Health and Disease

Health and Disease

BB1 When a person has been injured so that when she walks she steps more heavily on one foot than the other: “She ________.”

BB2 If a person is careful not to put much weight on his injured leg, you might say he was ________ that leg.

BB3a What do you call a pain that strikes you suddenly in the neck?

BB3b A sudden pain that strikes you in the back:

BB3c A sudden pain that comes in the side:

BB4 Other words for a pain—for example, in the arm: “She’s had a(n) ________ in her arm for a week.”

BB5 A general feeling of discomfort or illness that isn’t any one place in particular: “I just have the _________.”

BB8 When a person’s joints and muscles ache and sometimes swell up, especially in damp weather, he may have (the) ______.

BB9 A sickness in which you have a severe cough and difficult breathing—it often starts with a cold, and lasts a week or two:

BB11 Speaking of a deep cough that you can’t seem to get rid of: “Listen to her ________.”

BB12 The kind of cough that comes with bronchitis: “He has a(n) ________ cough.”

BB13 Other words used around here for chills and fever:

BB14 To suddenly become unconscious and fall: “Just as she came to the door, she ________.”

BB15 Somebody who is unconscious from a hard blow: “He’s been ________ for ten minutes.”

BB16a If something a person ate didn’t agree with her, she might be sick ________ her stomach.

BB16b If something a person ate didn’t agree with him, he might just feel a bit ________.

BB17 Other words or expressions used around here meaning ’to vomit’:

BB18 To vomit a great deal at once:

BB19 Joking names for looseness of the bowels:

BB20 Joking names or expressions for overactive kidneys:

BB21 Other words for being constipated:

BB22b Other names for a condom:

BB22c Names for female contraceptives:

BB23 The disease where the skin becomes a yellowish color:

BB24 If your bare arm comes in contact with nettles or another irritating plant and you develop reddish bumps, you might say, “I have _________ all over my arm.”

BB25 What are some common skin diseases around here?

BB27 When somebody pretends to be sick (often to get out of doing something), you’d say he’s ________.

BB28 Joking names that people make up for imaginary diseases: “She must have the ________.”

BB29 What do you call the red flesh that sometimes grows in a wound and keeps it from healing right?

BB30 What do you call a hard, painful swelling (often on a finger) that seems to come from deep under the skin?

BB32 If somebody had a swelling—for example, in her whole face—you might say, “Last week her face was all ________.”

BB33a What do you call a swelling under the skin, bigger than a pimple, that comes to a head?

BB33b What do you call a swelling under the skin—if it is very big or serious?

BB35 The yellowish stuff that comes out of a boil when the head breaks:

BB36 When there’s an open sore and this yellowish stuff is coming out of it, you say it’s ________.

BB37 When yellowish stuff comes out of a person’s ear, she has a(n) ________.

BB38 When a person doesn’t look healthy, or looks as if he hadn’t been well for some time, you’d say, “He looks ________.”

BB39 On a day when you don’t feel just right, though not actually sick, you might say, “I’ll be all right tomorrow—I’m just feeling ________ today.”

BB41 Not seriously ill, but sick enough to be in bed: “He’s been ________ for a week.”

BB43 A person who has to stay in bed all the time: “For two years now he’s been ________.”

BB44 Words used around here about a person just starting some sickness—for example, pneumonia: “She ________ pneumonia.”

BB47 Feeling in the best of health and spirits: “I’m feeling ________!”

BB48 When a person has too much sugar in her blood and may have to take insulin for it, you’d say she has ________.

BB50e Names and nicknames for a public device where you can get a free drink of water:

BB52 What joking words do you have around here for a dentist?

BB53a What joking names do you have for a doctor?

BB53b What do you call a doctor who is not very capable or doesn’t have a very good reputation?

BB56 Joking expressions for dying: “He ________.”

BB56a Serious ways of saying that someone died: “After a long illness, she ________ .”

BB57 If someone committed suicide, you’d say he ________.

BB60 If friends and relatives are invited to gather at the place where the body is before the funeral, the announcement might say, “The ________ will be on Thursday at 2 pm.”

BB61a Other words used around here for a cemetery:

BB61b Any joking names for a cemetery?

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