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Jamaican; Dictionary of Jamaican English

      accoutrements n pl • [..cf DJE kruchument..]

      advantage v • [Cf DJE advantage in same sense]

      again adv B1 • [Cf DJE again 1..]

      alligator apple n • [..DJE 1756➝]

      alligator pear n • [DJE 1696➝]

      and them conj phr • [Cf DJE an’ dem]

      apple banana n • [..cf DJE]

      assen around v phr • [..cf DJE fishening, icening..]

      back back v phr • Cf DJE

      backways adv • Cf DJE

      banjo n • For hist development and addit spp see..DJE

      bean day n 1 • Cf DJE Banian Day

      beard n B2 • [..cf DJE corn-mouth]

      before-day n • Cf DJE (MAP)

      be-shame’ bush n • [..cf..DJE shamer]

      big-eye adj 1 • Cf DJE

      blow v2 • Cf DJE

      blue hole n • Cf DJE

      boo boo n1 • [..cf DJE bubu]

      brinjer n 2 • [Cf DJE brinjah]

      broadus n • [..= Caribbean creole braata (see DJE)..]

      buck v4 • Cf..DJE buck 5

      buckra n • [..cf DJE backra 1688➝]

      bumba n • [Cf DJE bumbo the buttocks]

      bungo n • Cf DJE bungay

      buzzard-blow-’e-nose n • Cf DJE John-Crow (Blow-) Nose

      by conj • [Cf DJE by conj 2]

      cala n1 • Cf DJE ackra

      caouane n • [..Cf..DJE kaiwaama]

      catch v B13 • Cf DJE catch 7

      caterpillar n B2 • [..cf DJE]

      chill-grass n • [..cf DJE fever grass]

      chizzywink n • [..cf..DJE merrywing mosquito..]

      choice v B • Cf DJE

      chunky pipe n • Cf DJE junka(-pipe)

      chupid adj • Cf DJE

      church mother n • Cf DJE mother

      cloy v • Cf DJE cly

      clucking hen n 2 • [DJE 1679➝]

      cocktail n • [..see also DJE cock-crow]

      coonah n • [..cf DJE John Canoe..]

      corn n B5 • Note: also in Caribbean; see DJE

      crazy ant n • Cf DJE mad-ants

      crocus sack n • Cf..DJE (MAP)

      cubbitch adj • [From covetous; DJE 1862➝]

      cubbitch adj 2 • [Cf DJE cubbitch-hole..]

      cuffy n • Cf DJE

      cut-eye n, v • [..Cf..Jamaican..cut-eye..]

      dash away v phr • [..cf DJE dash vb 1 “In common use in Jamaica..”]

      day clean n • Cf DJE

      day-day intj, n • Cf DJE

      de-de phr • [..cf..DJE de3, di-de]

      deh adv • [..cf DJE de1]

      dirt-eater n 1 • Cf DJE, DBE dirt-eating

      do v C7 • Cf..DJE do v2 l

      doctor shop n • Cf DJE, DBE

      dog snapper n • Cf DJE dog-teeth snapper

      duckinmallard n • [..cf DJE dokantiil]

      duh prep • Cf DJE da2

      duh v • Cf DJE da3,4,5, de3,4

      duppy n • Cf DJE, DBE

      eh-eh intj • Cf DJE e-e

      essence n 2 • Cf DJE balm oil, oil of

      exodus oil n • Cf DJE oil of _______

      exwantidge n • Cf DJE egvaantij

      falling palate n • Cf DJE come down

      fe intj • [Twi f a challenge to fight; cf DJE fe]

      fire v C9 • [DJE 1828➝]

      flash v 1 • Cf DJE

      flower fence n • Cf DJE

      follow-me-boy oil n • Cf DJE oil of

      foo-foo n1 • Cf DJE, DBE

      foot n C2 • Cf DJE

      for prep B2 • [..cf DJE fi3, DBE for.]

      friend n 1 • Cf DJE

      friend with v phr • Cf DJE friend v

      fuh v • [Prob Afr..; cf DJE fi particle introd infin3 2]

      full v 2 • [EDD 1641➝; DJE 1797➝]

      gallop v • (cf Jamaican creole interpretation of develop as devel up..)

      gaulding n • Cf DJE gaulin

      God’s adj • Cf DJE God

      goomer v • [..cf DJE guma the plant Solanum nigrum, used in root medicine]

      grainkind n • Cf DJE breadkind

      ground dove n • [DJE 1679➝]

      grunt n 1 • [..DJE 1679➝]

      guma n2 • Cf DJE

      hamlet n • [..cf DJE]

      hear v A1b • [Cf.. DJE yerry]

      heety-hoty tree n • Cf DJE iitiuoti

      hicatee n • [DJE 1698-1873]

      hi-yi exclam3 • [Cf DJE aye]

      hog crawl n • Cf DJE pig crawl

      hog gum n • [..DJE a1726➝..]

      hoodoo n 1e • [Cf DJE hootiah sb dial..]

      horsebean n 4 • [DJE 1696➝]

      hungry n B • [Cf DJE, DBE]

      hurt v • [..cf also DJE hat1]

      icening n • [..cf..DBE, DJE]

      inkberry n 3 • [DJE 1864 ➝]

      jawbone n 1 • Cf DJE 1837 ➝, DBE

      Jerusalem thorn n • [DJE 1756 ➝]

      jester n • [..cf..DJE digester, jesta]

      John Canoe n • [..cf DJE, 1774 ➝..]

      john crow n • [DJE 1826 ➝]

      John Mariggle n 1 • [DJE 1892 ➝]

      joog v • [Prob of Afr origin (cf DJE juk, DBE jook)..]

      juba n • [Perh Afr; cf DJE Juba..]

      Junefish n • [DJE 1873 ➝]

      junky adj • Cf DNE, DJE, SND

      ki intj • Cf DJE

      lab one’s mouth v phr • [..cf also DJE laba, labrish to chatter]

      lick v B1 • Cf DJE

      little more and(, a) adv phr • [Cf DJE quot 1839 at little most..]

      locustberry n • [DJE 1727 ➝ for Byrsonima coriacea]

      long mouth n • Cf DJE long out one’s mouth (at long out)

      lukkuh prep, conj • [..cf DJE A8..and laka]

      make v1 D21 • Cf DJE mikies

      malawu n • Cf DJE

      man n C2 • [..cf DJE..]

      mangrow n • [..DJE mangrow]

      mannersable adj • Cf DJE

      mannersly adj • Cf..DJE

      mannish adj • Cf DJE

      margaret grunt n • [..DJE 1892 ➝]

      maringouin n • Cf DJE merrywing

      me adj a • [Cf DBE, DJE]

      nana n2 • Cf DJE

      nyam v • [..cf DBE, DJE]

      old joe n • [Cf DJE old Joe the pelican]

      old-man’s-beard n 1 • [DJE 1696 ➝]

      one adv C1 • Cf DJE

      one indef art D • Cf DBE, DJE

      one-one adv, adj, n • Cf DBE, DJE

      onetime adv • Cf DJE, DBE

      out v C3 • Cf..DJE (MAP)

      overlook v • Cf DJE overlook vb2

      oyster crab n • [DJE 1756 for Pinnotheres geddesi]

      oyster plant n 3 • [DJE 1811 ➝]

      pigeon pea n 1 • [DJE 1696 ➝]

      pine n 2 • [DJE 1657 ➝]

      piramidig n • [DJE 1847]

      rain seed n • Cf..DJE

      red pea n • [DJE 1727 ➝]

      say conj • [From any of several W Afr languages;..cf DBE say, DJE se]

      shame brier n • DJE shamer

      shoo-shoo v • [Cf DJE susu “To..speak ill.”]

      snowball n 7 • Cf.. DJE snowball

      soon adj 2 • Cf DJE suun-man

      suck-teeth n • [Cf DJE, DCEU]

      too adv • Cf DJE

      ugly adj, adv, n • Cf DBE (at ogly), DJE

      ugly n D1a • [This proverb appears to be widespread in the Caribbean: cf DCEU, DJE (1803 ➝).]

      una pron • [W Afr; cf Igbo unu you (pl); cf also DJE unu, DBE ona]

      what make (so) adv phr • Cf DJE wa mek

      what side adv phr • Cf DBE, DJE (at what side), DCEU (at wisside)

      wild pine n • [DJE 1696 ➝; see quot 1828]

      yard child n 1 • [Cf DJE yard-child “A child who lives in the household of its father”]


      ae adv • [Haw, prob infl by Engl aye, Japanese hai yes]

      alphabet n • [Calque from Japanese or Korean..]

      arigato intj • [Japanese]

      atsui adj • [Japanese]

      bango n • [Japanese bango number]

      chi-chi n • [Japanese chichi milk; the breast]

      daikon n • [Japanese]

      gohan n • [Japanese]

      ichiban adj • [Japanese]

      kamaboko n • [Japanese kamaboko]

      kudzu n • [Japanese kuzu]

      mama-san n • [mamma n1 1 + Japanese san worthy]

      sashimi n • [Japanese..]

      shishi n • [Japanese shishi a child’s word for urine]

      skibby n • [Perh Japanese sukebei lewdness..]

      sushi n • [Japanese; OED2 1893 ➝]

      tabi n • [Japanese]

      zori n • [Japanese zori (sg and pl)..]


      already adv B2 • chiefly in Jewish and Ger settlement areas

      alter kocker n • NYC and other Jewish settlement areas

      bialy n • chiefly in Jewish settlement areas

      dreck n • urban, chiefly in Jewish and German settlement areas

      dreidel n • in Jewish communities

      enjoy v B2 • esp in Jewish communities

      farblonjet adj • in Jewish communities

      faygeleh n • in Jewish communities

      flanken n • esp in Jewish communities

      holishkes n pl • among speakers of Jewish or Eastern European background

      kishke n • esp among speakers of Jewish background

      knackwurst n • esp in Ger and Jewish settlement areas

      krex v • esp in Ger, PaGer, and Jewish settlement areas

      kvetch v • esp in Jewish settlement areas

      latke n • chiefly in Jewish settlement areas

      take v B6 • esp freq among Jewish speakers

jocular; jocularly; jocose; joking; also humorous; humorously

      absotoot(e)ly adv • humorous

      absquatulate v • formerly widespread, now old-fash; joc

      acknowledge the corn v phr • old-fash, joc

      Adam n 2 • In humorous phrr

      Adam’s ale n • joc

      adz v • humorous

      African dominoes n pl • joc

      African golf n • joc

      afternoon farmer n • joc

      agitate up a storm v phr • joc

      agreeable adj A • ?joc

      agree to disagree v phr 2 • esp freq among women, joc

      agropelter n • joc

      ainna interrog exclam • somewhat old-fash, occas joc

      air, go by v phr • joc

      air hook n • joc

      airjammer n • joc

      Alabama wool n • joc

      Alaska turkey n • joc

      Albany beef n • joc; now hist

      alfalfa n B1 • joc

      alfalfa n B2 • joc

      alibi day n • joc

      all-and-all n • joc

      allee samee adv phr • joc

      alley apple n • joc

      alligator n1 B7 • used as a humorous nickname.

      alphabet slinger n • joc

      ambleshoot n • joc

ambulance n (pronc) • occas, perh for humorous effect, metath |ˈæmbliən(t)s, –æn(t)s|, or syncopated
|ˈæm(b)lɪns, -əns|

      Amish golf n • joc

      animule n • joc

      anchor (and chain) n • joc

      anchor brand strawberry n • joc

      anchored adj • joc

      angeliferous adj • [angel + iferous humorous adj-forming suff popular in 19th cent..]

      animal n (pronc) • often humorously |ˈænəˌmaɪl, ˈænəˌmjul|

      animal car n • joc

      anoint v B • joc

      antiques and horribles n pl • [Humorous var of ancients and honorables]

      ant killers n pl • joc

      ape n 2 • joc

      ape wagon n • joc

      appendix n • joc

      apple n 4 • joc

      apple-blossom two-step n • joc

      apple turnover n • joc

      Arab n (pronc) • esp in humorous use and non-std senses, |ˈeɪ̩ræb|

      arichtocrat n • joc

      Arizona cloudburst n • joc

      Arizona nightingale n • joc

      Arizona paint job n • joc

      Arizona tenor n • joc

      ark n 4 • joc

      ark n 5 • In humorous phrr alluding to the era of Noah’s ark

      Arkansas asphalt n • joc

      Arkansas chicken n • joc

      Arkansas dew n • joc

      Arkansas fire extinguisher n • joc

      Arkansas lizard n • joc

      Arkansas T-bone n • joc

      Arkansas toothpick n • joc

      Arkansas traveler n 1 • joc

      Arkansas travels n • joc

      Arkansas water n • joc

      Arkansas wedding cake n • joc

      armstrong adj • joc

      Armstrong heater n • joc

      Arthur’s office n • joc

      artillery n 1 • joc

      artillery n 2 • joc

      ash can n 4 • joc

      ash-eater n • joc

      asparagus n (pronc) • occas joc

      asphalt arab n • humorous or derog

      ass deep adj phr • In var humorous phrr

      ass-kicker n • joc

      Astorbilt n • joc

      at prep 4 • informal, occas joc or for emphasis

      augerino n • joc

      August ham n • joc

      Aunt Jane’s room n • joc, euphem

      ax-handle n 1 • often joc

      ax-handle n 2 • joc

      axle-grease n • joc

      Aztec two-step n • joc

      baby bumpers n pl • joc

      baby button n • joc

      baby-snatcher n • joc

      bachelor’s wife n • ?joc

      backdoor trot n • joc

      backlog n 2 • joc

      back of the lap n • joc or euphem

      back porch n • joc

      backside of nowhere n • joc

      back teeth are floating phr • joc

      backwater n 2 • joc

      backwoodser n • often joc

      backwoods jockey n • joc

      badger n 4 • joc

      baggy n • joc

      bald-headed row n • joc

      bale of hay n 2 • joc

      ballast n 2 • joc

      balsam steak n • joc

      bapsouse v • joc

      barber-pole paint n • joc

      bar-dog n • joc

      barge n 4 • joc

      barking dogs n pl • joc

      barleycorn sprints n • joc

      barn boss n 2 • joc

      barn door n 2b • joc

      barnyard golf n • joc

      barnyard salad n • joc

      bass-ackward(s) adv, adj • esp among men; joc or euphem

      bayao n 2 • joc, but sometimes taken as derog

      bazoo n 1 • joc or derog

      beefsteak n 3 • [Prob joc alter of mistake]

      beeswax n 1 • [Joc alter of business]

      belly pad n • joc

      belly robber n • joc

      berumpus n • joc

      besetter n • joc

      birch n • euphem, joc

      bird dog n • [Perh joc alter of buttock]

      bird tongue n • joc

      biscuit n B2 • joc

      biscuit n B7 • joc

      biscuit getter n • joc

      biscuit hooks n pl • joc

      biter n 2 • joc

      bitter half n • joc

      blab n 1 • joc, sometimes derog

      blabberskite n • joc, sometimes derog

      blab-fest n • joc

      blackassed pea n • joc

      blade n 4 • joc

      blanket n 3 • joc

      blanket n 4 • joc

      block and tackle n • joc

      blood medicine n • joc

      blow Z’s v phr • joc

      blue room n • joc

      blunderbus n • joc

      boarding house n • joc

      bogtrotter n 3 • joc, sometimes derog

      bohunkus n 1 • joc, euphem

      boiled owl n • humorous

      boil pricker n • joc

      bombazine n • joc

      bombosity n • joc

      bonaparte n 2 • joc

      bone n 2 • joc

      bone n 3 • joc

      bone orchard n • humorous

      boocoodles n • joc

      boo-dock n • joc euphem

      boody n 2 • joc

      boot hill n • joc

      boot hill two-step n • joc

      Borden’s and Elsie’s n pl • joc

      bore for the simples v phr • joc

      Boston dollar n • joc

      Boston screwdriver n • joc

      bottom v 2 • joc

      bowling alley n • joc

      box, off one’s adj phr • joc, sometimes derog

      box with five nails n • joc

      boy n 3 • joc

      brain box n • joc

      bread cutter n • joc

      bread hooks n pl • joc

      brogan n 2 • joc

      B.T.M. n • joc

      bubblegum machine n • joc

      bubble gun n • joc

      bug n1 8 • used in jocular place-names

      bull fuck n • joc

      bull’s breakfast n • joc

      bumberella n • [Humorous alter of umbrella]

      bung cloth n • joc

      burg n • sometimes humorous or disparaging (MAP)

      burn v B6 • among Black speakers; joc

      burn one’s foot v phr • joc

      bury patch n • joc

      bush bacon n • joc

      bushwhack v 5 • joc

      butter bean n 3 • joc

      buttinsky n 2 • joc

      buttonhole n • joc

      buy a piece of the ground v phr • joc

      cabbage n B4 • Used in jocular or derisive nicknames for German settlement areas

      cackleberry n • humorous

      cacklebird n • humorous

      calaboose n • informal, often humorous (MAP)

      calf-slobber(s) n • joc

      California blanket n • joc

      California peacock n • joc

      California prayer book n • joc

      camp inspector n • joc

      canal boat n • joc (MAP)

      can’t-help-it n • joc

      Cape Ann turkey n • joc

      Cape Cod clergyman n • joc ?obs

      Cape Cod protection n • joc obs

      Cape Cod turkey n • joc

      capon egg n • joc

      captain n B2 • An unofficial title of respect, sometimes used humorously or ironically

      carcass n • joc

      Carolina racehorse n • joc

      cat beer n • humorous

      cat-gut scraper n • joc

      cemetery n • joc forms cement-tary, cement tree

      chambermaid n 1 • joc

      cherry picker n 1 • joc

      chicken-eater n 2 • esp among Black speakers; humorous

      chic sale(s) n • somewhat old-fash, joc (MAP)

      china n B2 • joc

      Chinese grits n • joc

      choke a horse v phr • joc

      choker hole n 2 • joc

      chomper n 2 • humorous

      chop suey n • humorous

      chop wood v phr 1 • joc

      Christmas tree n 1 • joc

      chuck-wagon chicken n • joc

      Cincinnati n B1 • joc

      city jake n • [Joc alter of country jake..]

      city squash n • joc

      clam digger n 2 • joc

      clam gun n • joc

      clickers n pl • joc

      clipper n 4 • joc

      coal-scuttle blond n • joc

      coals, rake up the v phr • joc

      cob n2 4d • joc

      cob-floater n • joc

      cockroach killer n • joc

      codger n 5 • joc

      coffee-strainer n • joc

      coffin varnish n • joc

      cold shut n 2 • joc

      collar and hames n • joc

      college n B2 • joc

      colonel n B1 • Used as an unofficial title of respect, sometimes applied joc

      Colorado mockingbird n • joc

      Columbia River turkey n • joc

      coming-out pants n • [In humorous ref to coming-out a social debut]

      compressed hay n • joc

      conflab n 2 • sometimes joc

      conk n1 1 • joc

      conk n1 2 • joc

      Connecticut mile n • joc

      Connecticut River pork n • joc

      constabule n • joc

      cookie n1 3 • joc, euphem (MAP)

      cookie pusher n • joc

      cook turnips v phr • joc

      coonass pistol n • joc

      cooter n 6 • joc

      cootie cage n • joc

      cootie garage n • joc

      cordwood n • joc

      cork-legged limited n • joc

      corn bread consumption n • joc

      corn sheller n • joc

      corporosity n • joc, old-fash

      cougar den n • joc

      cougar milk n • joc

      county hotel n • joc

      courting apple n • joc

      cousin n 2 • joc

      cove juice n • joc

      cover the waterfront v phr 2 • joc

      cowboy pen n • joc

      cow grease n • joc

      cow-kicked, I’ll be exclam • often joc

      cow’s husband n • euphem or joc

      crack corn v phr • joc

      cranberry pusher n • joc

      crawling company n • joc

      crescent n • joc

      crib n1 3 • joc

      crimson rambler n • joc

      critter n B3 • jocose

      crossbar hotel n • joc

      crowbar hotel n • joc

      crow’s nest n 6 • joc

      crumb crusher n • esp among Black speakers; joc

      crumb snatcher n 2 • joc

      Cuban itch n • joc

      curbstone-setter n • joc

      cushion n B2 • joc

      cut cabbage v phr • [Humorous substitute for cut capers]

      cut the alkali in one’s drinking water v phr • joc

      dance in the hog trough v phr • often used as a joc threat

      d.d.t.’s n pl • [Joc var of d.t.’s delirium tremens]

      death stick n • joc

      decorate the pot v phr • joc

      deep sea turkey n • joc

      dental box n • joc

      dentals n pl • joc

      Derryfield beef n • joc

      desert canary n • [In joc allusion to its loud bray]

      diaper dragon n • joc

      diasticutis n • joc

      diffucalty n • joc

      digger n 3 • joc

      dike jumper n • joc

      dingbat n 3 • usu joc

      dingmaul n • appar from its use in joc threats

      dining-room lumber n • joc

      dinners n pl • euphem, joc

      discombobulate v • joc

      discombobulation n • joc

      discomgollifusticated ppl adj • [Pseudo-Lat humorous formation]

      discumgalligumfricated ppl adj • [Pseudo-Lat humorous formation]

      dishwater diarrhea n • joc, old-fash

      distracted ppl adj 1 • joc

      dive bomber n • joc

      Dixie bacon n • joc

      dog bones n pl • joc

      dogcatcher n 2 • joc

      doghouse n 7 • joc

      dog nut n • joc

      dog’s egg n • joc

      dog turd n • joc

      doily n B2 • joc

      do-it fluid n • joc

      dollhouse n • joc

      dome n 2 • joc

      donkey dust n • joc

      do-not n • joc

      dooley n 2 • joc

      doorknob n • joc

      do-right boy n • joc

      double and twist v phr 1 • [Joc extension of double v 4a]

      double-eyes n pl • joc

      double guts n • joc

      dough beater n • joc

      down cellar adv phr b • Used in joc evasive expressions

      dressed up like a sore thumb adj phr • joc

      drillmaster n • joc

      dropsy n1 • joc

      dry clean Methodist n • [Joc ref to the method of baptism]

      Dutch milk n • joc

      Dutch nightingale n • joc

      ears lowered, get one’s v phr • joc

      earth juice n • joc

      earth mover n • joc

      Easter egg n • joc

      Easter lily n 5 • joc

      educate v Bc • In facetious and humorous combs

      eh interrog exclam • often joc (MAP)

      eight-dollar bill n • joc

      elbow bending n • joc

      elbow grease n • joc

      el cabbagio n • joc

      elephant n 2 • joc

      elephant teeth n pl • joc

      el ropo n • joc

      el stinko n • joc

      endgate n 2 • joc

      end of nowhere(s) n • joc

      engine tamer n • joc

      English n 1 • joc

      English monkey n • [Prob humorous var of Welsh rabbit]

      epizeema n • joc

      epsom salts n • joc

      -eroo suff • joc

      erysipelas n B • joc

      essence peddler n • joc

      Ethiopian paradise n • [Joc alter of nigger heaven]

      ex- pref • Used to form joc or fanciful vogue-words

      exalted ppl adj B • joc

      exflunct v • [A humorously extravagant quasi-Latin elaboration of flunk to fail]

      extract of hammer handle n • joc

      face hurts, one’s phr • joc

      fade v 2 • joc, euphem

      fall off the roof v phr • joc, euphem

      fall out of one’s cradle v phr • Used in joc phrr

      fatal step, take the v phr • joc

      feather bed n 6 • joc

      feel good v phr • joc, euphem

      fence post n 1 • joc

      fence post n 2 • joc

      Ferdinand n • joc or euphem

      fiancé n • joc varr finance, financy

      fiddle case n • joc

      fifth wheel n • joc

      filibuster n • joc

      filly n 2 • joc, euphem

      fire insurance Christian n • joc

      first reader n • joc

      fish-eater n • derog or joc (MAP)

      fish for love v phr • joc

      fishing weed n • joc

      five-toed shoe n • joc

      flat n1 1e • Used as a joc or derog nickname for a town or district

      fleabag n 1 • joc or derog

      floating kidney n • [Joc application of the term for a displaced kidney..]

      floozy n2 • [Prob joc deriv of influenza]

      flophouse n 2 • joc

      flu-flux n • joc

      flying disk n • joc

      flytrap n 10 • joc

      folderino n • [Perh joc var of folderol]

      food choppers n pl • joc

      foot burner n • joc

      foot evil n 2 • joc

      footmobile n • joc

      forgettery n • joc

      forty-eleven adj • joc

      foundation n 1 • joc

      fragrant adj • joc, euphem

      free gratis adv phr • joc

      free hotel n • joc

      French dry clean v phr, n • joc

      Frenchman from Cork n • joc

      fried chicken n • joc

      frog spayer n • joc

      fruit n 3 • ?joc

      funeral clothes n pl • joc

      fur piece n1 • joc

      gab n1 • joc (MAP)

      galloping dandruff n • joc or euphem

      galloping goose n • joc

      gap n1 4 • joc

      gap n1 6 • joc

      gap-and-swallow n • joc

      gape n C1 • [.. prob in joc allusion..]

      gaposis n • joc

      gapseed n • In joc phrr

      garage door is open phr • joc

      garbage collector n • joc

      gate-lifter n • joc

      gatling gun n • [By joc ext from Gatling gun..]

      geese poomples n pl • joc

      gelding tobacco n • joc

      Georgia ham n • joc

      Georgia ice cream n • joc

      Georgia major n • joc or derog

      German goiter n • joc

      get-along n • joc

      get oneself a cook v phr • joc (MAP)

      ghost n B1 • joc

      goober corn n • joc

      gospel bird n • esp among Black speakers; joc

      gospel mill n • joc

      grabber n 1 • joc

      grabhook n 2 • joc

      Grand River tuna n • joc

      grapevine n 3 • joc

      gravestone n • joc

      green-apple quickstep n • joc

      greeting n • joc

      grinding gravel vbl n • joc

      gully jumper n 3 • joc

      gunboat n 1 • joc

      guppy-gobbler n • joc

      hag n 2 • used as a joc or opprobrious nickname

      half-moon n 1 • joc, euphem

      hang v B2 • joc (MAP)

      hardly able fever n • joc

      hatch v • joc

      hatching jacket n • joc

      hat rack n 2 • joc

      Hawaiian time n • joc or derog

      hayburner n 5 • often joc or derog

      heifer n 1a • usu disparaging or joc

      hell-snorter n • joc

      hen berry n • joc

      high sheriff n • usu used as a joc or derog nickname

      hind leg, hold one’s v phr • joc

      hindside of nowhere n • joc

      hinge-jaw n • joc

      hippocanarious adj • joc

      hit a knot v phr • joc

      Hoboken n 1 • joc or derog

      hog feed n • often joc or derog

      hog herd n • joc

      hombre n B2 • occas joc

      honeycat n • joc

      honker n1 3 • joc

      hootamaganzy n • [Joc var of hooded merganser]

      horned jackrabbit n • joc

      horned rabbit n • joc

      hound dog n 2 • usu derog or joc (MAP)

      house kitty n • joc

      how be you exclam • old-fash, sometimes joc

      huckleberry train n • humorous

      I-all pron • joc

      Idaho rain n • joc

      in flew endways n • [Joc varr of influenza]

      infoxicated adj • [Joc var of intoxicated, infl by fox v 1]

      IQ n • joc

      Irish apple n • joc

      Irish banjo n • joc

      Irish nightingale n • joc

      Irish plum n 2 • joc

      Irish turkey n • joc

      Irish wash n • joc

      -itis suff • usu joc

      jackpine savage n • joc or derog

      jassack n • hence joc jass-ass, jass-onkey

      jawbreaker n 1 • joc

      jerk v1 C4 • joc

      jerkwater adj 1 • joc or derog (MAP)

      Jesus H. Christ n • [Prob joc interpretation of IHC, var of IHS, monogram for Jesus]

      jimmy cane n • [Prob joc var of hurricane..]

      john n 4 • in var combs as a joking word for one’s signature

      jump off the deep end v phr • joc

      jump the bucket v phr • joc

      junker n • usu joc (MAP)

      key n 1 • joc

      kinnery n • sometimes joc

      knowledge bump n • joc

      kyoodle n • derog or joc

      lady’s monthly journal n • joc, euphem

      lap organ n 2 • joc

      lassengers n • joc

      last chance n 2 • joc

      last chance n 3 • joc

      library n B2 • joc

      liver pad n • joc

      livestock n pl • joc

      long-ass butterfly n • joc

      Longfellow n • [In joc ref to Amer poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807–82)]

      Lord’s fertilizer n • joc

      Lucy Bowles n • joc, euphem (MAP)

      lumber n1 2 • joc

      lunch hook n • joc

      -ma- infix • in “nonsense” words, often with jocular, ironic, or derisive force

      Maggie and Jiggs n • joc

      Mainiac n • joc

      major n 1 • sometimes applied joc or ironically

      marble orchard n • joc or euphem

      mash frogs v phr • joc

      ma’s room n • joc

      meat hound n • Used as a derog or joc epithet for a dog

      Methodist feet n • joc

      Mexican adj B4 • joc or derog

      Milwaukee cider n • joc

      mitten n • [Prob joc var of mittimus a dismissal..] (MAP)

      molar masher n • joc

      monkey n1 B6 • [Perh joc var of monthlies..]

      Monkey Ward n • joc

      Mormon buckskin n • joc or derog

      mountain trout n 4 • joc

      mow hay v phr • joc

      Mr. Astorbilt n • joc

      Mrs. Jones n • joc

      much o’britches exclam • joc

      mud cat n 3 • joc or derog

      mud-hen cleaner n • joc

      mud hook n • joc

      musty adj2 • joc

      mutton puncher n • joc

      muzzle loader n • joc

      Nava-Joe n • [Joc pronc of Navajo]

      nervous adj B1 • joc

      oakhead n • joc

      oatburner n • joc

      Old Point Comfort n • joc

      one-eyed mabel n • joc

      optriculum n • joc

      overland trout n • joc

      parachute n • joc

      pedestrian n • joc

      perfume(d) pussy n • joc

      petunia n • joc

      piss uncle n • [By joc analogy with piss ant..]

      P.K. n • [Perh joc abbr for polecat 1 or piss cat]

      plant v 1 • joc or euphem

      pleasure-bent adj phr • joc

      polecat n 4b • joc

      pontoon n 2 • joc

      poor Sam n • joc

      Portuguese n, adj C • Used with derog force in var joc combs

      post office n • joc

      proboscis n • joc (MAP)

      pull v 1b • joc

      pulling corn vbl n • joc

      Rackensack n • joc

      rainberella n • [Joc blend of rain + umbrella]

      rain-shaker n • joc

      read one’s title(s) clear v phr • [Joc adaptation of the first words of a hymn by Isaac Watts..]

      rider boys n • [Joc var of arthritis]

      riveter n • joc

      rock rancher n • [In joc imitation of compounds like chicken rancher, hay ~ (at rancher)]

      Roly Holer n • [Joc metath of Holy Roller] (MAP)

      rumpus n • [Joc varr of rump]

      sagaciate v • joc

      Sambo n1 • often derog or joc

      sawbones n 1 • joc or derog

      Scandihoovian n, adj • [Joc varr of Scandinavian] (MAP)

      Scowegian n • joc or derog

      scut n2 • derog or joc

      scutter n1 1 • derog or joc

      scutter n1 2 • derog or joc

      scutter n1 3 • joc

      Sears-Roebuck adj 1 • joc

      see you in church exclam • joc (MAP)

      sewage inspector n • joc

      shanty n 6 • [Joc transf of shanty a crudely built shack..]

      sheep dip n • joc or derog

      sheffi n • [Joc pronc of chef]

      shingle weaver n • joc

      shirt rabbit n • joc

      side by each adv phr • often joc (MAP)

      sidehill n 2d • in var joc combs referring to bacon or to illegally killed venison

      Siwash n 4 • joc or derog

      skip n1 • joc

      -sky suff • Used as a joc word-forming suff

      snapper n 7 • joc

      snipe n 5 • joc

      sour belly n • joc

      sow coon n 2 • joc

      squash n1 B2 • joc

      squire n B1 • occas joc

      steady adv B2 • joc

      step ant n • joc

      sticking plaster n • joc

      storm windows n pl • joc

      stout house n • joc

      strawberry n 2 • joc

      strawberry n 3 • joc

      stumpblower, old n • joc

      suffancified adj • used as a humorously exaggerated formula of politeness when refusing food

      sugan n • [..Perh..ultimately from a joc comparison of coarse cloth to something made of straw rope..]

      sunberella n • [Joc blend of sun + umbrella]

      Sunday, look both ways for v phr • also used in var joc expressions to imply that one is cross-eyed

      Sunday throat n • joc

      susanside n • [Joc var of suicide]

      swamp measles n pl • joc

      table muscle n • joc

      teacups n pl • joc

      telephone booth n • joc

      ten-gallon hat n • [In humorous ref to its size..]

      Tennessee chicken n • Used as a joc..term for some meat other than chicken, esp salt pork

      Texas n B2 • attrib in var joc combs

      think box n • joc

      thunderstick n • joc

      tickle box n • joc

      tie-ticket n • joc

      tikiteet n • [Prob joc alter of tête-à-tête a type of sofa designed to allow two persons to converse face to face]

      timber n • joc

      timberdoodle n • [Perh humorous or euphem alteration of woodcock..]

      tommytoe n • [Joc or folk-etym var of tomato]

      tooth carpenter n • usu joc

      toothpick n • joc

      topknot n 1 • joc

      town dude n • Used as a joc or derog name for a city person (MAP)

      trick n 3 • joc

      trundle-bed trash n 2 • joc

      twilight n 1 • [Joc var of Fr pronc of toilet]

      uncle n 3 • [By joc analogy with aunt [ænt]]

      victual n • old-fash or joc

      war department n • joc

      whiskey-palian n • [Joc varr of Episcopalian] (MAP)

      whiskey tree n 2 • joc

      William n • joc

      winter potato n • joc

      Yankee cotton n • joc

      yard-a-night n • joc