Farm Buildings

Farm Buildings

M1 What different or special kinds of barns do you have around here according to their use or the way they are built?

M1b What do you call the temporary buildings made of curved metal poles with a clear plastic covering over them, for starting young plants?

M2 What do you call the small wooden construction on top of a barn with slats for ventilation? (It sometimes has a weather vane on it.)

M3 The place inside a barn for storing hay:

M5 What do you call the hole for throwing hay down below?

M6 The place where grain is kept in a barn:

M9 The part of a barn where horses are kept:

M10 The part of the barn where cows are kept:

M11 What do you put the cow’s head through when she stands in the barn?

M12 What do you keep food for the cattle in over winter?

M13 The space near the barn with a fence around it where you keep the livestock:

M14 The open area around or next to the barn:

M15 The place outdoors where pigs are kept:

M15b Where do you keep pigs indoors?

M16 The small shelter for hens that can be moved about from place to place:

M17 A building where chickens or hens are kept:

M17a What do you call an enclosure for chickens or other poultry that is movable and that has no floor?

M18 The separate building where milk is kept cool:

M19 A place for keeping carrots, turnips, potatoes, and so on over the winter:

M20 A small building where meat or fish is smoked and cured:

M21b Names for an outside toilet building:

M21c What do you call a large building with metal siding?

M22 What other kinds of buildings would there be on farms around here?

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