Boats and Sailing

Boats and Sailing

O1 What do you call a small rowboat, not big enough to hold more than two people?

O2 Nicknames around here for an old, clumsy boat:

O3 A small platform sticking out into the water where boats can tie up, and people can get into them:

O4 A much larger structure where ships can come to land:

O5 The posts standing in the water which these platforms rest on:

O6 If a wooden boat is leaking, what do you have to do to stop the leaks?

O7 What do you call a place where boats can be rented?

O8 The devices on the sides of a boat that hold the oars in place:

O9 What kinds of sailboats are used around here?

O10 What other kinds of boats are used around here?

O11 What other names do you have for an outboard motor?

O12 A disturbance caused by wind which seems to run and spread quickly along the surface of water:

O13 A heavy stone structure, often with masonry work, that encloses and protects a harbor:

O14a A floating structure out in a large lake or the sea, usually marking a channel for boats:

O14b What different kinds of buoys are there?

O15 What names do you have for different kinds of waves around here, referring to how the water acts?

O16 What do you call the stirred-up water following a boat?

O17 When the water is very smooth and still, you call that a(n) ________.

O18 Different currents or actions of the water that are important when you’re in a boat:

O19 Different kinds or degrees of wind that are important when you’re in a boat:

O21 When men out in seagoing boats get together for a visit and a cup of hot coffee, that’s called a(n) ________.

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