Tobacco, Liquor and Drugs

Tobacco, Liquor and Drugs

DD1 What different forms does chewing tobacco come in around here?

DD2 The portion or quantity of tobacco chewed at one time: “He’s always got a big ________ in his cheek.”

DD4 Moisture in the mouth, colored brown by snuff or chewing tobacco:

DD5 A metal or earthenware receptacle on the floor that tobacco-chewers use, or used to use:

DD6a Other names or nicknames for cigars:

DD6b Nicknames for cigarettes:

DD7 Different names for cigars around here according to size, shape, or the way they’re made:

DD8 The part left over when a cigar or cigarette is smoked:

DD9a What expressions are used about a person who smokes a great deal? “She’s a(n) ________.”

DD9b Of a person who smokes a great deal, you might say, “He smokes like a(n) ________.”

DD12 Words or expressions for a person who drinks steadily or a great deal: “He’s a(n) ________.”

DD13 When a drinker is just beginning to show the effects of the liquor, you say she’s ________.

DD14 When a person is partly drunk: “He’s ________.”

DD15 A person who is thoroughly drunk:

DD16 To have a drinking bout and get drunk is to go on a(n) ________.

DD17 To drink a great deal, or too fast: “He doesn’t just drink, he ________.”

DD18 A drink of liquor, or the amount of liquor taken in one swallow: “She took a good ________.”

DD21a General words used around here for any kind of liquor:

DD21b General words used around here for bad liquor:

DD21c Nicknames for whiskey, especially illegally-made whiskey:

DD22 Other expressions meaning delirium tremens:

DD25 What nicknames are used around here for beer?

DD25b The drink where a shot of whisky is put into beer is called a:

DD27 What nicknames are used around here for wine?

DD30 Joking names for a place where liquor is sold and consumed illegally, or was sold during Prohibition:

DD33a A person who drinks no liquor at all:

DD33b A person who is actively against drinking:

DD33c What do you call the cheapest liquor at a bar, usually kept out of sight (unlike call liquor, which is often displayed for customers to see)?

DD34a A party at which there is considerable drinking:

DD34b Names for someone who uses illegal drugs:

DD35a What are the favorite card games that people play around here?

DD35b In a card game where luck plays a big part, you might predict that the cards will run _________.

DD37 Other table games played a lot by adults around here:

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