E1 A piece of furniture that stands against the wall, and you hang clothes in/on it: [The intended text “in it” was inadvertently printed as “on it” in later QRs; this was mostly corrected by hand, but some FWs evidently followed the printed text or read both forms.]

E2 A built-in space in a room for hanging clothes:

E3 A piece of furniture in which you lay clothes flat:

E4 Section in a piece of furniture that you pull in and out: (Point to one.)

E5 A piece of furniture with a flat top for keeping tablecloths, dishes, and such:

E6 A small shelf hanging on the wall with small decorative articles on it:

E7 The piece of upholstered furniture that you can stretch out on to rest:

E8 A piece of upholstered furniture that holds two people: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

E9 A piece of upholstered furniture that seats three people: (Differences?)

E10 Knitted or crocheted pieces placed on the back and arms of a chair for decoration and cleanliness:

E11 Pieces of cloth that hang alongside a window to dress it up: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

E12 Pieces of stiff material that you pull down on the inside of a window to keep the sun out: (Gesture or point to them.)

E13 Words meaning to pull the shades (or other word) down: “When the sun is too bright, you go to the window and ________.” (Gesture.)

E14 Wooden slats built into a window frame that shut out the sun but let in light and air: (Only in Deep South)

E15 The cloth that is put on top of a bed, mostly for decoration:

E16 A padded covering used on a bed, mostly for warmth:

E17 The removable cover for a bed pillow:

E18 A temporary or emergency bed made up on the floor:

E19 What do you call a bed that is made up wrong as a joke? [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

E20 Soft rolls of dust that collect on the floor under beds or other furniture:

E21 Talking about a room that needs to be put in order, you might say, “I’m just going to ________ this room.”

E22 If a house is untidy and everything is upset, you might say, “It’s a ________!” or “It looks like ________.”

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