Mississippi, Feeding Chickens

Speaker is from Picayune, MS; she is a 79-year-old white woman with a grade-school education.

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[FW:] Now, you just pretend you hadn’t talked to me any before, and you tell me about the government movin’ you up here.

[INF:]Well now, I don’t remember the day or the month or nothing like that, you understand. But I know they come one evening. I just was fixin’ to quit working in my garden. And he comed and he says, uh, “Well,” says, “Is this Miss [xx]?” And I says, “That’s what they call me. Other words, Aunt Blue.” I said, “Yes.” He says, “Well,” says, “I’m takin’ pictures around.” Says, “The government’s goin’ to take over everything and Gainesville’s goin’ have to move out.” I says, “All this many years?” I says, “You talk crazy.” And he laughed. He says, “No.” Says, “I’m here just to tellin you.” Said, “Friendly talk.” And he says, uh, then my chickens was all out an’ it was late in the evening, you know. I told him, I says, “Well you have to excuse me. I got to put my chickens in the chicken yard.” He says, “That’s just what I want you to do.” Well, there was a short fellow with him, you know. He didn’t never tell me who he was, you understand. And I went to put my chickens in the chicken yard, fed ’em. And I had on my old bonnet and shirt where I’d been workin’, you know. And I throwed the corn out. And I noticed this short feller walked up close to him and said something another. And he says, “Well, you’ve got a pretty bunch of chickens.” Says, “Do they lay?” I says, “Yes.” I says, “Sometimes I pick up nine eggs a day and sometimes I don’t.” He says, “Well, this surely is a pretty place.” Well, I didn’t know the short man walked up to him and took my picture just as I went to some throw some corn out to ’em, you know.