD podge v. 2 “To poke about”]

      pudjicky adj • [..cf Engl dial patchy cross, testy]

      puggle v • [..cf EDD pug v.3 1..and puggle v. 1..]

      pull-haul v phr • [Cf EDD pully-hauly (at pully-haul) a struggle]

      pully bone n • [EDD pull bone, pulling bone] (MAP)

      pump n1 • [..cf..EDD tump..]

      pumplefoot n • [Engl dial; cf EDD]

      pumple stone n • [EDD pumple-stone..< pumple pimple..]

      pushion-berry n • [..nEngl var of poison; cf..EDD]

      put v • [..antecedents in Scots and Engl dial; pit is the common form in Scots and nEngl dial..]

      pussy adj1 • [Engl dial var of pursy short-winded, fat]

      put v B2 • [..the Scots, nEngl dial inflection of pit..]

      put down v phr 1 • [Engl dial]

      puthery adj • [Engl dial]

      quawk v, n1 • [nEngl dial]

      quick n2 • [..cf EDD quick adj.1 9 “Sharp, piercing”]

      quickie adj • [Cf EDD quick adj.1 9 “Sharp, piercing”]

      quiddle v1 1 • [EDD quiddle v.1 and sb.2..]

      quiddle v2 • [Cf EDD whiddle v.”Sc…To move in a short, quick flight; to go lightly and rapidly”..]

      quile v2 • [..cf EDD quail v.1 3 “To quiet down” and v.1 8..]

      quiler n • [sEngl dial (EDD coilers..)]

      quilt v 1 • [EDD quilt v.1..]

      quizzit v • [EDD quiset “..shortened form of obs. Eng. v. ‘inquisite,’ to inquire into.”]

      quoit n A2 (pronc) • [..still common in Brit Engl.]

      rabbit n B3 • [EDD (at rabbit sb. 2)]

      rabbit flower n • [EDD (at rabbit sb. 1.(1)) 1882]

      rabbit-meat n • [EDD (at rabbit sb. 1.(7)) 1879]

      rack n1 2 • [Engl dial by (the) rack of (the) eye]

      rack of bones n • [Cf EDD ragabanes, rackle of bones..]

      radish n (pronc) • [Varr of this type are old in Brit Engl..]

      rag n1 1 • [..cf EDD take the rag off the edge (at rag sb.1 1.(6))]

      rag n2 • [EDD rag sb.4 4 “A disturbance,..a dispute, quarrel”..]

      rageous adv • [Cf EDD rageous adj. “Outrageous; angry, furious”]

      raggly adj • [Cf EDD raggily (at raggil sb.) “shabby, untidy”]

      rag-jag n • [Var of EDD rag-jack (at rag sb.1 3.(I)(a))]

      rainified adj • [EDD “Inclined to rain, like rain”]

      raise v B3a • [..this sense appears to be obs or dial in Brit Engl]

      raise v B5 • [Chiefly Scots dial; cf EDD]

      rake v1 B2 • [EDD rake v.1 3..]

      rallack v • [nEngl dial var of rollick; cf EDD rallack v. 1]

      ramack v • [EDD rammack v. 1 “To..rush about riotously,” 2 “To turn things topsy-turvy”]

      rampike n • [Engl dial word of unknown origin and variable form..]

      ramsack v • [Varr of ransack; cf EDD ramsack]

      ramshackle v • [..EDD ramshackle v.2]

      ramshackled ppl adj 1 • [Engl dial..]

      rapid adj • [Cf EDD rapid “Violent; severe; esp used of pain.”]

      rapper dandies n • [EDD 1853]

      rare v 5a • [Cf EDD rear v.2 6..and 11..and rearing ppl. adj. 7..]

      ratch v2 1 • [Scots, nEngl dial; EDD ratch v.2 2..]

      ratch v2 2 • [Cf EDD ratch v.2 2 “To..ramble”]

      rattlebags n • [EDD 1837]

      rattleran(d) n • [..Cf Engl dial plate-rand (at OED2 plate sb. 12)]

      rawny adj • [EDD rawny adj.1..rawny adj.2..]

      reach v1 A • [Cf EDD reach v.1..]

      reach v1 B2 • [Cf EDD reach v.1 6 “To strike, give (a blow)”]

      reach v2 • corresponding pronc [rič] still occurs as an alternative to [rɛč] in std Brit Engl

      ready v • [..cf..EDD ready v. 1]

      reamy adj • [Cf EDD ream v.2 2 “to be elastic,” 3 “To tear, split open”]

      reap hook n • [..cf also EDD reap v. II.1.(2)] (MAP)

      rearovers to catch meddlers n pl • [..cf EDD rare overs for meddlers (at rare overs)]

      redd v 1 • [..EDD redd v.3]

      redd v 2 • [..EDD rid v.2 1..]

      redd v 3 • [..EDD red(d v.1 1, 2, rid v.1 5, 6..]

      redd v 4 • [..EDD read v.1 4..]

      redding n • [..EDD ruddnin (at rud v.1 5)..]

      redding comb n • [..nEngl dial; cf EDD at ready v. 3.(2), red(d v.1 2.(4), rid v.1 6.(2)]

      rede n • [Scots dial; see EDD rede sb.2]

      red lane n • [Brit dial; cf EDD red lane (at red adj. 1.(25)]

      red-neck n 4 • [EDD (at red adj. 1.(31))] (MAP)

      red robin n 2 • [EDD 1866 ➝]

      red rover n 1 • [Brit dial..]

      reduct v • [Engl dial..]

      ree adj • [EDD ree adj.2 1 “of a horse: restive, frolicsome”]

      ree-rye n • [Prob var of nIr dial ree-raw; cf EDD, SND reel rall]

      refuse n, adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD refuge sb.2, adj]

      remnant n • [..see EDD remlet (also remlit, rimlet, remlant, remlin(g))]

      residenter n • [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial]

      resty adj • [Cf..EDD resty a. “Quiet, full of ease.”]

      ribbit n1, v • [Pronc-spp for rivet; cf EDD rebbet]

      rickets n • [Cf EDD rickets sb. pl. “Obs…A disease in sheep; the staggers.”]

      ricklety adj • [..cf EDD rickley (at rickle sb.1) “..rickety, dilapidated”]

      ride v1 A2a • [..appar still in std use in England in the 19th cent]

      ride v1 B9 • [Var of..nEngl..(someone or something) to ride the water on (or with)..]

      ridiculous adj • [Engl dial]

      rim v1 • [Engl dial var of rime..cf..EDD rim v.2]

      rimptious adj • [Cf EDD rumptious “Riotous; unruly”]

      ringy adj • [..cf..EDD wrangy adj. “Wrong, cross”]

      rinse v, n • [All of the var forms noted below are found in Brit dial; cf EDD..]

      rip and rear v phr • [Cf EDD to rip and rear (at rip v.) “to work hard for”]

      rip and tear v phr 1 • [EDD rip and tear (at rip v.) “to curse and swear, to behave uproariously”]

      rizzle v • [Scots, nEngl dial; EDD rizzle v.1..]

      road n1 B1 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      robin-run-ahead n • [Engl dial]

      robin-run-the-hedge n • [Engl dial]

      robin-run-the-hedge n 1 • [EDD 1831 ➝]

      Robin Hood’s barn, go (all the way) around v phr • [Engl dial; cf EDD..(at Robin Hood)] (MAP)

      rode n • [Appar swEngl (Devon) dial < ME rode rope..]

      rollicky adj • [Engl dial]

      romance v 1 • [Cf EDD romance v. 2..and 3…]

      romance v 2 • [Cf EDD romance v. 5..]

      romp v 2 • [Cf EDD ramp v.2 1 “to use violent language”]

      room n B2 • [EDD to have room to talk (at room sb.1 2.(2))..]

      room n B3 • [EDD room sb.1 3 “The best sitting room.”]

      room n B4 • [Cf..EDD room sb.1 4 “A compartment for smoking fish..”]

      rooster fight n 1 • [..cf EDD cock-fighters (at cock sb.1 2.(5))..]

      rootle v • [Engl dial]

      rounce n • [EDD roonses int…]

      round adj • [Cf EDD round adj. 4 “Coarse, thick”..]

      rubbage n • [Varr of rubbish, perh infl by garbage;..EDD]

      ruck v2 • [Cf EDD ruck sb.6 4 “Noise, racket”]

      rucket n • [EDD rucket sb.2 1 “A loud, confused noise”]

      ruction n • [Engl, Scots, Ir dial, cf EDD..]

      rue v • [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial]

      rullock n2 • [Cf EDD rallock..]

      rumbled up adj phr • [Engl, Scots dial..]

      run n 1a • [nEngl dial; cf EDD run sb. 26]

      runagate n • [Engl dial..]

      runnet n • [Engl dial var of rennet; cf EDD]

      -s suff4 • [Engl dial; cf EDG §435]

      salad n B2a • [Engl dial.; PaGer (Gaarde) salaat lettuce]

      salvy adj • [Cf EDD salvy adj. 1 “Greasy, oily, soapy; of the complexion: pale, sickly”]

      same like conj phr, prep phr, adj phr • [Engl dial]

      same old six and seven, the phr • [..Cf ..Brit Engl the same old six and eightpence.]

      sap n2 • [EDD sap sb.1 4 “Juice, gravy.”]

      sassinger n • [Cf EDD sausinger]

      sauce n B1 • [Engl dial]

      save v B1 • [Cf EDD save v. 3]

say-so n • [LaFr say-so (de crème). This is generally regarded as from Engl say so, but the sense remains

      scale v1 • [Scots, nEngl dial scale, skail to disperse, depart]

      scamp v1 • [Prob Scots, Engl dial; cf SND scamp v…; EDD scamp v.1]

      scamp v2 • [Prob Engl dial..]

      scholard n • [Engl dial]

      scoggin n • [..Cf also EDD scoggin “A vane, weathercock”]

      scooch v • [Appar EDD scouch ..]

      scoot n3 • [Cf EDD scoot sb.2 “A term of contempt..”]

      scoot v 1 • [Scots, nEngl, nIr dial scoot, scout]

      scoots n pl • [Cf EDD scoot sb.6 9 “Diarrhœa..”]

      scope n • [Ir dial;..EDD scope sb.1 2]

      scorch v1 • [EDD scorch v.1 1 “To shrivel up, caused by frost or cold”..]

      scotch v1 2 • [Cf EDD scotch v.1 4..]

      scotch v1 5 • [Cf EDD scaut v. 1..]

      scotch v2 • [From arch scotch.. var specialized senses in Scots, Engl dial,..(EDD scotch v.1 1, scutch v.3 3..)]

      scraggie n • [Cf EDD scrag sb.1, adj. 5 “Useless, inferior.”]

      scrapple n • [..cf EDD scrappling pl. Scraps..renderings of lard.”] (MAP)

      screet owl n • [Cf EDD screet v. “To screech..”]

      scrimption n • [Engl dial]

      scrinch v 1 • [Cf EDD scrinch v.2 “To..to cringe.”..]

      scrod n • [Perh orig ppl adj < Corn dial scraw, scroe; cf EDD scraw v.2..]

      scrog n • [Engl dial. Cf DNE scrag ..]

      scrog v • [Cf EDD scrogged ppl. adj.2..]

      scrooch v • Cf EDD, SND

      scrooch v • [..prob of Scots, nEngl dial origin]

      scrop n • [..cf EDD scrap sb.1 [skrap]]

      scrounge v • [Engl dial]

      scruff n • [Engl dial var of scurf]

      scrunt n • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      sculch n • [Engl dial var of culch..]

      scunner n • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      scunner v • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      scurryfunge v • [Engl dial or slang in var senses;..DNE scurrifunge 1…]

      scutters n pl • [Cf EDD scutter sb. 13]

      scythe n1 • [Cf EDD side sb.5, sive sb., sy sb. 1]

      sea parrot n • [EDD at sea sb. 2.(27) 1822..]

      seaweed fern n • [EDD at sea sb. 1.(14) 1865]

      see v B2a     • [The forms see, seed, and seen are well attested in Brit dial;.. see EDD ..]

      see v B3b    • [This form is widespread in Brit dial; see EDD.] (MAP)

      seep n • [EDD seep sb. 5 “A small spring”; sipe sb. 7]

      sele n • [Engl dial (give one) the sele of the day..]

      senna n1 • [seeny, attested also in Engl dial..]

      set v1 A2a   • [Cf EDD set v. 2.(4)]

      set v1 A3 • [Cf EDD set v. 3.(9)]

      setting n1 • [Cf EDD setting sb. 3]

      set up adj phr • [Engl dial; cf EDD set ppl. adj. 1.(13)]

      set up v phr 6 • [EDD..sit v. 1.(9)(a)]

      set up v phr 4 • [EDD at sit v. 1.(9)(a)]

      several adj, n, pron B • [Scots, Ir; cf EDD, Concise Ulster Dict.]

      several adj, n, pron C • [Engl dial]

      shab v • [Engl dial; cf EDD shab v. 3]

      shabby adj • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      shack n2 2 • [Cf EDD to be on the shack (at shake sb. 12.(4))..]

      shack v1 2 • [Cf EDD shake v. 7. “To idle away one’s time..”]

      shack v1 • [Cf EDD shake (also shack) v. 5. “Of a horse: to go at a jog- trot.”]

      shackle v • [Cf EDD shackle v.2 5.. and shachle v. (also shauchle, shackle, etc) 2..]

      shacklety adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD shacklety]

      shale ice n • [Engl dial shale flake, scale]

      Shall-I-go-naked n • [Cf EDD shalligonaked sb. 2 “A thin, flimsy garment..”]

      shammock v • [Engl dial]

      shank it v phr • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      sharp adj • [Cf EDD sharp adj. 1.4 “Of a dog: snappish..”]

      sharpen v • [EDD sharpen ..]

      shaw n • [Engl, Scots, Ir dial;..EDD shaw sb.1 1]

      she pron 1 • [..cf EDD she II.1]

      sheal n • [Cf EDD sheal sb.2 9 “A thin layer or skin, a scale”..]

      shear n2 • [..cf EDD shear sb.2 11 “A ploughshare.”]

      shelving n • [Scots, nEngl dial..]

      sheth n • [..cf EDD sheath sb. 1]

      shickle n • [Pronc varr of shuttle; cf Engl dial shittle..]

      shift n 1 • [EDD shift n. 11..]

      shinny on your own side exclam • [Cf EDD shin your side, shin you (at shin int.)..]

      shives n pl • [Pronc-sp for chives..appears also in Engl dial.]

      shoat n • [..cf EDD shoot sb. 6..]

      shoemaker’s black team n • [Cf EDD shoemaker’s black galloway (at shoemaker 1)..]

      shook n, v2 • [Var of shock;..attested in Engl dial (see..EDD shock sb.1)..]

      shool v • [Cf EDD shool v.1 9..10..shooler (at shool v.1 9(1))]

      shoo-round n • [Cf EDD shoo v.2, SND shue v. 1..]

      short name n • [EDD short name (at short adj. 8.(21))..]

      should v • [..EDD at shall v.1 4..]

      show for v phr • [Engl dial]

      shrimp n, v • [Spp of the type srimp are also found in Engl dial; cf EDG §338]

      shrink v B2 • Shrunk was widely used in std Brit and Amer writing

      shrink of the moon n • [Cf EDD shrink…”Of the moon: to wane.”]

      shuck v2 • [EDD shuck v.1 1. “To shake”; 2. “To slip..”]

      shucks, go v phr • [Perh var of EDD shag sb.3..]

      shun v • [EDD shun v.1 4 “To cover, hide, screen, shelter.”]

      shut adj • [..EDD (at shut v. 3.(2))…shot is attested as a form of shut in both Brit and US dial..]

      shut v A • [Cf EDD]

      shut-knife n • [Engl dial]

      sic v • [Cf EDD sic int. “A call to pigs…A sheep-call”]

      side v 4 • [Engl dial; cf EDD side v.1 8]

      siden v • [EDD siden “To put in order; to clear away”]

      sing small v phr • [Cf EDD sing small (at sing v. 1.(6))]

      sipe n 1 • [EDD sipe sb. 6]

      skag v • [EDD skog v. 3 “To tear obliquely..”]

      skeet v 1 • [EDD skeet v. 4]

      skeet v 2 • [EDD skeet v. 5]

      skeet v 4 • [EDD skeet v. 1]

      skeet v • [Cf EDD skeet v., SND v.1, v.2]

      skeets n pl • [skeet v 4; Engl dial < ON skitr excrement]

      skeller-eyed adj • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial; EDD skelly-eyed (at skelly adj. 7.(2))..]

      skep n1 • [..the var skip is widespread in Engl dial..]

      skew- pref d • [Cf EDD skew-wamp “Awry, crooked”..] (MAP)

      skew- pref e • [EDD skew-whiff (also skee-wiff, skew-w(h)ift, among other varr)..]

      skew- pref g • [Cf EDD skew-wabble “Unsteady, out of line”..]

      skew- pref • [..For Engl dial antecedents see senses d, e, g..]

      skift n1 • [Var of skiff; SND skift n.2 1889 ➝, but prob much older in Brit use..]

      skimmelton n • [..Var forms recorded in the EDD include skimitin and skimmerton.] (MAP)

      skinchy adj • [..cf EDD skingy “Stingy”]

      skin ex exclam • [Cf EDD skinch int. 5 “A cry of truce used by boys at play”]

      skip n2 • [Engl dial var of skep a large basket]

      skite v • [Engl dial; EDD skite..]

      skitters n • [Engl dial..] (MAP)

      skittling adj • [Cf EDD skiddley “Small, diminutive”, skiddick sb. 1..]

      skiver n • [Brit dial skiver skewer, splinter]

      skluff v • [Cf EDD sklouff v. 1..]

      skoodle v • [..EDD scroodle “To crouch, cower, stoop down”]

      sky-gogglin adj, adv • [Cf EDD sky-wannocking..sky-wannock, sky-whiffy]

      slack jaw n • [Scots, Engl dial..]

      slack-twist n • [EDD (at slack adj.1 11.(15)) “an inactive, lazy, shiftless person”]

      slack-twisted adj • [EDD (at slack adj.1 11.(16))]

      slank n • [Engl dial]

      slank adj • [Scots, nEngl dial..]

      slap adv • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      slapping adj • [Engl dial]

      slash n1 • [Prob..imit..cf..Scots, nEngl dial slashy muddy, miry]

      slat v 1 • [Engl dial]

      slat v 2 • [Engl (esp swEngl) dial]

      slat n • [swEngl dial]

      sleazy adj • [Cf EDD sleeze v., sb…]

      sleep in v phr • [Scots dial; cf EDD sleep v. II.2] (MAP)

      sleeping Mollie n • [Cf EDD sleeping Maggie..(at sleeping ppl. adj. (5))]

      slide n 1 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      sliding pond n • [Engl sliding + pond prob folk-etym var of Du baan path..]

      slighty adj • [..EDD slighty adj. 2]

      slimpsy adj • [..cf EDD slimp “Slim, slender”; slimsy “Worthless,..lazy..”]

      slip v 1 • [Cf EDD slipe v. 6 “to steal; to seize, take away suddenly”]

      slip n2 • [Cf EDD slipe sb. 29 “A sledge..used for agricultural purposes.”]

      slipe n • [Engl dial; prob var of slip]

      slip-go-down n • [Cf EDD slip-down (at slip sb. 3.(7)) “old milk slightly curdled”..]

      slipper n 5 • [..cf EDD slip-calf (at slip v. 5)]

      slippy adj • [EDD slippy adj. 1 “..dial. and colloq. use in Sc. Irel. Eng. and Aus.”] (MAP)

      slips exclam • [EDD (at slip sb. 14) “pl…cry..allows the player to shoot again…”]

      slithery adj • [Cf EDD slither v. 3 “to do anything imperfectly or carelessly”]

      sliver n, v A • Brit pronouncing dictionaries listed only [ˈslaɪvə(r)] until late in the 19th cent.

      sliver n, v B2 • [EDD sliver sb.1, v.1 6 “To..strip bark from a tree”]

      slommack n • [Cf EDD slammock, slammocking, slammocky in same senses]

      sloosh n1, v • [Engl, Scots dial..]

      sloosh n2 • [Cf EDD slush sb. 5 “An indefinite quantity of anything.”]

      slop n1 • [..EDD slop sb.2 1 “A loose outer garment.. worn by workmen”]

      slope v • [Prob from Scots, nEngl, nIr dial slope to trick, cheat, evade..]

      slosh n • [Cf EDD slosh sb. 1 “Mud, mire..dirty water..a muddy wash.”]

      slowcome n • [EDD slowcome “Dev. Cor. Also in form slocum”]

      slubber v • [EDD slubber v.1 5]

      slump n 2 • [Cf EDD slump sb.3 “A careless workwoman”]

      slumpy adj 1 • [Engl dial]

      slurrup n • [Cf EDD slurrup v. 2 “To walk in a slovenly, halting fashion.”]

      slurt v • [Cf EDD slirt v. “To squirt water”]

      slut n 1 • [Engl, nIr dial..]

      sly v • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      smudder v, n • [..presumably inherited from Brit dial (see EDD [at smother]..).]

      smur n • [Brit dial smirr, smurr a drizzle]

      smur v • [Cf..Brit dial smirr, smurr to drizzle]

      smut ball n • [EDD at smut sb. 2.(1)..]

      snake v 3 • [EDD snake v. “To sneak…To snatch surreptitiously”..]

      snake spit n • [Cf.. EDD (at snake sb.1 1.(4)) 1879]

      snath n • [..Engl dial varr of snead; cf..EDD (at snead)..]

      snead n • [Engl and..Scots dial..cf..EDD, SND..]

      sneak v 2a • [..Cf..EDD snook, snowk, snuck.]

      sneck n, v • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      sneetered ppl adj • [Cf EDD snite sb. 3 (also sniter) “A mean, treacherous person”]

      snifter n • [From Brit dial snifter (in var senses) < snift to sniff]

      snool n • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      snoose n2 • [Prob varr of Engl dial snooze noose, snare]

      snoot, make a v phr • [..make a snout is found in 19th cent Engl..]

      snub v2 • [Engl dial snob to sob; cf EDD snob v.1]

      snuffbox n 1 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      snufter n • [..cf EDD snufter v. “To sniff, snort”]

      snug adj 2 • [Cf EDD snug adj. 5]

      snurl n • [EDD snirl sb.2 5. “A knot, tangle,” 6. “A gnarl or knot in wood”]

      snurl v1 1 • [EDD snirl v.2 4]

      snurl v1 3 • [EDD snirl v.2 1..]

      snurl v2 • [EDD snirl v.1 2]

      so exclam • [Cf EDD so int. 2]

      soak n1 • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      sodle v • [Cf EDD sowdle “To creep”]

      sog v • [Engl dial]

      sog n • [swEngl dial]

      sollaker n • [..cf EDD sollock “Impetus, force”]

      somehows adv • [Engl dial (though not in ..EDD)]

      sonsy adj • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      soo exclam b • [Cf EDD so int. 2]

      sook exclam • [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial as a call to calves..] (MAP)

      sookie exclam • [..cf EDD sucky sb. 6 “A call-word for a calf..”] (MAP)

      soople adj, v • [Brit dial varr of supple]

      sorry adj B2 • [Engl dial; cf EDD sorry adj. 3]

      soul n B • [Engl dial..]

      soul-case n • [Engl dial]

      soup v • [Engl dial varr of sup to sip]

      sour milk n • [nEngl, Scots, Ir dial; cf EDD sour adj. 1.(18)..]

      sow n2 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      sowel n • [Engl dial; cf EDD sowl(e) sb.]

      spalt adj • [Engl dial spalt..]

      spandy adv • [Perh var of Engl dial spandal or spander; cf EDD..]

      spanfired adv • [EDD spangfire new]

      spean v • [Cf EDD spean sb.1 “The teat of any female animal, esp. used of a cow.”]

      spewer n • [EDD “A kind of firework; a squib”] (MAP)

      spine of one’s back n • [Engl dial; cf EDD spine sb. 4.(6)]

      spitting image n • [..cf EDD spitten picter 1859, spitten image nd..,..spit an’ pictor 1869, spit an’ image 1892..]

      splut n • [Cf EDD splutter sb. 7 “A hurry, bustle”]

      splutter-headed adj • [Cf EDD splutter v. 3 “To..talk quickly and incoherently”]

      splutterment n • [EDD splutter sb. 8 “A fuss, disturbance” + -ment]

      sprag n1 • [Cf EDD sprag sb.1 1 “A spray; a branch or bough”]

      sprawl n1 • [EDD sprawl (at sproil)]

      sprawl n2 • [..cf EDD sprawl sb.2 “A chip of a stone or brick”]

      spreader n • [Cf EDD spreader “The stick or stretcher used to keep apart the chain traces worn by cart-horses”]

      spreckle n • [Brit dial]

      spring v B2 • [EDD spring v. 1..]

      spring-keeper n • [Appar of Engl dial origin..]

      sprout v1 1 • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      spud n 7 • [Cf EDD spud sb.1 6 “Any person or thing very short or stumpy”..]

      spud v 1 • [Cf EDD spuddle v.1 3 “to be uselessly busy; to fuss about doing little or nothing”]

      spudge n • [..cf..EDD spud sb.1 4 “A worn-out tool”]

      spug n • [Scots, Engl dial “house sparrow”; cf EDD, SND]

      spung n • [Cf EDD spong sb. 3 “A low bog, a morass”]

      squail v • [Engl dial]

      squander v • [Arch or dial in Brit Engl; cf ..EDD]

      square around v phr • [nIr dial; see EDD at square v. 10.(5)]

      squib n • [EDD squib sb.3]

      squinch n • [EDD 1837 ➝ “A dial. form of `quince’ ”]

      squinge n1 • [Cf EDD squinge-grub “A small, shrivelled pippin”]

      squinge n2 • [Cf EDD squinges sb. pl. 2 “Shooting pains”]

      squink v • [Pronc var of squint perh infl by wink; cf..EDD swink]

      squirts n pl • [Engl dial] (MAP)

      squitch v, n • [EDD squitch sb.2, v.1..]

      stamp v • [Engl folkl; cf 1959 (1967) Opie–Opie Lore Schoolchildren 206–8]

      stance n • [Cf EDD stance sb. 3 “A stall..”]

      stanchel n • [Scots and chiefly nEngl dial..] (MAP)

      start v 3 • [Cf EDD start v. 2 “To dispatch, send off”]

      stave v 5 • [Engl and Scots dial]

      staver n • [Perh Engl dial; cf EDD staver sb. 3, 6]

      stay-bit n • [EDD at stay v. 2.(2)]

      steady bee n • [Cf..EDD steady v. 7 “To balance.”]

      stegg n • [Engl dial;..cf EDD steg sb. 8, stag sb.3 2]

      stepmother n • [Engl dial]

      stick bait n • [..in Brit use from early 19th cent on]

      still water n2 • [Cf EDD still-waters (at still sb.2 3) “..home-made illicit spirits”]

      stirrup oil n • [..cf..EDD stirrup sb. 1.(6)]

      stirry v • [Cf Engl dial stirree, sturry (at EDD stir v.)]

      stitch n 2 • [EDD stitch sb.1 6]

      stived ppl adj • [EDD stive v.2 1..]

      stiver v 1 • [Cf EDD stive v.3..]

      stiver v 2 • [EDD stiver v. 4..]

      stiver v 3 • [EDD stiver v. 5..]

      stob n • [..nEngl, Scots, nIr dial]

      stobby adj • [EDD stobby “Rough, stubbly;..bristly, unshaven.”]

      stodge v 1 • [EDD stodge v. 10 “To mix..; to stir up”]

      stone hedge n • [Cf EDD hedge sb. 4 “A wall, gen. of granite..”]

      stonie n • [Cf EDD stony sb. 1, stonedy sb. 1, stoner]

      stool chair n • [Cf EDD stool chair (at stool sb.1 1.(2))..]

      story v • [Engl dial]

      stout n • [Prob folk-etym for Engl dial stowk..]

      stouter n • [Var, perh by folk-etym, of swEngl dial strouter (EDD at strout v. 2)..]

      stram v 1 • [Cf EDD stram v.1 2 “To strike or thrust violently.”]

      stram v 2 • [Cf EDD stram v.3 2 “To walk in a rude, noisy manner.”]

      stram n 2 • [Cf EDD stram sb.3 1 “A big person; a `tripe’ of a lad.”]

      strand n1 • [Scots, nEngl dial strand a stream, channel]

      strap oil n • [Cf EDD strap oil (at strap sb.1 1)]

      street yarn n • [Cf EDD spin street yarn (at spin v. 7.(9))]

      strengthy adj • [nEngl, Scots dial]

      stretch n, v A • [Engl dial]

      stretcher n 1 • [EDD stretcher sb. 1..]

      striking paper n • [Cf EDD strike v. 13..]

      stripper n 1 • [Brit dial, esp nIr]

      strollop v • [Cf EDD strollop v. 4 “To stride or walk about aggressively; to go about in an untidy..manner”]

      strollop n • [Cf EDD strollop sb. 1]

      strut n 1 • [Cf EDD all in a strut (at strout sb. 4)]

      strut n 2 • [Cf EDD strout sb. 5]

      studdle v • [EDD studdle v. 1 “To stir up so as to make thick and muddy”]

      studs n • [Cf Brit dial take (the) stunt (EDD stunt sb. 15), take the sturdy or sturdies (EDD sturdy adj. 9.(2))]

      studying cap n • [EDD to put on one’s studying-cap (at study v. 1(1)) to think deeply.]

      stuff n • [Cf EDD stuff sb.1 6 “Live stock, poultry, &c.”]

      sturk n • [Scots, nEngl dial stirk, sturk a young bull; fig, a stupid or foolish person]

      such adj, adv, pron • [Cf EDD for Scots, Ir, Engl dial forms]

      sudden adj, adv, n • [Forms with final -t are widespread in Brit dial..]

      suffling n, adj • [Cf EDD suffle v. “Obs. Dev. To puff, blow; also to sob, sigh.” Cf also suff.. (at EDD sough v.1

      supple-sawney n • [..cf EDD Sandy sb.2]

      suz intj • [Scots, Engl dial sirs..prob correctly regarded as developed from the pl of sir..(but cf SND ser v.2)..]

      swad n • [Cf EDD swad sb.10 “A portion, measure, quantity; esp. used of liquids”]

      swag n 1 • [Engl, Scots dial]

      swaggle n, v • [..cf EDD swaggle v. 1 “To swing; to sway to and fro..; to reel and stagger”]

      swallop n • [Cf EDD swallup v. “To swallow at a gulp without tasting.”]

      swan v • [Reanalysis of Scots, nEngl dial I’se warn..(EDD warrant v. 1,..)]

      swanky n • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      swanny v • [..Scots dial..(EDD warrant v. 1)] (MAP)

      swarp v • [Varr of swap in var senses now obs or found only in Engl, Scots dial..]

      swarp v 1 • [EDD swap v.4 1 “Obsol. To strike violently; to thrash soundly”..]

      swarp n 1 • [EDD swap sb.5 9 “A heavy blow; a sudden stroke; a slap.”]

      swarp n 2 • [EDD swap sb.5 11 “An implement used for reaping peas..”..]

      sweet cicely n • [EDD 1815]

      sweetheart n 2 • [Engl dial..]

      sweetheart n 4 • [EDD 1876 ➝]

      swell v 3a • [Cf EDD swell v. I.3]

      sweltersome adj, adv • [Engl dial..]

      swiddle v • [Cf EDD swittle v.1 2..; v.2 1..; v.3 1..]

      swift n • [EDD swift sb.1 4 “A newt; a small lizard”]

      swinge v • [..Engl dial var of singe]

      swish broom n • [Cf EDD swish sb. 7 “A switch; a twig” ..] (MAP)

      switching ppl adj • [Cf EDD switching ppl. adj. 2 “Great of its kind..”]

      swither n • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      swithered ppl adj • [Cf EDD swither v.3 2 “To dry up, wither.”]

      swiveltree n • [Engl dial; folk-etym for swingletree]

      swivet n • [EDD swivet “Haste..”; cf also EDD swivetty “Giddy, dizzy.”]

      swizzled ppl adj2 • [EDD swizzle v. “To shrivel.”]

      swoon n, v • [Engl dial; cf ..EDD swound]

      swop n • [Cf EDD swop (at sope sb. 1) “A sup; a gulp”..]

      sword n • [Prob from Scots, Engl dial..]

      tacker n • [swEngl dial; now common in Austr Engl]

      tackle n • [The forms with [e] and [i]..continue Brit dial forms (cf EDD tackle, teagle..]

      take v B2 • [Engl dial take to do(ing) (EDD at doing sb. 4.(2)..]

      take v B3 • [EDD take v. 4 “in gen. colloq. use”]

      take down v phr a • [Scots, nEngl dial; cf..EDD take v. II.1.(7).(b)]

      tallywags n pl • [EDD tally-wag]

      tankersome adj • [Var of cantankerous; EDD has one citation from Suffolk for this form.]

      tantibogus n • [Var of swEngl dial tantarabobus (and varr)]

      tap v1 • [EDD tap v.1 3]

      tarnation n, exclam • [Engl dial (though attested earlier in US..]

      tarnation adj, adv • [Engl dial (though attested earlier in N Amer)..]

      tarve v • [..the only Brit evidence later than the 16th cent is a single 1824 Scots ex of the form tirvie.]

      taste v B3 • [..cf EDD taste v. 3..]

      ta-ta exclam • [..cf Brit ta thanks and ta-ta good-bye] (MAP)

      taw n C2b(1) • [EDD taw sb. 5.(3), (4)]

      tazzle v • [EDDv…to entangle…]

      teenty adj • [Prob from Engl dial (EDD at teeny adj.1)..]

      teeter v • [Varr of..Brit dial titter to move unsteadily, totter..]

      teeter n 4 • [..First attested in US, but prob of Engl dial origin..] (MAP)

      teeter-totter n • [Varr of arch and Brit dial titter-totter..cf EDD (at titter-totter)..]

      teethache n • [SND 1840 ➝; EDD 1898 ➝]

      tell v B2b • [nScots, nIr, and swEngl dial]

      tell v B2c • [EDD cites a single Ir ex of towlt.]

      tell v B2d • [Similar forms are common in c,sEngl dial..]

      tell v C3 • [Engl dial]

      tether-devil n 1 • [EDD 1826 ➝]

      tetter n1 • [..EDD tetter sb. “Also..titter”]

      tew v • [nEngl dial; cf EDD tew v.1 10. “To fuss over work; to bustle about”]

      tew n1 • [nEngl dial; cf EDD tew sb. 13. “A disturbed state”]

      tewed adj • [nEngl dial; cf EDD tew v.1 5. “To exhaust..; to trouble, harass, bother”]

      thanky suit n • [Cf EDD thank you, sir (at thank v. 1.(7)) “a second-hand article of clothing”]

      the def art B1 • [Chiefly Scots dial; cf EDD the 12 “Comb. with day, morn, night, &c.: this, `to-.’ ”]

      theirn pron • [Engl dial]

      thereaway(s) adv • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      therm n • [nEngl dial tharm an animal intestine prepared for stuffing]

      these-uns pron • [..cf EDD these 4.(2)]

      theyselves pron • [Also found occas in Engl dial, but the US exx prob represent phonetic varr of theirselves..]

      thing n B • [Engl dial]

      thole v • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      three-faces-under-a-hood n • [Brit dial] 

      thribble adj, adv, n, v • [..cf EDD thribble, SND threeple]

      thribbles n pl, exclam • [EDD thribs “Three..in playing marbles.”]

      throddy adj • [Engl dial]

      throng adj • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial]

      through n 1 • [EDD through sb. 17 “Obs. A slip or width of corn..a set of reapers..drive before them at

      throughother adv, adj, n • [Scots, Ir, nEngl dial throughother, throughither..]

      throw off v phr 4 • [Cf EDD throw off v. II.1.(6).(c) “to make fun”] (MAP)

      tick tag n • [Scots, nEngl dial tick to touch lightly, esp in a children’s game of tag]

      tight adv 1 • [..Obs or Brit dial tite “soon, readily, willingly” has been suggested..; cf EDD tight adv. 17..]

      till prep B1 • [Scots, nIr, nEngl dial]

      time about adv phr • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      tip-tap-toe n • [EDD at tip sb.3 9.(7) “the game of noughts and crosses”]

      titman n • [EDD tit sb.1 2 “A very small person or thing”]

      titrivate v 2 • [Cf EDD titivate 2 “To tidy, clean, put in order; to restore, renovate; to repair a building.”]

      tit-tat-toe n 1 • [EDD tit-tat-toe sb. 1] (MAP)

      tit-tat-toe n 2 • [EDD tit-tat-toe sb. 3]

      tit-tat-too n • [EDD tit-tat-too (at tit-tat-toe)]

      titty n1 • [Perh Scots, nEngl colloq or hypocoristic titty sister..]

      to prep B4 • [Scots, nIr dial; cf SND tae prep. 6.(4).(i), EDD to prep. 4]

      toadspit n • [EDD 1866 for Lemna minor]

      toddick n • [EDD (at tad sb.1).. prob var of tod a measure of wool (usu 28 lbs)..]

      tommyknocker n • [..cf..EDD tommyknocker a hammer used to break ore (1824 ➝)]

      tongue grass n 2 • [EDD 1878–86]

      torn down adj phr 1 • [Scots, Engl dial]

      tottle v 2 • [Scots, nEngl dial;.. EDD tottle v. 2]

      touchous adj 1 • [Ir, nEngl dial] (MAP)

      trace v1 • [swEngl dial (EDD trace v.2 3 “To plait”)]

      trace n3 • [swEngl dial..EDD trace sb.2 2)]

      trade v • [..EDD trade v. 9)]

      traffic v • [EDD traffic(k sb. 8]

      tree mouse n 2 • [EDD 1893]

      trestle n A • [..see also EDD trustle.]

      triddler n 2 • [Cf EDD triddling “Trifling, talking nonsense”]

      trollock n • [EDD trollock “An old garment, esp. an old coat”]

      trotline n 1 • [..from Engl dial trot in same sense..] (MAP)

      trumpet flower n 3 • [EDD 1878–86 for Lonicera periclymenum]

      trunk n 1 • [..EDD trunk sb.1 12 “An arched drain under a road..”]

      tunjack n • [Cf EDD tun 2..jack sb. 23..]

      tunk n1 1 • [Engl dial]

      tunk v • [Engl dial]

      tunklehead n • [Varr of EDD dunklehead “A stupid, silly person”]

      turn v C4 • [EDD (at turn v. 3.(6))]

      tutor v • [EDD tutor v 2. “To manage, handle; to humor, coax”]

      twice adv, adj • [Brit dial]

      twirty adj • [EDD twirty “Cross, easily put out; nervous, pert”]

      twizzle n • [Engl dial]

      two-double adj • [Engl dial; see EDD two num. adj. 10]

      underminded ppl adj • [Cf EDD underminded ppl. adj. “Underhand, mean, treacherous.”]

      unthoughted adj • [EDD unthoughtedly]

      upcast v • [nEngl, Scots, Ir dial]

      upscuddle n • [Cf EDD scuttle v. 3 “To take part in a street-feud”]

      upstreeter n • [EDD (at up prep. 1.(80))]

      us adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD us II.4]

      used to v phr B • [..much more common in Brit than Amer Engl..]

      used to v phr C1 • [Cf EDD use II.1.(8, 10)]

      used to v phr C2a • [Cf EDD use II.1.(9)]

      usen v • [Engl dial: cf EDD usen v., past usen(ed) (at use v. I.1.(4), (5)), past pple usen (at use v. I.2.(5))]

      using vbl n attrib • [Cf EDD using-things “Domestic articles, such as crockery, &c.”]

      us’s adj • [Engl dial; cf EDD us’s]

      usself pron • [Engl dial; cf EDD ussels]

      valentine n • [Spp with o for a..also occur in 19th-cent Engl dial sources]

      veil n • [Engl dial]

      velvet dock n • [Engl dial]

      venison n • [Proncs of the type [ˈvɛnzən] are old and..were until recently, std in Brit Engl]

      wackie v, n • [Cf EDD whack v.1 6 “To divide; to share”]

      wadjit n • [Cf EDD wadjet (at wedget sb. 1) “A small wad”]

      wake v 2a • appar common in Brit use

      Walker’s hack n • [..cf EDD Walker’s-bus (at walker sb.)]

      walk out with v phr • [Cf EDD walk out (at walk v.1 (3)) “of a lover: to take his lady out”]

      wallink n • [Scots, nEngl, Ir dial wellink, wallink ..]

      walloper n • [EDD walloper (at wallop sb.4) ..]

      walloping adj, adv • [EDD walloping (at wallop v.3)..]

      want v1 C1 • [..this constr..occurs in 18th- and 19th-cent Brit Engl..]

      wapple-eyed adj • [Cf..EDD wapper-eyed]

      warning n 3 • [Cf EDD warning sb. 5 “the verbal invitation to attend a funeral.”]

      wasp n 1c • [By metath; cf EDD wasp sb. I.1 and Intro “Language Changes” I.1]

      waste v 1 • [Engl dial]

      water bewitched n • [Engl dial..]

      water dog n 2 • [Engl dial]

      water frost n • [Cf EDD water-frost (at water sb. 1.(48))..and watery-rime (at watery adj. 1.(7))..]

      water gap n 1 • [Brit dial. Cf EDD water-gate (at water sb. 1.(52) (c))..; water-gap is not documented in..EDD..]

      water haul n • [Cf EDD watery-haul (at watery adj. 1.(1))..] (MAP)

      wattle n1 • [Scots, nEngl, nIr dial]

      we pron • [Cf EDD we pers. pron. II.1..]

      we adj • [Cf EDD we pers. pron. II.2]

      weather gall n • [nEngl, Scots, nIr dial]

      weather light n • [Cf..EDD weather gleam (at weather 7.(23)) “clear sky near a dark horizon”]

      weddinger n • [Brit dial]

      weedily n, intj • [Cf EDD widdle sb.2 “A very young duck”]

      weeky-day n • [..cf EDD week sb. 2.(1)]

      ween v • [Cf EDD ween v.1 “To whine, whimper, cry fretfully”..]

      weeny adj • [Var of waney < ween, Engl dial var of wane (EDD wane sb.1)]

      weewaw adj, v • [Engl dial; cf EDD wee-wow]

      whang n1 • [Brit, esp Scots, nIr, dial var of thong]

      what and all pron • [Brit dial]

      what for adv phr 1 • [nEngl, Scots dial]

      what for (a) adj phr • [..idiom in Scots and Engl (Kentish) dial (SND what pron. V.6; EDD for prep. 1.(32)).]

      whay exclam • [..cf EDD way int. 1 “A call to a horse to stop.”] (MAP)

      wheedle n • [Cf EDD widdle sb.2 “A very young duck.”]

      whelt n, v • [Var of welt; EDD “Also written whelt Cum. e.Lan. War.”]

      where-all adv • [..widespread Brit colloq in phrr like “and I don’t know where-all.”..]

      which from tother pron phr • [Cf EDD which was tother (at which pron. 2.(2)) “one from another”]

      whiff n1 • [Engl dial; cf EDD whiff sb. 2]

      whiffer n • [Cf EDD whiffler (at whiffle v.2 4.(2)) “an inconstant person; a turncoat’’]

      whiffle-minded adj • [Engl dial]

      whiffletree n • [..cf EDD whiffles “The whipple-tree of a plough”] (MAP)

      whiggered adj • [Cf EDD whiggered wheyObs…A beverage made by infusing herbs in fermented whey.”]

      whim-wham for a goose(‘s) bridle n • [Scots, nIr dial; cf EDD whim-wham 9.(3)]

      whindle v • [Engl dial]

      whinge v • [Scots, nEngl dial]

      whinny n, v 1 • [Brit dial] (MAP)

      whipstitch n 1 • [Engl dial (EDD at whip v. 1.(14) (c))]

      whip-tongue n • [A Brit folk-name for this plant]

      white bottle n • [Brit folk-name]

      white liver n • [Cf EDD white liver(ed) (at white adj. 1.54.(b) and 55.(a))..]

      white mouth n 1 • [Engl dial]

      whopper-jaw n • [EDD wapper-jaws…a crooked jaw]

      why for adv • [Orig swEngl, Scots dial..]

      wicked adv • [Cf EDD wicked adj.1, adv. 5 “Obs. Very, exceedingly..”]

      wicky n • [Perh transf from Engl dial wick(e)y (<wicken < quicken tree)..]

      widdie n • [Cf EDD widdy (at wid int)..]

      widdie intj • [Cf EDD wheetie 1..; widdy (at wid int)..]

      widgeon n 2d • [EDD 1893]

      widowman n • [Engl, Scots, nIr dial] (MAP)

      widow woman n 1 • [Engl, Scots, nIr dial]

      wind v • [Engl dial..] (MAP)

      wing-wong for a duck’s bridle n • [Cf EDD whim-wham 9]

      winker n 1 • [Orig nEngl, Scots dial; cf EDD winker sb. 1]

      witches’ stirrup n • [EDD (at witch sb.1 (37))]

      witching stick n • [Cf EDD witch-wand (at witch sb.1 1.(40))…]

      witch light n • [EDD (at witch sb.1 (26)) “a will-o’-the-wisp”]

      witch-ride v • [Cf EDD witch-ridden (at witch sb.1 (34)) “having the nightmare”]

      witchwood n • [nEngl dial (for Sorbus aucuparia)]

      with prep, adv A3 (pronc) • esp among second-generation Engl speakers

      withouten prep, conj • [Brit dial withouten, a doublet of without..]

      withouten prep A • [nEngl dial]

      wizzen n • [Chiefly nEngl, Scots, nIr varr of weasand; cf EDD weasand..]

      wob v • [EDD wab sb. 2 “A lump”]

      wonder v1 1 • [..others appear to reflect Brit dial survivals of ME idioms..]

      wonder v1 3 • [EDD wonder v. 6.(3)]

      wooden hill n • [In Brit use at least since late 18th cent..]

      wool v 3 • [Cf EDD wool v. 5 ..]

      woolly n1 5 • [EDD woolly sb. 3 “A hairy caterpillar”]

      woolly bear n 1 • [EDD (at woolly adj. 1.(1))]

      woolly mullein n • [In Brit use from the 18th cent..]

      work v 1 • [Engl dial..]

      work-brittle adj 1 • [..EDD work-bracco adj. 1. The origin of the second element is unknown.]

      work-brittle adj 2 • [..cf EDD work-bracco adj. 2]

      world, in the adv phr 1 • [Cf EDD of the world (at world sb. 2.(7)–(9))]

      worrit v 1 • [Engl dial]

      worrit v 2 • [Engl dial]

      worrit n • [Engl dial..]

      wrathy adj • [..Cf..EDD wrathy]

      wrestle v, n A1 • [..widespread in Brit dial]

      wrestle v, n A2 • [Brit dial]

      wrinkle n • [Brit dial var of winkle]

      wudge n • [Appar var of Brit dial (now colloq) wodge]

      wudget n • [..cf EDD wedget (also wadget, woudgeat, etc) “A small wad…”]

      yaffle n • [Brit dial yaffle green woodpecker]

      yagger v • [Cf EDD yaggle v. 1 “To wrangle; to quarrel”..]

      yarm v1 • [Cf EDD yarm v. 4 “To scold..to find fault, grumble.”]

      yarny n • [Cf EDD yarny “Disposed to the telling of long tales.”]

      yerk v, n • [..EDD yark v.1]

      yoller n2 • [Prob < EDD yoller “To bellow, bawl…To bark noisily”..]

      yollop n, v • [EDD yollop, yollup (at yellop)]

      yonder adv, adj, n A3 (pronc) • [EDD yunder Sh[etland] I[slands]”]

      yonder adv, adj, n A6 • [EDDyon’er Sc.; yonner Sc.; youner n. Lan.”]

      yonside adv A • [..EDD (at yon adj. 2)]

      yonside prep B • [..EDD (at yon adj. 2)]

      york v • [Scots, nEngl dial; cf EDD york (at yawk v. 1)]

      yourn pron • [Engl dial]

      youse pron • [Ir dial; EDD yees, yous]


      castrate v (pronc) • occas epenthetic |ˈkæstəˌreɪt, ˈkæstɚeɪt|

      exodust v • [..epenthetic t..]

erroneous; error

      alligator n2 • [By error for delegate..]

      blue pig n • [Prob erron for blind pig]

      calomel root n • [?Erron for calamus]

      cedar braker n • Also cedar breaker (erron or by folk-etym)

      civet cat n 3 • [?Erron]

      corning n • [?Erron for horning]

      dragon n B4 • [Perh erron for draggin’ < dragging shoe]

      -eroo suff • [Perh from buckaroo, erron analyzed as buck n + -aroo..]

      hen’s tooth n 2 • [Error for or ironic var of clean as a hound’s tooth]

      Indiana dye n • [Perh erron for Indian dye]

      Indian posy n 2 • also, perh erron, Indian nosy

      laxed ppl adj • [..perh erron for prolapsed or aphet form of relaxed]

      pine keg n • [..perh erron for key..]

      popple n1 • with modifier..occas used erron for linden (MAP)

      rattleweed n a • also, perh erron, rattlewood

      rubbers n pl • [..an erron alteration of earlier rubs..]

      running pine n • Also, perh erron, running vine

euphemism; euphemistic(ally); also minced form; minced oath; minced phrase

      ace-over-apex adv phr • euphem

      afflicted ppl adj • [..here used as euphem for var disorders]

      African n1, adj C2 • Used euphemistically in allusion to nigger in the woodpile 1a

      all-fire n • old-fash, euphem

      all-fired adj • [Euphem for hell-fired]

      all-fired adv • [Euphem for hell-fired]

      alter v • somewhat old-fash, sometimes euphem

      Andy n • euphem

      animal n B1 • euphem, esp among rural and male speakers; somewhat old-fash

      animal fertilizer n • euphem

      answer the last call v phr • euphem

      antymire n • [Euphem blend of ant + pismire]

      ash can n 4 • euphem

      aunt n B5 • euphem, esp among female speakers

      aunt n B6 • euphem

      Aunt Jane’s room n • joc, euphem

      A-wiper n • euphem

      back of the lap n • joc or euphem

      bad man n 2 • euphem (MAP)

      bad place n • euphem (MAP)

      bagodbajees exclam • euphem

      ballyhack n • euphem

      basement n 2 • euphem

      basket n 4 • euphem

      bass-ackward(s) adv, adj • esp among men; joc or euphem

      beast n B2 • euphem

      bedide intj • [Euphem for be damned or bedad by God]

      bees swarm phr • euphem

      biffy n • euphem (MAP)

      big jump, the n • euphem

      billy-be-damned n • Also euphem sp Billy Bedam

      billy hell n • Also euphem pronc-sp Billy Hal

      birch n • euphem, joc

      biscuit n B5 • euphem (MAP)

      biscuit-eater n • [Euphem for bitch]

      bit-player n • euphem

      black-dogged ppl adj • euphem

      blazes n, intj • euphem (MAP)

      blood n 4 • euphem

      bloody monthlies n • euphem

      blowed ppl adj 1 • euphem

      bohunkus n 1 • joc, euphem

      boo-dock n • joc euphem

      bound v 2 • euphem

      break one’s leg v phr • euphem

      brute n • euphem

      buck n1 2g • euphem (MAP)

      build the fence v phr • old-fash, euphem

      Bull Durham exclam • euphem

      bullshipper n • [Euphem for bullshitter]

      bungy n • euphem

      bushwa n2, exclam • [Prob euphem for bullshit..]

      buttricks n • [Euphem for buttocks]

      calendar fear n • euphem

      catfish n 1 • [Prob euphem for cat shit]

      cat-harn n • [Minced form, ult from God-damn]

      cat’s foot intj • [Prob orig euphem for Christ’s foot]

      cattle bay n • [Prob euphem for bull bay]

      chamber n B4 • euphem, somewhat old-fash

      change v1 • euphem (MAP)

      changes n pl • euphem

      chase a rabbit v phr • euphem

      check out v phr 1 • euphem

      checks, cash in one’s v phr • euphem

      cheese and crackers intj • euphem

      cheesecakes n pl • euphem

      chicken crow n • [Euphem for cockcrow dawn]

      chihuahua intj • euphem

      Christmas intj • [Euphem..]

      clip v • euphem

      college n B3 • euphem

      colored baby n • euphem

      come over v phr 2 • euphem

      condemn v • euphem

      consarn v • somewhat old-fash, euphem

      consarned ppl adj, adv • euphem

      consound v • euphem

      contrive v 3 • euphem

      contwisted ppl adj • euphem, obs

      cookie n1 3 • joc, euphem (MAP)

      country cousin n • euphem

      cousin n 3 • euphem

      cover the waterfront v phr 1 • euphem

      cow n B3 • euphem

      cow n B5 • euphem

      cowbrute n • sometimes used euphem for a bull

      cow critter n • sometimes used euphem for a bull

      cow’s husband n • euphem or joc

      cow topper n • euphem

      crackers intj • [Euphem for Christ]

      cracky intj • [Prob euphem for Christ..]

      cramp n • [Euphem for Christ]

      creation intj • [Prob euphem for Christ]

      creekers intj • [Euphem for Christ..]

      cricket intj • [Euphem for Christ]

      crickey intj • [Euphem for Christ]

      crimast intj • [Euphem for Christ]

      criminy intj • [Prob euphem for Christ..] (MAP)

      crimps intj • [Prob euphem for Christ]

      crimus intj • [Prob euphem for Christ]

      cripe intj • [Euphem for Christ]

      critter n B2b • euphem

      cross v 5 • euphem

      crow intj • [Euphem for Christ]

      crower n • euphem

      cry-eye exclam • [Ellip euphem for Christ..]

      curtsy mug n • euphem

      custom exclam • euphem

      cute adj 2 • euphem

      cut one’s foot v phr • euphem

      d. adj • euphem

      d. n • euphem

      daddy n 5 • euphem

      darnation n, adj, adv, intj • [darn euphem for damn]

      deuce, the n • euphem

      devil and Tom Walker, the n • euphem the dickens and Tom Walker

      ding v2 • euphem

      dingdong n 4 • euphem

      dingleberry n 2 • euphem

      dingnation n • euphem, old-fash

      dingus n1 2 • euphem

      dinners n pl • euphem, joc

      do v D4 • in var euphem phrr referring to defecation or urination

      doctor v 4 • euphem

      dod n • [Euphem for God]

      dog n1 B7 • [Euphem for God]

      dog v 6 • [Euphem] (MAP)

      dog-bodied adv phr • euphem

      dog my cats intj • euphem

      doldern intj • euphem

      donkey dust n • [Euphem..]

      doodle n1 1 • [Prob euphem for cock n2..] (MAP)

      doodl(e)y squat n • euphem

      double-dog dare v phr • The formulaic phrr build..on..euphemistic..intensifiers.

      down n3 • euphem

      down adv B2 • [..possibly a minced form for damn]

      down below adv phr 2 • euphem; esp freq among younger speakers

      downstairs n • euphem

      drat v • esp among educ speakers and women; euphem

      dress v 4 • euphem

      dressing n 5 • euphem (MAP)

      drop off v phr 1 • euphem

      drop one’s oar v phr • euphem

      drop out v phr 1 • euphem

      duke n1 2 • euphem

      dumb v, adj, intj • [Euphems for damn, damned]

      dumfoozled adj 2 • euphem

      durn v, intj • Used as a euphem for damn

      dust n1 4 • euphem

      earl v • used in var euphem phrr

      ell n2 • euphem

      end man n 2 • euphem

      entertaining the general vbl n • euphem

      escusada n • euphem

      excuse house n • euphem

      fade v 2 • joc, euphem

      fall asleep v phr • euphem

      fall off the roof v phr • joc, euphem

      family way, in a adj phr • euphem

      fashionable tour n • euphem

      father n B2 • euphem

      father n B3 • euphem

      feel good v phr • joc, euphem

      female complaint n • euphem

      Ferdinand n • joc or euphem

      fetched ppl adj, adv • euphem

      fetch-taked adj • euphem

      fiddler’s feist n • [Euphem for fiddler’s bitch]

      filly n 1 • euphem

      filly n 2 • joc, euphem

      find v B2 • euphem (MAP)

      find rest v phr • euphem

      flag n2 2 • euphem

      flag-gone adj • euphem

      fling n • euphem

      flint n 3 • euphem

      flourish v • euphem

      flower n B1 • euphem

      foot intj • euphem

      for crying in the beer intj • [Euphem for for Christ’s sake or similar oaths..]

      forevermore intj • [Euphem for oaths beginning with for or fore prep 2]

      forget it phr 2 • Used as euphem for damn it (all)

      fragrant adj • joc, euphem

      frances n • euphem

      freaking ppl adj • euphem

      full moon n • euphem

      furnace n 1 • euphem

      fury n • Used as a euphem for hell, the devil, etc

      gadder n2 • [Var of gad euphem for God]

      galloping dandruff n • joc or euphem

      game chicken n • [Euphem]

      garden seed n • [Euphem for God sakes or similar phr]

      geekus crow intj • [Euphem for Jesus Christ]

      gentleman n B2 • euphem (MAP)

      ginger n 3 • [Prob euphem for Jesus]

      glory n1 B1 • freq in euphem phrr referring to death

      glory n1 B2 • [..euphem for heaven(s) or God]

      goat meat n • euphem

      Godfrey n, intj • [Euphem for God]

      gold dust n • euphem

      gonnies n • [Euphem varr of God..]

      gorry n, intj • [Euphem for God; cf golly]

      gorry mighty intj • [Euphems for God almighty..]

      gorsh n, intj • [Varr of gosh (euphem for God)..]

      gosh all hemlock intj • [Euphems for gosh almighty < God almighty]

      goshed adv • euphem

      got intj • [Euphem for God]

      grabs, by intj • [Euphems for by (or good) God]

      grandpa n B5 • euphem

      grass n 5a • euphem

      great guns exclam • euphem (MAP)

      Guinea n3 • [Euphem for God..]

      gum v3 • usu in euphem phrr dad-gum (it)

      gummy intj • [Cf gum euphem for God]

      half-moon n 1 • joc, euphem

      hallelujah n B1 • euphem

      handle n, v1 C1 • euphem

      hanover n 2 • [..as a euphem for Hell cf EDD]

      haystack n 6 • euphem

      he n 1 • freq euphem

      head of the herd n • euphem

      Hector n 2 • [Perh euphem for hell]

      heifer dust n 2 • [Euphem for bullshit]

      helch n • [Euphem for hell]

      Helen n • [Euphems for hell]

      hell all Friday intj • [Perh euphem for God Almighty]

      hello intj • [Euphems for hell, hail Mary]

      help n B • [Euphem for hell]

      hen n2 • [Euphem for hell]

      henfire n • [Euphem for hellfire..]

      Henry n 2 • [Euphem for hell, with pun on O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)]

      hickory n B9 • euphem

      hindsights n pl 1 • [..prob also euphem for hindside n]

      hog n B1b • often euphem

      Horace n • euphem

      hum n2 • euphem

      hump n 3 • euphem

      i prep • [By reduction of by in exclam phrr by God, by Jesus and varr (often with minced forms)..]

      i prep • Used in var exclam phrr, usu with a euphem for God or Jesus

      ill adj 2 • euphem

      jabees intj • [Euphem for Jesus..]

      Jacks, by intj • [Euphems for by Jesus]

      jaw’s harp n • [Prob euphem or folk-etym for Jew’s harp]

      jaybird intj • [Euphem for Jesus]

      jeekers intj • [Prob euphem for Jesus (Christ)]

      Jeems intj • [Euphems for Jesus..]

      jeepers intj • [Euphems for Jesus (Christ)]

      jeez intj • [Euphems for Jesus] (MAP)

      jeezum crow intj • [Euphems for Jesus Christ]

      jeezy-peezy intj • [Redup euphem for Jesus (Christ)]

      Jehoshaphat n • [The Biblical name used as a euphem for Jesus]

      Jemima n • [The Biblical name used as a euphem for Jesus]

      jerps, by intj • [Prob euphem for by Jesus]

      Jerusalem n • [The Biblical name used as a euphem for Jesus]

      Jerush(e)y intj • [Pronc-spp for the Biblical name Jerusha used as euphems for Jesus..]

      jiggers n2 • [Euphem for Jesus]

      jiminy n • [..perh also infl by Jesus, as in many other minced oaths]

      jiminy n b • [Euphems for Jesus Christ]

      jingo n • [Perh euphem for Jesus..]

      John Brown v phr • used as a euphem for damn

      jokey adj • freq used euphem of a feebleminded person

      Jordan n B • [Euphem for Jesus]

      Joses n • [Minced form of Jesus..]

      juckers n • [Prob euphem for Jesus]

      Judas n • [Minced form of Jesus] (MAP)

      kick n 2 • euphem

      kitty n 3 • euphem (MAP)

      lady’s monthly journal n • joc, euphem

      land n • [Orig euphem for Lord..]

      landy n • [Euphem for Lordy; cf land]

      lawsy n, intj • rarely in other formulaic phrr as a euphem for Lord

      lay away v phr • euphem

      lie down v phr 1 • [..appar euphem for go to bed..] (MAP)

      litter n 1 • euphem (MAP)

      little house n 1 • euphem

      little sister n • euphem

      little Willie n • euphem

      Lord n1 B1 • also minced phrr Lawk ’a’ mercy, Lawsy mercy, Lordy mercy and varr

      Lucy Bowles n • joc, euphem (MAP)

      male adj • euphem (MAP)

      mammy-dodging adj • euphem

      man n C6 • euphem

      marble orchard n • joc or euphem

      mark v1 2 • used..euphemistically, to castrate (MAP)

      Mary Jane n 2 • euphem

      minnie n5 • euphem

      mischief n B • freq used euphemistically in exclams

      nation n2 • [Euphem abbr, prob for damnation]

      Nell’s bells exclam • euphem

      nighthawk n 6 • [Prob euphem for night glass or varr]

      office n 2 • euphem

      old man n 4 • euphem

      ox n B1 • euphem

      pa n B3 • euphem

      papa n2 3 • euphem

      pass v 1 • euphem

      pee ant n • [Euphem] (MAP)

      piss-hole in the snow n • euphem

      plague-gone adj phr, adv phr • euphem

      plant v 1 • joc or euphem

      plant one’s corn before one builds the fence v phr • euphem

      poke the puppy v phr • [Euphem for fuck the dog]

      portly adj 1 • [..now largely replaced by the orig euphem sense “stout, corpulent”]

      possible n • euphem

      post office n • euphem

      pot n 12 • euphem

      puredee adj, adv • [Prob orig euphem for pure damn(ed)]

      ramshackled ppl adj 2 • Used as a euphem for “damned.”

      rooster n 1 • euphem

      rumpityfetida n • [Euphem var of asafetida]

      Sam Patch n • Used as a euphem for the devil or hell

      sea biscuit n • euphem

      sea cook n • euphem (MAP)

      shit fire exclam • euphem shoot fire

      sickness n • euphem (MAP)

      sire n 1 • sometimes euphem (MAP)

      sit down v phr • euphem (MAP)

      skate n2 1 • [..perh a (euphem?) var of skite n.2 2..]

      slop jar n 1 • [Euphem use of slop jar large vessel used to collect household wastewater..]

      slut n 2 • euphem

      something on a stick n • [Euphem for shit on a stick]

      stable horse n • euphem

      steer n1 • euphem

      stock cow n • euphem (MAP)

      sugar foot n 3 • euphem

      sugar tit n • euphems sugar tee, ~ thumb, ~ treat, S.T.

      Sunday cow n • euphem

      surly n • euphem (MAP)

      swan v • used euphemistically for “I swear to God.”

      swizzled ppl adj1 • euphem for damned—freq in phr I’ll be swizzled

      swoggled ppl adj • euphem for damned—freq in phr I’ll be swoggled

      tap n1 2 • [..from tap tool for cutting a female thread, as euphem substitute for nut]

      tarnation n, exclam • Used alone or in var combs as a euphem for hell, damnation

      tarnation adj, adv • Used as a euphem for damned, damnably

      tee-tee v, n • euphem

      Tennessee chicken n • Used as a..euphem term for some meat other than chicken, esp salt pork

      thunderation n, exclam • Used as a euphem for hell, damnation

      thunderation adv • Used as a euphem for damnably

      timberdoodle n • [Perh humorous or euphem alteration of woodcock..]

      time n C4 • euphem

      timenation n, exclam • Used as a euphem for damnation

      top n 4 • euphem

      Tophet n • Used as a euphem for hell

      torment n • Used as a euphem for hell (MAP)

      torment v • Used as a euphem for damn

      toro n 1b • Used as a euphem

      trifle on v phr • [From euphem use of trifle with in ref to sexual misbehavior]

      tunket n1 1 • Used as a euphem for hell

      unwell adj • euphem

      vessel n • euphem (MAP)

      work v 3 • euphem (MAP)


      dah n • [Prob Ewe da mother]

      foo-foo n1 • [Of West-African origin, rel to Ewe fu1fu1..and Fon fufu..]

      voodoo n • [LaFr voudou of wAfr origin; cf Ewe, Fon vodu spirit, demon]


      a inert vowel • [Excrescent]

      acrost adv, prep • [across + excrescent t..]

      attackt n • [attack + excr -t]

      attackt v • [attack + excr -t..]

      axt n • [ax + excr t, perh infl by Ger Axt ax]

      balunst v • Pronc-sp for balance + excr t

      crost adv, prep • [Aphet form of across + excr t]

      exoduster n 1 • [exodus..+ excr t + er..]

      hall n2 • [haw + excr l]

orphan n • [..The appar excrescent l of orfling, etc, may represent a survival of orphelin (OED ➝1652, EDD

      scrooch v • [Prob orig < crooch (dial var of crouch) + excrescent s-..]

      snufter n • [Prob snuffer n1 + excrescent t..]


      a indef art • eye-dial er, ur

      any pron, adj, adv • eye-dial enny, hence also ennyhow, ennywhar, etc.

      be v Al • eye-dial ar’

      be v A3 • Eye-dial iz

      be v A4 • Eye-dial wuz, ’uz

      be v A5 • eye-dial wur

      Christmas gift exclam • Pronc-spp or eye-dial C(h)ris’mus gif’; Christmas giff (MAP)

      climb v 1 • eye-dial clime

      clothes n pl • eye-dial cloes, clo’es, close

      college n • Eye-dial spp colli(d)ge

      colonel n • eye-dial kurnal, kurnel

      come v • Eye-dial sp cum

      critical-looking adj • Eye-dial sp crittacul-lookin’

      cur dog n • Eye-dial cur dawg (MAP)

      deaf adj • eye-dial def(f)

      disencourage v • Eye-dial sp disincurridge

      do v Al • Eye-dial or pronc-spp dew, doo, du

      do tell exclam • Eye-dial dew tell, du ~

      exactly adv • eye-dial sp eggzactly

      folk n B2 • eye-dial sp fowkses

      heir v • Eye-dial sp air

      Indian bouquet n • Eye-dial sp Indian bokay

      June rise n • Eye-dial sp Joone rise

      listen v • Eye-dial lisen, liss(e)n

      money light n • Eye-dial sp munny lite

      of prep • eye-dial sp uv

      onto prep • eye-dial ontu 

      pretty adj, adv, n A1a • eye-dial sp pritty

      say v B1a • eye-dial sp sez

      say v B3 • eye-dial sp sez

      suspicion v • Eye-dial sp suspishion

      voluntary adj • Eye-dial sp vol’nterry