Buying and Selling, Money

Buying and Selling, Money

U1a If you plan to go to several kinds of stores to buy things, you might say, “I’m going ________.”

U1b If you’re new to a city and want to buy food, you might ask, “Where’s the nearest ________?”

U1c If you plan to buy food, you would say, “I’m going ________.”

U1d Names for a small neighborhood store owned and operated by a family:

U3 A coat, dress, or other garment that is passed on from one person to another (or an older child to a younger one):

U4 A place where you can take something valuable and borrow money on it:

U5 Someone who sells small articles on a street corner:

U5b What do you call a store associated with a gas station, that is open late?

U8a Other ways of saying, “It cost me ten dollars.”

U8b Similar expressions meaning “I paid ten dollars for it.”

U9a If you buy something for much less than it usually costs, you say, “At ten dollars it was a(n) ________!”

U9b If you buy something that comes with a written statement that the company will fix it if it has defects, that statement is called a(n) ________.

U11 If you buy something but don’t pay cash for it, you might say, “I ________.”

U11b When you use a credit card, the machine or the cashier may say, “Please ________ your card.”

U11c Other ways of paying for things: “I don’t have any cash with me, so I’ll use (a) __________.”

U12 If you were buying something and you argued with the person selling it till you made him lower the price, you might say, “I ________.”

U13 When buying or exchanging something that you have not seen, you say you’re getting (it) ________.

U14 When you’re exchanging with somebody when neither one has seen what the other has (children often do this), you’d call that a(n) ________.

U15 When you’re buying something, if the seller puts in a little extra to make you feel that you’re getting a good bargain, you call that (a) ________.

U16 If somebody was caught short of money and went to a friend to get some, she might say, “I need fifty dollars before Saturday, will you ________ it to me?”

U17 Names or nicknames for a person who doesn’t pay his bills:

U18 If you force somebody to pay money that he owes you, but that he did not want to pay, you might say, “I finally made him ________.”

U19a Words used around here for money in general: “She’s certainly got the ________.”

U19b Talking of paper money: “He always carries a big ________.”

U20 Words used for dollars around here: “It cost a hundred ________.”

U21 Other words for ‘one cent’:

U22 Other words around here for a five-cent piece:

U23 Other words for a 25-cent piece:

U24 Other words for a 50-cent piece:

U26 Names or nicknames around here for a paper dollar:

U27 Names for a silver dollar:

U28a Names for other kinds of money—a five-dollar bill:

U28b Names for other kinds of money—a ten-dollar bill:

U28c Names for other kinds of money—a twenty-dollar bill:

U28d A machine that performs banking services:

U29 Names or nicknames around here for worthless money:

U30a What do you take with you to carry your money and personal items?

U30b What do you keep your coins and bills in when you carry them around with you?

U30c What do you call the kind of bag with one shoulder strap, worn over the back, and often used by cyclists?

U32 Words and expressions used about a very generous person: “He’s (a) ________.”

U33 Names or nicknames for a stingy person:

U35 Words meaning thrifty, but not in a complimentary way: “She’s very ________.”

U36a A person who saves money in a mean way or is greedy in money matters: “He’s an awful ________.”

U36b Words and expressions used to describe a person who saves in a mean way or is greedy in money matters: “She certainly is ________.”

U37 Words and expressions about somebody who has plenty of money:

U38a Words referring to a great deal of money: “He’s got ________ (of money).”

U38b Words referring to a great deal of money: “She made a(n) ________ (of money).”

U39 Somebody who has lost all his money: “When the recession hit, he ________.”

U40 Somebody who is temporarily out of money: You might say, “At the moment, she’s ________.”

U41a Somebody who has lost everything and is very poor: “He’s ________.”

U41b To describe somebody who has lost everything, you might say, “She’s poor as ________.”

U43 What do you call the kind of store where most articles cost only a dollar or two?

U43b When people put out used objects for sale on their property, they’re having a(n) _________.

U43c What do you call a sale of second-hand items to support a church or non-profit group?

U43d What do you call a store that sells used clothing and household items, often run by a charity?

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