California, Moon landing

Speaker is from Weaverville, CA; she is a 72-year-old white woman with a high-school education. The interview took place in 1969, the morning after the moon landing.

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INFORMANT: It was rather interesting just to watch them gathering their materials and—

FIELDWORKER: Bouncing around [laugh]

INFORMANT: Bouncing around, yeah their, their– what they call it? “Kangaroo walk” or, or some—


INFORMANT: Well, something like that.

FIELDWORKER’S SISTER: Who named it that?

INFORMANT: I don’t know. [laugh]

FIELDWORKER: I bet those men are going to get quite a reception when they get back {to Earth.

INFORMANT: Oh yes,} I’ll be so glad when they land back now, but I think that’s, uh, pretty well, uh, fact, because they’ve landed so many safely now, that I-I feel re- relieved just getting off of the moon was the thing that was. . .

FIELDWORKER’S SISTER: Have they met with the, um, one that was circling [the moon]?

INFORMANT: Yes, they’ve rendezvoused. So I understand. That wasn’t shown either so I—but they say they have rendezvoused, so that’s a matter of making the circles and then coming down.

FIELDWORKER: What do you [sort of] imagine for the future? Do you imagine them sending up {ships really often and—

INFORMANT: I think they will. I think they} will do some more exploring up there.

FIELDWORKER’S SISTER: [xx] positive {[xx]

INFORMANT: Uh huh.} Because that was such a very small area, when you think of it, that, they just gathered rocks and, and uh, oh, samples of soil and all, and they did probe for some samples, and just what’s going to come of that I don’t know. I’ll be glad to read it.