Q1 What do you call the kind of owl that makes a shrill, trembling cry?

Q2 Other kinds of owls found around here: (Open question)

Q3 Other birds that come out only after dark: (Open question)

Q4 What kinds of hawks are found around here? (Open question)

Q5 What kinds of wild ducks do you have around here? (Open question)

Q6 What kinds of wild geese do you have around here? (Open question)

Q7 Names and nicknames for other kinds of game birds around here: (Open question)

Q8 A water bird that makes a booming sound before rain and often stands with its beak pointed almost straight up:

Q9 The bird that looks like a small, dull-colored duck and is commonly found on ponds and lakes:

Q10 Other water birds and marsh birds common around here: (Open question)

Q11 What kinds of blackbirds do you have around here? (Open question)

Q12 What kinds of crows do you have around here? (Open question) [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

Q13 Names around here for the vulture:

Q14 What other names do you have around here for these birds: bobolink, brown thrasher, catbird, cowbird, cuckoo, goldfinch, killdeer, kingbird, martin, mockingbird, shrike, thrush?

Q15 What different kinds of larks do you have around here? (Open question)

Q16 What kinds of jays do you have around here? (Open question)

Q17 What kinds of woodpeckers do you have around here? (Open question)

Q18 Joking names and nicknames for woodpeckers:

Q19 Other birds similar to the whippoorwill: [Asked in early Questionnaires only]

Q20 What kinds of swallows and birds like them do you have around here?

Q21 Different kinds of sparrows around here:

Q22 Joking names or nicknames for the common sparrow:

Q23 The insect-eating bird that goes headfirst down a tree trunk:

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