D4 What do you call the space up under the roof, usually used for storing things?

D6 To get to the second floor, you walk up the ________.

D7a A small space anywhere in a house where you can hide things or get them out of the way:

D7b If household waste is collected by your municipality, you might say, “I’ll remember to put the ________ out tomorrow.”

D7c If household waste is not picked up by a municipality, you might say, “I have to take it to the _________.”

D8a The small room next to the kitchen where dishes and sometimes foods are kept:

D8b If the water in your area is hard, it can leave a whitish residue on faucets. What would you call that?

D9 To prevent bread and cake from drying, you put them in a(n) ________.

D10b The place to keep food cool, run by electricity or gas:

D11 When you go into a house, the part just beyond the front door is the ________.

D12 The part that’s put on in winter around an outside door to give extra protection from the cold:

D13 The room where you entertain company:

D16 Names used around here for parts added on to the main part of a house:

D17a What do you call the platform, sometimes with a roof, that’s built on the front or the side of a house?

D17b What do you call the large glass door in a house that slides open and often leads out onto a deck or patio?

D18 The part of the house below the ground floor:

D19 Referring to the part of the house below the ground floor, you might say, “I’m going ________.”

D20a Names for a sloping outside cellar door:

D20b When the grass is getting too long in your yard, you might say, “I have to _________.”

D20c What tool would you use to do the job in the preceding question?

D20d What tool do you use to edge a lawn or garden?

D21 A small, poorly-built house, or one in rundown condition:

D22 Underground place to go to in case of a violent windstorm:

D23 A house that is divided in two through the middle so that two families can live in it:

D24 What do you call a building that provides separate living quarters for several families?

D26 What names do you have for different kinds of apartments?

D26b What do you call the kind of dwelling that can be towed on the highway, but is usually fixed in one place?

D26c What do you call a community made up of mobile homes?

D26d A place where people come to spend a vacation in a parked travel trailer:

D26e What do you call a vacation home? “We went to (the) __________ for the weekend.”

D26f What do you call a vehicle especially designed for travel and camping?

D26g If a person buys a house to fix up and sell at a profit, you might say, “He’s going to ________ that house.”

D27 Strips of wood used to cover the outside of a frame house:

D28 What hangs below the edge of the roof to carry off rainwater?

D29 The pipe that takes the collected rainwater down to the ground or to a storage tank:

D30 The strip of wood or metal that covers the ridge of a roof:

D31 In front of a fireplace there’s usually stonework on the floor—what do you call this?

D32 The metal stand in a fireplace that the logs are laid on:

D33 When you build a fire in the fireplace, what do you call the big log that goes behind the others?

D34 What do you call the small pieces of wood and other stuff that are used to start a fire?

D36a What do you call the shelf over the fireplace?

D36b What kinds of fuel other than oil or gas are burned in stoves to heat a house?

D37 The strip of wood along the bottom of the wall (inside a room) joining to the floor:

D39 What nicknames do people have around here for a small eating place where the food is not especially good?

D40 Names and nicknames around here for the upper balcony in a theater:

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