F1 What do you call a heavy metal pan that’s used to fry foods?

F3 When you’re frying things—for example, eggs—you turn them over with a(n) ________.

F4 What do you call the deep metal container used to boil foods?

F4b When you buy whole beans to make coffee, first you have to put them in a(n) ________.

F4c When you buy a cup of coffee that is too hot to hold, you put a(n) ___________ around it.

F6 The kitchen utensil with holes punched through the sides and bottom, to drain off liquid from foods:

F7 The kitchen utensil with wire mesh, used to separate the fine part of food from the coarse:

F7b What do you call the device in a kitchen sink that allows you to grind up food waste?

F7c What do you call the electric piece of kitchen equipment that allows you to chop, slice, grind, or puree foods?

F8 The kitchen utensil that you pass flour through:

F9 To get a liquid through a narrow opening—for example, the neck of a bottle—you’d pour it through a(n) ________.

F10 If you are familiar with wood-burning stoves—what do you call the round, flat pieces that you take out to put in the wood?

F11 The thing you use to remove the lids (or other word) from a wood-burning stove when it is hot:

F12 The flat metal piece below a wood-burning stove, to catch the ashes:

F22b A small paper container for carrying a lunch: “He had his lunch in a(n) ________.”

F23 A container made of rough, loosely-woven, brown cloth; commonly used for potatoes, etc.:

F24 The container for kitchen parings and scraps—inside the kitchen:

F25 The place where you put kitchen parings and scraps—out of doors:

F25b The container you collect recyclables in:

F27a What you turn on and off inside the house to get running water:

F27b What you turn on and off outside the house to get running water:

F30 What is a pail made of?

F31 What is a bucket made of?

F32 Talking about a sudden flood in the cellar, you might say, “A water pipe must have ________.”

F33 A small tool that you hold in one hand, with ‘jaws’ for gripping things:

F34 The wooden crosspieces that you put your feet on when you go up a ladder:

F35 A small broom that you hold in one hand, and use it in places that are hard to get at:

F36 Other kinds of brooms that people use around here:

F36b What do you call an electric appliance used to pick up dust and other smaller debris from your carpet?

F37 The room in a house with a sink and a toilet:

F38a If you’re staying at an old-fashioned house that doesn’t have a toilet, they might provide a container for you to use. You might call it a(n) ________.

F38b Joking names for toilet paper:

F38c If you’re in a restaurant and drink a lot of liquids, before you leave, you might say, “I’d better stop in the _________.”

F38d Nicknames for a toilet:

F38e At outdoor public events and at construction sites, planners need to provide temporary toilet facilities. What do you call these?

F39 A large pocket knife with blades that fold in and out:

F43 After clothes have been washed, what do you do to get the soap off?

F46 What do you call the kind of matches you can strike anywhere?

F46b What do you call an ordinary sewing pin?

F47 What do you call the wire or rubber device with a handle, that is used to kill flies?

F48a What do you call pages of writing paper glued together at the top with a cardboard back?

F48b At the grocery store, the cashier will put your purchases in a(n) ________ .

F48c What do you call the commercial business where you go to wash your clothes?

F48d The vehicle with wheels used to carry your groceries around the store is called a(n) __________.

F48e What do you call the thin, soft paper you use when you blow your nose:

F48f An object whose name is unknown or forgotten is a(n) ___________.

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