R1 What do you call the small insect that flies at night and flashes a light in its tail?

R2 What other names do you have around here for the dragonfly?

R4 A large winged insect that hatches in summer in great numbers around lakes or rivers, crowds around lights, lives only a day or so, and is good fish bait:

R5 A big brown beetle that comes out in large numbers in spring and early summer, and flies with a buzzing sound:

R6 What other names do people have around here for grasshoppers?

R7 Insects that sit in trees or bushes in hot weather and make a sharp, buzzing sound:

R8 Other kinds of creatures that make a clicking or shrilling or chirping kind of sound:

R9a An insect from two to four inches long that lives in bushes and looks like a dead twig:

R9b An insect that holds up its front feet as if saying a prayer:

R10 A very small fly that doesn’t sting, often seen hovering in large groups or bunches outdoors in summer:

R11 A very tiny fly that you can hardly see, that stings:

R12 What other kinds of flies are common around here—for example, those that fly around animals?

R13 Flies that come to meat or fruit:

R14 Small worm-like things (seen in rain barrels or standing water) that hatch into mosquitoes:

R15a What names or nicknames do you have around here for a mosquito?

R15b Any names for an extra-big mosquito?

R17 What names do you have for the big black ants that sting?

R18 What other kinds of ants do you have around here?

R19a The place where bees live and store their honey—tame bees:

R19b And the place where wild bees live and store their honey:

R20 Wasps that build their nests of mud:

R21 Are there any other kinds of wasps or stinging insects around here?

R22 Very small red insects, almost too small to see, that get under your skin and cause itching:

R23a Insects or other creatures that fasten themselves to the skin and suck blood—on land:

R23b Blood-sucking creatures—in water:

R24 What other names are used around here for a bedbug?

R25 Joking names for a head louse, or body louse:

R26 Any other names for the small greenish lice that come on plants?

R27 What kinds of caterpillars or similar worms do you have around here?

R28 What different kinds of spiders do you have around here?

R29a What do you call the thing that a spider spins and lives in—If it is indoors:

R29b What the spider spins—if it is outdoors:

R30 What other kinds of beetles are known around here—for example, because of their odor or color or something else?

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