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facetious; facetiously

      ain’t v1 • Rare in writing unless used facetiously

      alter kocker n • Also facetious alter coyote

      animule n • facetious

      awomen corner n • [By facetious analogy with amen corner]

      ax-handle n 1 • often facetious

      cannonball n • facetiously, a slow train or branch railroad

      educate v Bc • In facetious and humorous combs

      footback adv • [By facetious analogy with horseback..]

      forgettery n • [By facetious analogy with memory]

      goonus n • [Facetious Latinizations of gooney 1]

      high fog n • also used facetiously

      hillbilly n 2 • facetious

      hog n B8 • In facetious place names

      I-all pron • [Facetious extension of I by analogy with we-all, you-all]

      lawyer n (pronc) • also (often facetiously) |ˈlaɪjə(r)|

      polekitty n • [By facetious analogy with polecat 1]

      Portagoose n • [..by facetious analogy with goose/geese]

      quituate v • [By facetious analogy with graduate]

      Robert of Lincoln n • [By facetious folk-etym from bob-o-lincoln (at bobolink A)]

      salivate v 2 • [Orig in facetious allusion to the double sense of blue pill..a laxative, and blue pill a bullet]

      sliver cat n • sound, facetiously explained as the cry of an imaginary animal

      t.b. n • [Facetious reinterpretations of t.b. tuberculosis]

familiar; familiarity; familiarized; familiarizing; familiarly

      aggie n • [agg- from agate + -ie familiarizing suff]

      alter kocker n • often derisive but also used familiarly

      Betsy bread n • [Betsy famil form of Elizabeth, used to suggest domesticity..]

      betty n • [Betty famil form of Elizabeth, used to suggest domesticity]

      boonie n1 • [Familiarized form of boondock n]

      brimsy adj • [Engl dial breme, brim fierce + -sy familiarizing suff]

      buck n1 2b • Used as a man’s nickname or familiar form of address

      chalkie n • [chalk n1 + -ie familiarizing suff]

      choggie n • [Abbr for chogset + -ie famil suff]

      cussie owl n • [Prob cuss curse + -ie, famil suff]

      kinlin n • [Prob..lin, pronc-sp for -ling, used as dimin or familiarizing suff]

      little old adj phr • Used to express disparagement, familiarity, or affection

female See women


      peppernut n • [Calque of pfeffernuss or its synonym in Finnish..]

      pulka n • [Lapp pulkke, Finnish pulkka]


      alligator lily n • SE, esp FL

      bay n3 2 • S Atl, esp seGA, neFL

      bayhead n • FL

      blind mosquito n • FL

      blue Peter n 1 • chiefly Sth, esp FL

      bonnet walker n • esp FL, GA

      bonnet worm n • esp FL

      buff-backed heron n • FL

      bull ant n • chiefly FL, GA

      bum n3 • SC, FL

      cabbage n B5 • FL

      cabbage palm n • chiefly FL

      cabbage palmetto house n • FL

      care v B2 • chiefly FL, MS, AR, OK, NM (MAP)

      catch dog n • esp FL, GA

      chickee n1 • FL

      chizzywink n • chiefly FL

      coco plum n • chiefly sFL

      conch n 1 • sFL

      conch pea n • FL

      Coon Bottom n • esp FL

      coon oyster n • chiefly S Atl, esp FL

      cove n1 1c • FL

      crying bird n • esp FL

      Cuban sandwich n • chiefly FL (Map Section)

      custard apple n 1 • chiefly FL, Gulf coast

      deer owl n • GA, FL

      dominicker n 7 • FL

      everglade kite n • FL

      fatwood n • chiefly FL, GA

      flinthead n 1 • esp FL, GA

      Florida room n • chiefly FL

      Florida sore n • FL

      gank-gutted adj • FL

      gannet n 2 • esp FL

      garter snake n 2 • FL

      Georgia thumper n • esp FL

      gopher n1 1a • esp FL, GA (MAP)

      grampus n 2 • esp FL

      grape basket n • esp FL, GA

      gray snapper n • esp FL

      grease n (pronc) • esp coastal SC, GA, FL

      guinea squat n • esp AL, FL, GA

      gumbo limbo n • FL

      hamlet n • FL

      hard-backed cooter n • sGA, nFL

      head n B9 • chiefly FL, GA

      heart of palm n • esp FL

      hornback n, v • FL, GA

      hummock n 2 • chiefly S Atl, esp FL (MAP)

      hyacinth n 3 • FL

      Indian pullet n • chiefly FL, GA, SC

      inkwood n 1 • FL

      ironhead n 2 • FL, GA, esp Okefenokee GA

      jook n 2 • orig FL, later chiefly Gulf States, S Atl (MAP)

      jook n 3 • esp FL, GA

      jook v3 • chiefly S Atl, esp FL

      killing-peter n • esp FL

      K oil n • FL, sGA

      ladyfish n • esp FL

      long white n • esp FL

      Madeira n • FL

      mangrove snapper n • FL

      manzana apple n • FL

      million-dollar weed n • FL

      Moses-in-the-bulrushes n 1 • chiefly FL

      mourning dove n 2 • chiefly AL, FL

      muck n1 1b • esp FL, GA

      nakedwood n • FL

      oil weed n 2 • FL

      old maid n 2 • esp FL

      orange borer n • chiefly FL

      orange dog n 1 • esp FL

      packenham n • FL

      palmetto bug n • esp FL

      Peter’s mudhole n • GA, nFL

      pigeon pea n 1 • chiefly FL

      pilau n1 • chiefly SC, GA, FL (MAP)

      plume bird n • FL, GA

      pollywog n 4 • chiefly Gulf States, esp FL

      pond gannet n • esp FL, GA

      pond guinea n 1 • FL

      poor man’s patches n • FL

      prairie n B1 • chiefly GA, FL

      prairie chicken n 3 • FL, LA

      push pole n • esp FL

      run n 1b • esp seGA, FL

      scaper n • esp FL, GA

      scrub n 1 • chiefly FL

      scrub palmetto n • chiefly FL

      shell-cracker n • esp FL

      shivaree n B1 • widespread, but less freq Atlantic, Gulf States exc FL (MAP and Map Section)

      silk-top palmetto n • FL

      skunk ape n • FL

      sofkee n • FL, OK

      steephead n • chiefly nwFL

      stinking cedar n • chiefly FL

      stink shad n • chiefly FL

      strand n1 • FL, sGA

      strand n2 • FL

      stumpknocker n 1 • esp FL, GA

      summer coot n • FL

      swale n 2 • FL, AL

      swamp ape n • chiefly Gulf States, esp FL

      swamp apple n 3 • FL

      swamp cabbage n 2 • chiefly FL

      swamp red bay n • esp FL

      switch grass n 2 • FL

      tobacco dove n • esp FL, GA

      torchwood n • esp FL

      turkeyberry n 3 • FL

      twinflower n 2 • esp FL

      varnish leaf n • FL

      water bandit (snake) n • FL

      white bacon n • chiefly FL, GA (MAP)

      white curlew n 1 • esp FL

      white shirt n • FL, GA, SC

      wild pine n • FL

      yellow bream n • esp FL

Florida, Palm Beach

     afromobile n • Palm Beach FL

folk-etymological; folk-etymology

      acetonemia n • folk-etym acid anemia

      add-iron n • [Var of andiron, perh infl by folk-etym]

      admittance, give one the v phr • [Folk-etym]

      African n2 • [Malaprop or folk-etym]

      agnes n • [Prob from pl of agnate + folk-etym personification]

      airy-way n • [Prob folk-etym..]

      Alaskan trade n • [Folk-etym based on last-go-trade..]

      alley-waiter n • [Folk-etym, perh infl by dumbwaiter]

      alligator n3 • [Perh folk-etym from gaiter]

      anadama bread n • [Etym unknown; for folk-etym, see quots]

      Andy-iron n • [Folk-etym]

      Annie up v phr • [Folk-etym varr of ante up]

      anthrash n • [Pronc var of anthrax, perh with folk-etym]

      antigodlin adj, adv • [Var of antigoglin, perh infl by folk-etym..]

      anti-i-over n, exclam • folk-etym-sp aunty-i-over (MAP)

      apee n • [..for folk-etym see quot 1830]

      appaloosa n1 (pronc) • |ˌæpəˈlišn| and pronc-spp appalachian may be infl by folk-etym

      apple critter n • [Folk-etym]

      arbutus n • Pronc-spp and folk-etyms arbeauties (-y), our beauties, habutus

      armory n • [Prob folk-etym, but cf OED ambry from Fr armarie, aumoire]

      arsle v • [..recent assle is prob due to folk-etym]

      arthuritis n • [Folk-etym]

      asparagus n • Pronc-spp infl by folk-etym

      audacious(ly) adj, adv (pronc) • occas folk-etym |a^Utˈdešəs|

      Aunt Jericho n • [Folk-etym]

      Aunt Lucy n • [Prob folk-etym alter of Ellisia]

      ax-held n • [Folk-etym, prob infl by ax helve + held past tense of hold]

      bamberry n • [Prob folk-etym alter of Fr bain-marie, double boiler]

      bankrupture adj • [Folk-etym]

      barberry n • [Folk-etym]

      bar ditch n • [..for folk-etym, see quot..]

      bardy grease n • [Pronc-sp or folk-etym for verdigris]

      barrow ditch n • Also, by folk-etym, borrow ditch (Map Section)

      barrow pit n • Also, by folk-etym, borrow pit

      beau dollar n • [..Boer dollar appears to be folk-etym] (MAP and Map Section)

      bedfast adj • Also, by folk-etym, bed-fastened, ~ fasting (MAP)

      belly-butting n, adv • perh by folk-etym, belly-button

      benjamin n • [By folk-etym from Middle Fr benjoin benzoin, in ref to its aromatic fragrance]

      big I, little you n • [Perh folk-etym of big-eye adj..punningly with the letters i and u]

      bird dock n • [Folk-etym]

      birding vbl n • [Perh folk-etym for burden chorus, refrain]

      black-mammy n • [Prob black + mammy folk-etym for mummy a brown bituminous pigment..]

      blue-ball n • [Folk-etym from bubo]

      boll-evil n • [Perh folk-etym]

      boll weaver n • [Folk-etym for boll weevil]

      bondfire n • [?Folk-etym]

      bone-eater n • [Folk-etym for bonito]

      book n2 • [By folk-etym from ME or Scots bouk belly..]

      bowman’s root n • [Folk-etym from beaumont root]

      brogue v • [Folk-etym of bogue v infl by brogue a heavy, coarse shoe]

      bronze John n 1 • [..John, perh folk-etym personification of Fr jaune yellow]

      brown kitties n • [Folk-etym]

      bullet grape n • [By folk-etym from bullace 2]

      bullox v • [Folk-etym for bollix]

      bundle stiff n • [Folk-etym for bindle stiff]

      burdog n • [Folk-etym]

      burned hazel n • [Folk-etym]

      burr vine n • [Folk-etym for vervine, alter of verbena]

      caballada n • folk-etyms cavalry yard, calf yard

      cambric tea n • folk-etym Cambridge tea

      campbell-roof n • [Folk-etym for gambrel roof]

      candy adj • [Folk-etym for candid]

      candy sticker n • [Prob folk-etym for Canada + sticker..]

      car n2 • [Folk-etym for corf]

      carbuncle n • Also,..folk-etym forms carbuckle, carbustle, cowbuncle

      cassabanana n • Also..folk-etym cash banana

      cat-hammered adj • [Folk-etym for cat-hammed]

      cat track n • [Folk-etym for cataract]

      cedar braker n • Also cedar breaker (..by folk-etym)

      centipede n • folk-etym sandy Pete

      chair bark oak n • [Perh folk-etym for cherry bark oak]

      chartered adj • [Prob alter, by folk-etym, of charred]

      chester drawers n • [..perh folk-etym..for chest of drawers]

      chew down v phr • [Alter, perh by folk-etym, of jew down]

      chickenberry n • [Folk-etym var of checkerberry]

      cholera morbus n • by folk-etym colored marbles

      choupique n • pronc- and folk-etym spp shoe-peg, shoe-pick

      cisor n • [..perh also folk-etym sizer..]

      clawfish n • [Folk-etym for crawfish]

      clear-eye n • [Folk-etym of 15th cent form clary]

      col’-bucking vbl n • [Perh folk-etym alter of Fr culbute somersault]

      cold slaw n • [Folk-etym]

      collyrobin n • [Folk-etym]

      collywobbles n • [Prob folk-etym for cholera morbus..]

      comb n B7 • [Folk-etym]

      comfort n 5 • [Folk-etym]

      comfort n 6 • [?Folk-etym for comfit]

      coolit leaf n • [?Folk-etym for coolwort 1]

      coonass n • [Folk-etym of Fr conasse..] (MAP)

      cooncan n • [Folk-etym of MexSpan con quién with whom]

      coonjine n 3 • [Perh by folk-etym assoc with conjoin]

      cordwinder n • [Folk-etym for cordwainer]

      cork n2 • [Folk-etym for calk]

      cork v2 • [Folk-etym for calk, caulk]

      corn crow n • [Perh folk-etym or pronc-sp for carrion crow]

      cowitch n • [Folk-etym for cowage]

      crab v3 • [Perh folk-etym for crib]

      crawley root n • [Perh folk-etym]

      cricksand n • [Folk-etym for quicksand..]

      crim n • Folk-etym sp cream

      cripple n2 • [Perh alter of scrapple by folk-etym]

      curious ointment n • [Folk-etym for aphet form of mercurous]

      curled ppl adj • [Prob ellip for or folk-etym from curdled..]

      curly flower n • [Folk-etym; cf EDD curlyflower at curly adj. 1 (9)]

      Dallis grass n • folk-etym sp Dallas grass

      damsel plum n • [Folk-etym for damson plum]

      daniel-line n • [Folk-etym var of dandelion]

      dear Dora n • [Folk-etym..]

      death rain n • [Folk-etym..]

      deer darrow n • [Folk-etym..]

      delirium tremors n • [Folk-etyms]

      dinner on the ground(s) n • [Prob orig grounds.., and ground by folk-etym] (MAP)

      dog chimney n • [..prob folk-etym..of (wattle and daub) chimney..]

      dog in the ring n • [Prob folk-etym for dob in the ring]

      double carry n • [double + folk-etym for Kerria]

      double tenant n • [Perh folk-etym for double tenement (at double house 2)]

      doubletree n • [Appar by analogy with singletree, folk-etym for swingletree] (MAP and Map Section)

      dough baby n • [Perh folk-etym of dobe n 5..]

      doughboy n2 • [Folk-etym for adobe]

      doughface n • Also, by folk-etym, door-face

      dreadnought n • [dread v + nought nothing, and, by folk-etym, not]

      dry-kill n • [Perh folk-etym for dry-ki]

      dry out v phr • [Folk-etym for try out to render (fat)]

      dumb-skull n • [Prob folk-etym for numskull]

      dung adj • [Folk-etym for dun]

      eaceworm n • folk-etym spp easterworm, eastworm

      eagle-hawk n 2 • [Prob by folk-etym]

      eggclair n • [Pronc-sp, prob infl by folk-etym, for eclair]

      ell n1 • [Perh folk-etym..]

      ellenyard n • [Also, by folk-etym, ell and yard]

      embroidery n B • [Perh folk-etym]

      endiron n • [Folk-etym for andiron]

      entrailitis n • [Folk-etym for enteritis]

      evans’-root n • [Folk-etym for avens, understood as proper name Evans]

      eyesight n • [Perh malaprop or folk-etym for inset or insert]

      fancy mouse n • [Folk-etym for fence mouse]

      fattyman n • [Folk-etyms and pronc-spp for fattigmanns bakkels]

      faux pas n • (often intentional) folk-etyms

      felony n • [Prob folk-etym or malapropism for felon]

      ferry wheel n • [Folk-etym for Ferris wheel]

      fever deluxe n • [Perh folk-etym for fever and lurk(s)]

      fiador n • folk-etym sp theodore

      field gentry n • [Perh folk-etym for field centaury]

      fieldspar n • [Folk-etym for feldspar]

      fight net n • [Perh folk-etym for fyke net]

      finnan haddie n • Also, by folk-etym, finny haddie

      fire-brew adj • [Folk-etym for fibroid]

      fist-to-cuff fight n • [Folk-etym from fisticuff]

      flatform n • [Folk-etym for platform]

      flimsy n • [Folk-etym for influenza]

      floor-flusher n • [Folk-etym for four-flusher]

      Florida lime n • [Folk-etym]

      flounderer n2 • [Perh by folk-etym]

      flow n1 2 • [Perh folk-etym for flaw]

      fontis cat n • Also folk-etym funny sacks

      foolish earth n • [Folk-etym for fuller’s earth]

      foothold n • Also, by folk-etym, foothole

      foot-lock n • [Folk-etym]

      forerunner n 2 • also, by folk-etym, four runners

      forward n • [Pronc-spp, sometimes by folk-etym, for forehead]

      founder v • Also, by folk-etym, flounder

      freemale n • [Perh folk-etym for female]

      future v • [Folk-etym var of feature v 1]

      gabble racket n • [..folk-etyms of ME Gabrielle rache..]

      Gabriel barn n • [Perh folk-etym for gable barn or gambrel barn (at gambrel roof)]

      gallinipper n • [..orig form has clearly been much altered by folk-etym and other processes..]

      gambling stick n • [Varr, some perh by folk-etym, of gambrel 1]

      gimlet stick n • [Prob by folk-etym]

      gloam n • prob by folk-etym, gloom

      goose hangs high, the phr • [..the var with honks is prob a folk-etym]

      granny-nipper n 1 • [Prob by folk-etym]

      granny pump n • [Prob by metath and folk-etym]

      grass tetanus n • [Folk-etym for grass tetany]

      grease n B2 • [Perh folk-etym for Croesus]

      guardfish n • [Appar folk-etym for garfish]

      gypsum weed n • [Appar folk-etym for jimson]

      gypsyweed n 3 • [Appar folk-etym for jimson]

      hair plow n • [Perh folk-etym of harra plow (< harrow plow)..]

      Haiti n 2 • [Folk-etym for Hades]

      halibut n • folk-etym haul-a-boat

      hambeer n • [Var of ambeer 2, perh infl by folk-etym ham + beer]

      handiron n1 • [Folk-etym for andiron..]

      Hannah Cook n • [Perh folk-etym for hand or cook..]

      hasenpfeffer n • by folk-etym, hoss and peffer, horse and pepper (MAP)

      hay barrack n • [Folk-etym for Du hooiberg haystack]

      hi cock the oriole n • [Folk-etym for high cockalorum..]

      highbelia n • [Folk-etym..]

      high-bred n, adj • [Folk-etym for hybrid]

      high-gear n • [Folk-etym]

      high geranium n • [Folk-etym var of hydrangea; cf EDD]

      high-holer n • [Folk-etym varr of hickwall..]

      high-muck-a-muck n 2 • [Prob by folk-etym..]

      highstrikes n pl • [Varr of hysterics, perh by folk-etym..]

      hiphazard adv • [Var of haphazard, perh by folk-etym]

      hog-goblin n • [Perh folk-etym for hobgoblin]

      holey n • [..folk-etym or punning sp holy..]

      Holly Eve n • [Folk-etym]

      honest n • [Var, perh by folk-etym, of earnest]

      hook n 5 • [Perh folk-etym..]

      hooligan n • [Folk-etyms for eulachon]

      hoopid salmon n • folk-etym sp hooped salmon

      humid n • [Perh folk-etym for humus]

      hypo n 1 • folk-etym hip-hoed (MAP)

      ice potato n • [Pronc-sp for Irish potato.., perh infl by folk-etym]

      impetigo n (pronc) • also, by folk-etym, |ˌɪnfənˈtaɪgo, ˈɪnfənˌtaɪgo, ɛn-|

      iron glass n • [Folk-etym for isinglass]

      ivory n2 • [Folk-etym for ivy] (MAP)

      jack n2 1 • [Folk-etym for Scots chack (SND at chuck n2)]

      jack bite n • [Prob folk-etym for Scots, Ir, nEngl dial chack a snack + bite]

      jackstone n • [Folk-etym for Engl chackestone (OED) at checkstone sb.1)]

      jalousie n • [..the form jealousy..is either a calque or folk-etym]

      jaw’s harp n • [Prob euphem or folk-etym for Jew’s harp]

      Jerusalem artichoke n • [..ult folk-etym for Ital girasole]

      jim work n • [Prob folk-etym for gin work..]

      John Canoe n • [Folk-etym from W Afr source..]

      jomo n • by folk-etym Joe Moore

      journeycake n • [Prob folk-etym for johnnycake]

      June bird n1 • [..uppercase J in June is prob by folk-etym]

      kettlepot n • [Folk-etym; cf skillpot]

      killpot n • [Folk-etym..]

      king’s cure-all n 1 • also, by folk-etym, king coal-oil

      kit n 2c • [..var kittle and biling is prob by folk-etym]

      kittly-bender n • by folk-etym, kidney-bender

      kitty-corner adv, adj • [Prob folk-etym..]

      lackadaisical adj • also, perh by folk-etym, lackadaisy

      ladies’-streamer n • [Folk-etym for Lagerstroemia]

      laggerstreamer n • [Folk-etym for Lagerstroemia]

      lagoonberry n • [Folk-etym for nagoonberry]

      land-baist v • [Folk-etym for lambaste]

      larder beetle n • [Folk-etym for the species name lardarius, literally “of bacon”]

      lasso trade n • [Folk-etym for last-go-trade]

      lattwaerrick n • by folk-etym, latticework jam

      lava bowl n • [Folk-etym for lavabo]

      lavatory n • Pronc-spp labatory and (perh infl by folk-etym) laboratory

      leapfrog milk n • [Folk-etym for Liebfraumilch]

      leather bush n 2 • [Prob folk-etym for latherbush]

      leavesdrop v • [Folk-etym for eavesdrop]

      leave trough n • [Prob folk-etym for eave trough (at eaves trough)]

      libel n, v • folk-etym sp lie-bill

      life elastic n • [Folk-etym]

      live devil aspirin n • [Folk-etym]

      liverwish n • [Folk-etym or pronc-sp for liverwurst]

      liverworth n • [Folk-etyms]

      loafer n • [Folk-etyms for Span lobo wolf]

      lord god n 1 • [Prob folk-etym varr of logcock] (MAP)

      lowbelia n • [Folk-etym..]

      low-bred adj, n • [Folk-etym, by analogy with high-bred]

      low-gear n • [Folk-etym, by analogy with high-gear]

      -ma- infix • and, appar by folk-etym, -my-

      mad ax n • [Folk-etym for mattocks]

      maggot-fish n • [Appar folk-etym for margate fish]

      mange grass n • [Perh folk-etym for Means grass]

      mangrow n • [Prob folk-etym for mangle n1..]

      marbleberry n • [Prob by folk-etym]

      margaret grunt n • [Appar folk-etym for margate fish..]

      marketfish n • [Folk-etym for margate fish]

      markweed n • [Prob folk-etym for mercury]

      mecate n • by folk-etym, McCart(h)y

      median (strip) n 1c • [Perh by folk-etym] (MAP)

      meet-up n • [Prob folk-etym for netop]

      midnight wife n • [Perh by folk-etym from midwife]

      miss stays v phr • Also, perh by folk-etym, misstay

      moaners’ bench n • [Pronc-sp or folk-etym for mourners’ bench..]

      molly n1 2 • [Var of or folk-etym for muley adj, n2]

      more hair n • [Folk-etym for mohair..]

      mow n1 • Also, by folk-etym, mound, mown

      mow v • Also, by folk-etym, mound, mown (MAP)

      mud lark n 2 • [Prob folk-etym for medlark]

      mutton corn n • [Perh folk-etym form of Scots mauten..]

      nametake n • [Perh folk-etym]

      needcessity n • [Brit, esp Scots, folk-etym for necessity]

      net-fly n • [Folk-etym for gnat-fly]

      neutral n • [Folk-etym]

      never-sweat n2 • [Folk-etym for avocet]

      nigger n2 • [Folk-etyms for niggard(ly)..]

      nux vomica n • by folk-etym, nox vomit, ox vomit

      old-timer’s disease n • [Folk-etym for Alzheimer’s disease]

      Ole Ole Olson all in free exclam • [Prob folk-etym for all-ee all-ee out(s) in free] (MAP)

      original n • [Prob folk-etyms for ridgel..]

      overhauls n pl • [Folk-etym for overalls]

      overplush n • [Folk-etym for overplus n..]

      oxeye n 1a • folk-etym sp oxide

      oyster sale n • [Folk-etym for hoist the sail (at hoist the (green) sail)]

      paisano n 2 • [..prob folk-etym for faisán..]

      pan n1 • [Var, prob by folk-etym, of palm (pronounced [pæm])]

      panel n • [Folk-etym for pan n1]

      parboil v • by folk-etym, power boil

      peach-orchard beau n • [Folk-etym..]

      pegging awl n • [perh, if the peg- of pegmonk is of Algonquian origin, a folk-etym]

      penny-ciders n • [Folk-etym for appendicitis]

      permit n • [Folk-etym for AmSpan palometa]

      pestle-tail n • prob by folk-etym pencil-tail

      piano plant n • [By folk-etym from peony..]

      pinacate bug n • prob by folk-etym pity cardy

      pinkish adj • [Perh folk-etyms for peakish, peaky]

      poach v A3 • [Perh by folk-etym]

      point-blank adv, adj A5 • [Perh by folk-etym]

      poke of moonshine n • [..a folk-etym from an unidentified Algonquian word..]

      pond n1 • [Var, prob by folk-etym, of pound n2]

      poodle-doo n • [Folk-etym var of poule d’eau]

      poor Job n • [Prob folk-etym for poor joe n2]

      poor joe n2 • [..poor Job.. prob represents a further folk-etym alteration]

      pots and kettles n • [Prob folk-etym for potash kettle]

      pot-tail n • [Appar by folk-etym or metanalysis from pot ale..]

      power doctor n • [Perh folk-etym for powwow doctor (at powwow n 2)..]

      prickler weed n • [By metath and perh folk- etym]

      privy n 1 • [..prob by folk-etym from privet]

      prostrate n • [Folk-etym for prostate]

      pulley bat n • [Perh folk-etym for bullbat..]

      queen’s delight n • by folk etym queen of the lights

      quinine n • by folk-etym, Queen Ann

      range shelter n • perh by folk-etym, rain shelter (MAP)

      ranstead weed n • by folk-etym, rancid

      ratsbane n 1 • by folk-etym, ratsvane, rat’s vein

      ready v • [Folk-etym for redd..]

      red bay n 4 • [Perh folk-etym for red betty]

      red-handy adj • [Var, perh by folk-etym, of red-handed]

      red-headed Louisa n • [By folk-etym from genus Lewisia]

      red-heater n • [Folk-etyms for radiator]

      rescue grass n 2 • [Perh folk-etym]

      reservoir n • by folk-etym razorboiler, resebiler, rizzy-boiler

      riffraff n, v • [Folk-etym for riprap]

      ring n2 • [Prob folk-etym for rung]

      roaches of the liver n • [Folk-etym for cirrhosis of the liver]

      Robert of Lincoln n • [By facetious folk-etym from bob-o-lincoln (at bobolink A)]

      rock sallet n • [By folk-etym from rocket]

      roundwood n • [..round is prob a folk-etym spelling representing [ra^Un]..]

      sabbath berry n • [Prob by folk-etym]

      sacalait n • [LaFr, by folk-etym..from Choctaw sakli..]

      sambo n3 • [Appar var, by folk-etym, of song bow]

      sandhill crane n • by folk-etym, Sam Hill crane

      sand tart n 1 • by folk-etym, saint heart

      sandy mounder n • [Folk-etym for salamander 2]

      santapee n • folk-etym sandy Pete

      scandal n B • [By folk-etym from scoundrel (esp as pronounced [ˈska^Unəl])]

      scapegallows n • Also, by folk-etym, scrapegallows

      scooter n3 • [Prob folk-etym]

      scorch v2 • [Perh folk-etym from aphet ’scort..]

      Scotch bloom n • [Prob by folk-etym]

      Scotch chenille n • [Folk-etym for cochineal]

      scrapegoat n • [Folk-etym for scapegoat]

      scythe n1 • by folk-etym, side

      seapoose n • [Partial folk- etym of an Algonquian word; cf Delaware sepus..]

      seed tick n 1 • folk-etym sea tick (MAP)

      separate v • [Folk- etym for suppurate]

      sheal n • perh by folk-etym, shield

      sheep sour n • [..prob by folk-etym from sheep sorrel..]

      sheeting n • [Folk-etym for sheathing]

      shift-robe n • [Var, perh by folk-etym, of chifforobe]

      shimmy v • [Prob by folk-etym < shinny v..]

      shine bone n • [Perh folk-etym var of chine bone]

      shivaree n • by folk-etym, chivalree, shivering

      shoemaker berry n • [Folk-etyms for shoemake, var of sumac]

      shoepack n • [Folk-etym < Delaware trade jargon seppock, sippack shoes]

      shoo-ants oil n • [Folk-etym for insurance oil]

      shut adj • [..The form shed is derived..by folk-etym infl from shed..]

      shuttle n • [Folk-etym for scuttle]

      singletree n • [Folk-etym for swingletree..] (MAP)

      sit-alone baby n • [Perh folk-etym for set-along child (at set-along)]

      skillpot n • [Folk-etyms for Du schildpad..] (MAP)

      sliding pond n • [..pond prob folk-etym var of Du baan path..]

      sliding pond n 2 • rarely, by folk-etym, slide upon: A playground slide

      slip-go-down n • [..perh by folk-etym from slip n1]

      smear in v phr • [Perh folk-etym for smur v..]

      snack picker n • [Perh folk-etym for snag picker]

      snickerdoodle n • [Varr, perh partly by folk-etym, of Ger (Swabian dial) Schneckennudel..]

      snob v • [Prob by folk-etym from snub]

      sockeye salmon n • [Folk-etym for Salish suk-kegh red fish]

      solitary n • [Folk-etym for solitaire a card game played by one person]

      souse meat n • perh by folk-etym, sauce meat, south meat, sows meat (MAP)

      sparrowgrass n1 • [..folk-etyms for sparagus] (MAP)

      spire grass n • [Perh folk-etym for asparagus, infl by the shape]

      spitting image n • [..The current prevailing form, spitting image, is doubtless a folk-etym…]

      splitting image n • [..varr, prob by folk-etym, of spit image, spitting image]

      spoonhunt n • [Prob folk-etym for some AmInd term]

      sprawl n2 • [Folk-etym for spall..]

      spreading outer n • [Folk-etym for spreading adder]

      stacey salad n • [Folk-etym for Cherokee ustesgi + salad]

      star-naked adj • [Prob folk-etym for stark-naked]

      start-naked adj phr • [The earlier form of which stark-naked is appar a folk-etym..]

      steelpot n • [Folk-etym for skillpot]

      stoker n • [Perh folk-etym for stogie]

      stout n • [Prob folk-etym for Engl dial stowk or Du dial. stuik..]

      stouter n • [Var, perh by folk-etym, of swEngl dial strouter..]

      stringhalted adj • appar by folk-etym, springhaltered, stringhaltered

      stringhalted adj B2 • [Appar reinterpretation based on folk-etym]

      sumac n • perh by folk-etym, shoemaker, shumaker

      swamp potato n • [Perh folk-etym for swan potato]

      sweet religion n • [Folk-etym]

      swish broom n • [..swiss- is prob by folk-etym for swish- or switch-.] (MAP)

      swiveltree n • [Engl dial; folk-etym for swingletree]

      tail n2 • [Prob folk-etym for stale 1]

      tarpole wagon n • [..DSME suggests that tarpole is a folk-etym for tarpaulin.]

      tenon n • [..other varr appear to be due to var..folk-etymological influences]

      terrified fever n • [Folk-etym for typhoid fever]

      thrust n • [Perh by folk-etym from thrush]

      thwart n • [.. OED2 thought sb.2, thaught,..gradually replaced by thwart (presumably through folk-etym)..]

      tinted adj • [Prob folk-etym for tainted]

      toad sack n • [Folk-etym for tow sack or tote sack, perh infl by croker sack]

      toe line n • [Folk-etym for taw line]

      tomalley n • by folk-etym, tamale

      tom fuller n • [Folk-etym for Choctaw tahfula hominy]

      tommyhawk n • [Partial folk-etym for tomahawk..]

      tommytoe n • [Joc or folk-etym var of tomato]

      tortoise collar n • [Folk-etym for torticollis]

      tote sack n • [Folk-etym for tow sack]

      tow sack n • Folk-etym sp toe sack (MAP and Map Section)

      toy n • [By folk-etym]

      traveling pains n pl • [Perh folk-etym for travailing/traveling pains labor pains..]

      trespass n, v • by folk-etym, trustpass

      trigger v • [Prob by folk-etym from trig v2]

      troutline n • [Folk-etym for trotline]

      tumbler cart n • [Folk-etym for tumbrel..]

      tunnel bed n • [Folk-etym for trundle (bed)]

      turf v • [Appar var, by folk-etym, of tuft]

      turret n (pronc) • [Var of terret, either continuing an older form..or by folk-etym]

      unkept adj • [Prob folk-etym for unkempt]

      unsight unseen adv phr, adj phr • perh by folk-etym on sight (and) unseen (MAP)

      valentine n • by folk-etym, |ˈvælən̩taɪm|

      vertical vein n • [By folk-etym]

      very close vein n • [By folk-etym]

      very coarse vein n • [By folk-etym]

      water bandit (snake) n • [Prob folk-etym for banded water snake]

      water motie n • [Partial folk-etym for MexSpan guatamote, batamote seepwillow]

      wheelbarrel n • [Folk-etym for wheelbarrow]

      which and way, every adv phr • [Varr, prob by folk-etym, of every whichaway (at whichaway(s))]

      winkle-hawk n • prob by folk-etym (w)rinkle-hawk (MAP)

      witching stick n • [..much folk-etym influence from witch one who practices sorcery…]

      work-brittle adj 2 • [Appar folk-etym reinterpretation..]

      wrangle v • [By folk-etym from wrango]

      zinc n • [Folk-etym for sink..]


      jaybird n • [..this folk-name is prob considerably older..]

      whip-tongue n • [A Brit folk-name for this plant]

      white bottle n • [Brit folk-name]


      boo boo n1 • [Prob from an Afr word (cf Fon bũbũ insect)..]

      foo-foo n1 • [Of West-African origin, rel to Ewe fu1fu1..and Fon fufu..]

voodoo n • [LaFr voudou of wAfr origin; cf Ewe, Fon vodu spirit, demon]


      wickiup n • [In var AmInd langs, e.g., Sac, Fox, and Kickapoo, wikiyap..]

French (See also French, American; French, Belgian; French, Cajun; French, Canadian; French,

      abri n • [Fr abri shelter]

      à la Comanche adv phr • [Fr à la in the manner of + Comanche an Indian tribe]

      alamagoozlum n • [..perh from Fr à la + -ma- infix + goozlum thick liquid]

      alisier n • [Fr alisier whitebeam (Sorbus aria)]

      allée n • [Fr allée path, passage]

      alley n1 • [Fr allée journey, passage, going, track]

      all two adj, pron, conj • [..Fr tous les deux..]

      angels on horseback n pl • [Loan-transl of Fr anges à cheval..]

      apee n • [Back-formation from Fr épice, understood as pl..]

      appola n • [Cf DCan appalat in similar sense, from French apala titbit..]

      arminette n • [Fr arme weapon]

      armoire n • [Fr] (MAP)

      armory n • [Prob folk-etym, but cf OED ambry from Fr armarie, aumoire]

      arpent n • chiefly LA and other French settlement areas

      ataunto adv, adj • [Ult Fr autant as much (as possible)]

      baboune n • Fr settlement areas

      ball n2 • [Fr bal dance]

      bambache n • [Fr bamboche spree]

      bamberry n • [Prob folk-etym alter of Fr bain-marie, double boiler]

      banquette n • [Fr banquette foot-path]

      bar n3 • Sth, esp sLA and other Fr settlement areas

      bateau n, v • [Fr]

      battery n 2 • [Fr batterie large kettle in which sugar is made]

      battle n2 • [Calque from Fr bataille battle, a card game]

      batture n • [Fr “waterside bank”]

      beau v • [..Fr beau fine, beautiful]

      beaucoup adj, n, adv • [Fr beaucoup much, a great deal] (MAP)

      bec-a-lance n • [Fr bec à lancette lancetbill]

      beignet n • [Fr]

      benjamin n • [By folk-etym from Middle Fr benjoin benzoin, in ref to its aromatic fragrance]

      bet-piyan n • [Fr bête puante stinking animal]

      blanc-bec n • [Fr blanc white + bec beak, nose, mouth]

      blue pop n • [Fr pape bleu]

      bobo n • [Fr]

      boche n • [Fr boche a German]

      bois d’arc n • [Fr bois d’arc bow wood] (MAP)

      bonhomme n • [Fr bonhomme good fellow]

      booya n • [CanFr < Fr bouillon broth, soup..]

      bosque n • [..perh also Fr bosquet in same sense]

      boucherie n • [Fr]

      bouchette n • [Fr bouchette a small mouth; here a small mouthful]

      boudin n • [Fr]

      boulette n • [Fr]

      bourré n • [Fr bourrer to stuff]

      braes n • [Fr braise charcoal]

      branle n • [Fr branler to swing as a pendulum]

      branle v • [branle a dance < Fr branler to shake, agitate]

      brin n • [Prob Fr brin very small piece, hence of small mesh]

      bronze John n 1 • [..John, perh folk-etym personification of Fr jaune yellow]

      brulé n • [Fr]

      buche n • [Fr bûche log]

      buffalo wood n • [Prob transl of Fr bois de vache]

      caba n • [Fr cabas basket]

      cabine n • [Fr cabine cabin; cf cabinet (d’aisances) toilet]

      caboche n • [Fr caboche head]

      cache n • [Fr “hiding place”]

      cahoot n1 • [..Fr cahute cabin, cohorte company..]

      canal n • [..in LA, Fr canal]

      case n2 • [..perh Fr caisse cash..]

      casson n • [..cf Fr caisson..]

      catooch n • [Fr cartouche cartridge]

      cave n 1 • [Cf Fr cave cellar] (MAP)

      centipede n • [..forms with final d or t are..from Fr centipède]

      chaland n • [LaFr < Fr chaland, chalan..]

      chassay v • [Fr chasser to chase; past pple chassé]

      chenier n • [LaFr < Fr chêˌene oak]

      chevalier de batture n • [Fr “knight of [the] embankment”]

      chicken nest n • [Cf Fr nid de poule pothole, lit “chicken nest”]

      chippy n2 3 • [Perh rel to Fr chipie a shrewish woman] (MAP)

      choo intj • [Fr chou..]

      chouette n • [Fr]

      chourisse n • [?Fr rendering of Span chorizo]

      chowder n • [Prob Fr chaudière pot..]

      coast n 1a • [..cf Fr côte coast, shore]

      coast n 3 • [Cf Fr côte hillside, slope]

      cochon n • [Fr cochon swine, pig]

      cochon de lait n • [Fr “sucking pig”]

      coffee milk n • [Prob transl Fr café-au-lait coffee with milk]

      col’-bucking vbl n • [Perh folk-etym alter of Fr colbute somersault]

      collier n2 • [Prob Fr collier collar, in allusion to its ringed neck]

      collogue v • [..perh from Fr colloque conference, consultation]

      come ci v phr • [Engl come + Fr ci here]

      compere n • [Fr compère comrade]

      compree v • [Fr compris understood]

      contra dance n • [Engl country dance altered in Fr to contredanse..]

      coonass n • [Folk-etym of Fr conasse..] (MAP)

      cordelle n, v • [Fr]

      cotton marais n • [cotton + Fr marais swamp]

      couillon n • [Fr]

      coulee n • [Fr coulée a flow..]

      coupe n • [Fr coupe a cut]

      court bouillon n • [Fr court condensed + bouillon]

      cracker-over-enny n • [Prob for Fr cracovienne a Polish dance]

      crevalle n • [Prob Fr crevale a fish (Littré)]

      crevey n • [Fr crevé a break, broken place]

      cuite n • [Fr..]

      curage n • [Fr “persicaria, water pepper”]

      dame of honor n • [Transl of Fr dame d’honneur literally “lady of honor” a lady-in-waiting]

      dasheen n • [Perh Fr de Chine (imported) from China]

      daube n • [Fr]

      day clean n • [..cf..Fr Creole ju netye literally jour nettoyé day cleaned]

      dodo, go v phr • [Fr faire (un) dodo (in baby talk) to take a nap, go to sleep < dormir to sleep]

      dormeur n • [Fr “sleeper, sluggard”]

      dory n1 • [Fr doré gilded]

      embarras n • [Fr “obstacle”]

      escalin n • [Fr]

      espantoon n • [..from Fr sponton, esponton..]

      esplanade n • [Fr; in Texas, prob infl by Span explanada lawn]

      étouffée n • [Fr étouffer to smother]

      fâché adj • [Fr]

      fam-fam n • [Creole redup form of Fr faim hunger]

      Fat Tuesday n • [Transl of Fr mardi gras]

      faux pas n • [Fr “false step”]

      fesse n • [Fr]

      filé n • [AmFr < Fr filer to twist, spin]

      flamant n • [Fr “flaming”]

      flamboyant-tree n • [Fr flamboyant flaming..]

      flottant n • [Fr “floating”]

      fofarraw n • [..Fr fanfaron blusterer; later forms perh infl by Fr frou-frou..]

      foot intj • [..perh infl by Fr foutre..]

      footy adj • [..Prob ult from Fr foutre copulate]

      for prep C7 • [The LA examples may be infl by Fr use of pour to indicate the time of anticipated events..]

      fouiller v • [Fr]

      frappe n • [Sp-pronc for Fr frappé stirred, beaten up]

      froufrou adj • [Fr “a rustle, swishing sound”]

      galette n • [Fr “(sea) biscuit”; DCan 1843➝]

      gallery n • [Fr galerie;..US distrib suggests reinforcement from LaFr] (MAP)

      garde-soleil n 2 • [Fr garde guard against + soleil sun]

      gaufre n • [Either directly from Fr gaufre waffle, or through Engl dial (cf..EDD gaufer)]

      get down v phr 1 • [Prob reinforced in some areas by Fr descendre..]

      glissant n • [Fr “sliding, slippery”]

      goujon n • [Fr “gudgeon”]

      gourde n • [LaFr < Fr (piastre) gourde < Span gordo fat]

      grenouille n • [Fr]

      grillade n • Fr settlement areas, esp LA

      grisette n • [Fr < gris gray]

      gris-gris n • [Fr creole, ult of Afr orig]

      gros-bec n • [Fr “thick beak”]

      gumbo zab n • [Appar Creole Fr pronc-sp for gombo des herbes]

      habitant n • [Fr “inhabitant, settler”..]

      hair n B1 • [..US use prob reflects infl of Ger, Fr..]

      heron blanc n • [Fr “white heron”]

      hivernant n • [Fr hivernant winter visitor]

      hogo n1 • [Engl, IrEngl dial < Fr haut gôut..]

      inconnu n • [Fr, literally “unknown”..]

      islet n 2 • [Fr îlet little island, block of buildings] 

      jalousie n • [Fr jalousie jealousy, fig: a blind or shutter that ensures privacy..]

      kazeetch kazotch adj phr • [Cf Fr comme ci comme ça]

      keskydee n • [Var of Fr Qu’est-ce qu’il dit?..]

      la grippe n • [Fr “the grippe”]

      larb n • [Perh < Fr l’herbe]

      latanier n • [Fr latanier, ult of Carib origin]

      laury mundy n • [Varr of LaFr laurier (a)mande..< Fr laurier-amandier..]

      levee n1 • [Fr levée]

      long chair n • [..cf also OEDS long chair (at long a.1 18) a chaise longue < Fr, literally “long chair”]

      lost bread n • [Calque of Fr pain perdu]

      loup-garou n • [Fr]

      lucivee n • [Pronc-spp for Fr loup-cervier..]

      lush n • [CanFr loche < Fr loche loach]

      mais conj • [Fr “but”]

      make v1 C18 • [Calque of Fr faire]

      manglier n • [Fr “mangrove”]

      marais n • [Fr]

      Mardi Gras n • [Fr, literally “fat Tuesday”]

      maringouin n • [Fr < Tupi–Guarani marigoui mosquito]

      me pron 5 • [Calque of Fr constr]

      Melungeon n • [Perh based on Fr mélange mixture, crossing of races]

      mémère n • Fr settlement areas, esp sLA

      metis n • [Fr métis mongrel, half-breed..]

      minnie n3 • [Fr minet kitten]

      mirliton n • [LaFr mirliton, merliton < Fr mirliton kazoo, shako]

      morel n1 • [..but in Louisiana perh an independent borrowing from Fr morille]

      motte n • [Prob ult Fr motte..] (MAP)

      mucket n2 • [Cf Fr moquette a decoy bird]

      mush v2 • [Var of Fr imperative Marche..]

      nigger n1 • [nigger < earlier neger < Fr nègre < Span, Port negro..]

      outarde n • [LaFr < Fr outarde bustard]

      paille-en-queue n • [..(in std Fr applied to the tropic bird)]

      pain perdu n • [LaFr < Fr dial pain perdu lost bread]

      parrain n • [Fr]

      pass v 3 • [Calque of Fr passer]

      pêche prêtre n • [Fr..literally “priest-fish”..]

      pépère n • Fr settlement areas

      philopena n • [..cf Fr, Du philippine..]

      picayune n • [Fr picaillon old copper coin]

      pieu n • [Fr pieu, pl pieux stake, post]

      pigeonnier n • [Fr]

      pig’s ear n 2 • [Cf Fr oreille de cochon..]

      pilau n1 • [..The US forms..from Fr..] (MAP)

      pique bois n • [LAFr < Fr pic “woodpecker”]

      pirogue n • [Fr < Span piragua, of Cariban origin] (MAP)

      piss-a-bed n 1 • [..cf Fr pissenlit..]

      pissenlit n • [Fr..]

      plongeur n • [Fr “diver, diving bird”]

      ploye n • [Canadian (esp Acadian) Fr]

      pock v • [LaFr..< Fr..Pâques ]

      poddishaw n • [Pronc-sp for Fr patte-de-chat cat’s paw..]

      polly-boo n2 • [..alter of Fr parlez vous..]

      pomette bleue n • [Fr pommette bleue, literally “little blue apple”]

      pomme blanche n • [Fr, literally “white apple”..]

      pomme de prairie n • [Fr, literally “prairie apple”..]

      pomme de terre n • [Fr, literally “ground apple”..]

      poontang n • [Prob < Fr putain a prostitute]

      pope’s cap n • [Cf Fr bonnet d’évêque..]

      po-po n • [Fr pot (de chambre)]

      porkepick n • [Fr porc-épic..]

      portemonnaie n • [Fr portemonnaie, literally “carry money”]

      pot chamber n • [Prob for Fr pot de chambre]

      poule d’eau n • [Fr, literally “water hen”]

      pump n1 • [..cf Fr pampe blade, leaf (of corn)..]

      quinine n • [Orig Quechua, via Span quinina or Fr quinine]

      rabais shop n • [Fr rabais discount, reduced price]

      ramps n2 • [Var of rams < Ger Rams, Ramsch; cf rounce, prob < Fr rams in same sense]

      roder v • [Fr roder]

      rusty adj2 • [..var of resty < Fr resté ..]

      sarcelle n • [Fr “teal”]

      sashay v • [By metath from Fr chassé]

      senellier n • [LaFr cenellier < Fr cenelle hawthorn berry]

      senna n1 • [seeny..(> Fr séné)..]

      shivaree n • [By dissim from Fr charivari..]

      swan potato n • [..prob by way of Fr pomme de cygne;..]

      tiff n • [Prob < Fr tuf [tʏf] travertine]

      tignon n • [LaFr < Fr chignon]

      tombouille n • [LaFr, Fr tambouille stew]

      tonton n • [Fr]

      tooth mouse n • [Fr la petite souris, literally “the little mouse”]

      toro n • [..perh in New England and Louisiana also Fr taureau, bull]

      traineau n • [Fr traîneau]

      tuque n • [CanFr tuque < Fr toque;..DCan 1882 ➝]

      turner n1 • [Ger “gymnast” < turnen to do gymnastics < Fr tourner]

      twilight n 1 • [Joc var of Fr pronc of toilet]

      vamoose v • [vamos; for analogous exx of the shift from [o] to [u] in Fr.. loans, cf..pull-doo (at poule d’eau)]

      vavite n • [CanFr and LaFr < Fr va vite goes fast]

      veillée n • [LaFr < Fr veillée a vigil; a staying up late]

      veiller v • [LaFr < Fr veiller to sit up, keep awake]

      vent carême n • [Fr vent de carême]

      vire-vire n • [LaFr < Fr virer to turn]

      white liver n • [..cf Fr foie blanc, Ital fegato bianco, Ger weisse Leber..]

      zel pointu n • [LaFr zaile (< Fr les ailes wings) + pointu sharp-pointed]

      zel rond n • [LaFr zaile (< Fr les ailes wings) + rond round]

      zydeco n • [Appar < LaFr zaricot green beans (by metanalysis of Fr les haricots), from..Creole folk songs]

French, American

      caouane n • [AmFr caouane snapping turtle..]

      filé n • [AmFr < Fr filer to twist, spin]

French, Belgian

      kermis(s) n • [Du kermis, BelgianFr kermesse, Ger Kirmes a fair]

French, Cajun

      pass v 2 • [In LA, infl by Cajun Fr..]

      passez exclam • [Cajun Fr; 1984 Daigle Dict. Cajun Lang…]

      trainasse n • [Cajun Fr traînasse]

French, Canadian

      babiche n • [CanFr..]

      barbudi n • [CanFr barbote from Turkish barbut]

      berlot n • [CanFr]

      booshway n • [Alter of CanFr bourgeois..head voyageur]

      booya n • [CanFr < Fr bouillon broth, soup..]

      bushwa n2, exclam • [..perh also infl by CanFr bois de vache buffalo dung, or bois de cheval horse dung]

      cahot n • [CanFr cahot]

      Canuck n • [Perh from CanFr canaque..]

      carcajou n • [CanFr]

      chuke n1 • [Alter of CanFr tuque]

      cisco n • [Abbr for CanFr ciscoette]

      crappie n • [Prob CanFr crapais, crapet sunfish]

      duck oats n • [Cf CanFr folle avoine wild oats, Zizania aquatica]

      lush n • [CanFr loche < Fr loche loach]

      mal de raquette n • [CanFr, literally “snowshoe sickness”..]

      pembina n • [CanFr pimbina < Cree nipiminân..]

      ploye n • [Canadian (esp Acadian) Fr]

      Siwash n • [Chinook Jargon < CanFr sauvage an American Indian]

      sugary n • [DCan 1832 ➝; transl of CanFr sucrerie]

      traverse n • [Derivation from CanFr travois or travail..is unsatisfactory both phonetically and semantically..]

      travoy n • [CanFr in ref to a vehicle..used esp by the Plains Indians;..var of travail..]

      tuque n • [CanFr tuque < Fr toque;..DCan 1882 ➝]

      vavite n • [CanFr and LaFr < Fr va vite goes fast]

      wawaron n • [LaFr ouaouaron < CanFr]

French, Louisiana

      bar n3 • [LaFr boire mosquito net, rel to Fr barre cross-bar]

      bayou n • [LaFr from Choctaw bayuk creek, river]

      boucan n • [LaFr..]

      chaland n • [LaFr < Fr chaland, chalan..]

      chenier n • [LaFr < Fr chêne oak]

      chock n1 • [LaFr]

      creole adj • [LaFr..]

      dos gris n • [LaFr “gray back”]

      esquif n • [LaFr]

      gallery n • [Fr galerie;..US distrib suggests reinforcement from LaFr] (MAP)

      garde-soleil n • [LaFr]

      gaspergou n • [LaFr casseburgau..]

      gogo n • [LaFr]

      gourde n • [LaFr < Fr (piastre) gourde < Span gordo fat]

      grande écaille n • [LaFr “big scale”]

      grasset n • [LaFr “fatty”]

      graton n • [LaFr..]

      griffe n • [LaFr < AmSpan grifo the offspring of a White and a Black < Span grifo, of hair: kinky]

      gumbo n • [LaFr, of African origin..]

      jambalaya n • [LaFr]

      joritte n • [Prob LaFr varr of joree n 1]

      king eveque n • [..LaFr évêque]

      laury mundy n • [Varr of LaFr laurier (a)mande..< Fr laurier-amandier..]

      mangeur maringouin n • [LaFr “mosquito-eater”]

      mangeur poulette n • [LaFr “chicken-eater”]

      maque chou(x) n • [LaFr; perh of AmInd origin]

      mirliton n • [LaFr mirliton, merliton < Fr mirliton kazoo, shako]

      nenaine n • [LaFr]

      nuncle n • [..the resps of the Louisiana DARE Infs may instead be from LaFr noncle.]

      outarde n • [LaFr < Fr outarde bustard]

      paille-en-queue n • [LaFr.. literally..straw-in-[its-]tail..]

      paille fine n • [LaFr..literally..fine straw..]

      pain perdu n • [LaFr < Fr dial pain perdu lost bread]

      palette n • [LaFr]

      pape n • [LaFr pape, literally “pope”..]

      pied jaune n • [LaFr, literally “yellow-foot”]

      pique bois n • [LAFr < Fr pic “woodpecker”]

      pistolet n • [Appar LaFr..]

      pock v • [LaFr pâquer < Fr..]

      poplaree n • [LaFr pape fleuri, literally “flowered pope”..]

      poule de marais n • [LaFr, literally “marsh hen”]

      racacha n • [LaFr < AmSpan..< Quechua..]

      sacalait n • [LaFr, by folk-etym..from Choctaw sakli..]

      sac-a-plomb n • [LaFr..]

      save v B2 • [Calque of LaFr sauver..]

      say-so n • [LaFr say-so (de crème)...]

      senellier n • [LaFr cenellier < Fr cenelle hawthorn berry]

      shivaree n A • now esp freq among LaFr speakers

      tasso n • [LaFr tasso..prob from Span tasajo dried salt meat]

      tignon n • [LaFr < Fr chignon]

      tombouille n • [LaFr, Fr tambouille stew]

      vavite n • [CanFr and LaFr < Fr va vite goes fast]

      veillée n • [LaFr < Fr veillée a vigil; a staying up late]

      veiller v • [LaFr < Fr veiller to sit up, keep awake]

      vire-vire n • [LaFr < Fr virer to turn]

      voodoo n • [LaFr voudou of wAfr origin; cf Ewe, Fon vodu spirit, demon]

      wawaron n • [LaFr ouaouaron < CanFr]

      wildcat grass n • [Appar calque of LaFr paille (à) chat-tigre]

      zel pointu n • [LaFr zaile (< Fr les ailes wings) + pointu sharp-pointed]

      zel rond n • [LaFr zaile (< Fr les ailes wings) + rond round]

      zydeco n • [Appar < LaFr zaricot green beans (by metanalysis of Fr les haricots), from..Creole folk songs]


      bitcher v • [bitch .. + -er frequentative..]

      boomble v • [Frequentative of boom]

      daubler n • [Frequentative var of dauber]

      doodle n1 • [..prob by convergence of several words, with echoic and frequentative elements..]

      -er affix 2 • [Perh from frequentative -er..]

      huggle-de-buck v • [Cf huck v + -le frequentative]

      mellow v • [Prob EDD mell v.1..+ -er frequentative..]

      mushle v • [mush + frequentative -le..]

      noodle v1 • [..cf Scots, nEngl dial guddle, and similar frequentative forms canoodle, doodle, grabble]

      pelter v • [..frequentative of pelt; cf EDD pelter v. 1]

      pickety adj • [Prob frequentative of picky..]

      pindle v • [Prob ult < pine + -le frequentative suffix..]

      puggle v • [Frequentative of pug..]

      rockle v • [Frequentative of rock]

      scoffle v • [scoff + frequentative – le]

      stromple v • [Prob stromp v + frequentative -le]

Frisian, East

     cobb n2 • [..cf Du kobbe, kob, E Fris kobb(e)]


     mojo n • [..cf..Fula moco’o medicine man]