Retired Staff Members

Attig, Cathy Production Assistant/Technical Typist
Berns, Roland General and Science Editor
Blake, Elizabeth Proofreader
Bormann, Ginny Office Administrator
Kolstad, Sheila Senior Science Editor
Monk, Jan Bibliographer
von Schneidemesser, Luanne Senior Editor
Zwilling, Leonard General Editor/Bibliographer


Roland Berns

“Colloquial Science.” Wisconsin People & Ideas 52.4 (2006) 43–45 This was earlier in DARE Newsletter 6.1 (Winter 2003) as “A Scientific Portrait” DARENEWS61.pdf

“Mean Enough to Push a Widder Woman’s Dog in the Well.” Wisconsin People & Ideas X.X (20XX) xx-xx Earlier in DARE Newsletter 13.2/3 (Spring/Sumer 2010) DARENEWS13_23.pdf.